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KAUST Network IPv6 Readiness Tareck R. Elass (tareck. edu

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1 KAUST Network IPv6 Readiness Tareck R. Elass (tareck. elass@kaust. edu
KAUST Network IPv6 Readiness Tareck R. Elass Summary Report

2 Introduction King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international, graduate level research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement to benefit Saudi Arabia and beyond. The University is committed to advance science and technology through transdisciplinary research in the globally significant areas of energy, water, food, and environment. ----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:50) ----- opened in September 2009, MS/PhD

3 The 6.5-million-square-foot campus is an architectural icon situated along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, 80 km north of Jeddah. The University is the first LEED® certified project in Saudi Arabia and the largest LEED® Platinum project in the world. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally-recognized green building certification system.

4 Introduction - continued
The University’s nine Research Centers and six Core Labs support the research of faculty, graduate students, and the broader research community. A unique matrix structure of Research Centers and focused programs stimulates transdisciplinary research to leverage the Kingdom’s unique resources, to serve the needs of Saudi Arabia and the region, and to help forge the future of the global economy and industries. RESEARCH CENTERS Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Catalysis Center Clean Combustion Computational Bioscience Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Plant Stress Genomics Red Sea Solar and Alternative Energy Engineering Water Desalination and Reuse CORE LABS Analytical Chemistry Biosciences and Bioengineering (Genomics/Proteomics) Coastal and Marine Resources Imaging and Characterization (Nanobiology/Nanofabrication) Advanced Computation and Visualization Facility Center for Deep Computing Research and Supercomputing Facility ----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:42) ----- research interests in energy, food, water & environment

5 The Red Sea Research Center has both the immediate access to reefs and world-class facilities, making it perfectly situated to develop an integrated understanding of coral reef ecosystems and their oceanographic context. The University is home to the world’s largest whale shark tagging program, being conducted in the Red Sea near Thuwal and Al Lith.

6 In addition to an audio studio and multi-purpose room, the Visualization Lab includes a Mechdyne-built CAVE, creating the world’s highest resolution and brightest virtual environment. ----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:42) ----- Viz lab makes use of int'l link for very high resolution video/audio conferences (approaching 1 Gbps) for research

7 An iconic part of campus, the Campus Library is more than just a place to house periodicals. This contemporary building encased in translucent stone engages light to create a tranquil space for people to gather, think, and learn. It’s distinctive architecture won the 2011 AIA/ALA Library Building Award given by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association (ALA).

8 The Student Center is a one-stop spot for many student-related services to support academic, personal, and professional development. ----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:42) ----- waterfall at base

9 Core Connectivity Diagram
----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:42) ----- typical three-layer network (core, distribution, access)

10 PE-to-P Connectivity Diagram
----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:42) ----- P CRS-1 PE 7609s, dual-homed to 2 core locations

11 PE-to-P Connectivity Diagram

12 Network Topology Statistics
MPLS Backbone: (P): 8 x CRS-1 (PE): 60 x Cisco 7609S Route-Reflectors: 2 x 7206VXR Academic: Access Switches: 800 x Cisco 3750-E Fiber To The Home (FTTH): Aggregators: 12 x Cisco 4510R Access Switches Type(1): 1400 x Cisco 2960 Access Switches Type(2): 200 x Cisco 3560 Wireless LAN: Core Switch: 2 x Cisco 6513 Controllers: 10 x WiSM Access Points (Indoor): 760 x AP1242 Access Points (Outdoor): 290 x AP1520 3750 is 48-port PoE FTTH gives 100 Mbps for triple-play services (voice, data/Internet, IPTV)

13 Network Topology Statistics
IP Telephony: Cisco Unified Communication 6.1 2 x Unity 5.0 Clusters 1 x Publisher 7 x Subscriber 2 x TFTP servers 1 x Cisco MGX 8880 Switch 2 x PGW 2200 8000 x IP Phones IPTV: 1 x Middleware 17 x Streamers 4000 x Set-top-boxes

14 IPv6 Readiness - Network Components
Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) MPLS Core IP Telephony Wireless LAN IPTV

15 IPv6 Readiness – FTTH Network Device IPv6 Supported IOS Upgrade
License IPv6 Deployment Concerns FTTH Aggregator 4510R-E Yes Not Required Dual-Stack CPU FTTH Access Switch WS-C2960 None WS-C3560

16 IPv6 Readiness - MPLS Network Device IPv6 Supported LDPv6 IOS Upgrade
License IPv6 Deployment Concerns Core (P) CRS-1 Yes Not Available Required None (IPv4) Provider Edge (PE) 7609-S 76-ES20-ADVIP-LIC 6VPE Access Switch WS-C3750 N/A Dual-Stack Want MPLS core untouched; it provides PE-PE connectivity using BGP across IS-IS. Current recommendation from Cisco is to use 6PE/6VPE and not migrate core to IPv6.

17 IPv6 Readiness – IP Telephony
IP Telephony Component IPv6 Supported Upgrade Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.1 No Required (minimum 7.1) Cisco Unity/Unity Express N/A Unified Contact Center/Express Unity & Unified Contact Center are IPv4 legacy applications which require us to maintain IPv4 on our internal network. At present Cisco has not announced IPv6 support for these two products

18 IPv6 Readiness – IP Telephony (Endpoints)
IPv6 Supported IPv6 Deployment Cisco 7940G No N/A Cisco 7945G Yes Dual-Stack Cisco 7965G Cisco 7975G Unified Communication Video endpoints Soft Phones Wifi IP Phones ATA 186/187 3rd Party SIP IP Phones 7940 has an announced end of life; if we don’t replace all 7940s we can still run under IPv4. All devices indicated N/A similar to Because CUCM is dual-stacked (after v7.1) it can communicate with devices either v4 or v6. After call is set up by CUCM media connects both devices. Additional media resources needed on CUCM if v6-only phones/devices communicates with v4-only device (essentially functions as translator between devices).

19 IPv6 Readiness – Wireless LAN
Network Device IPv6 Supported Concerns Wireless Service Module (WiSM) Yes No support for Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points protocol (CAPWAP). Firewall Service Module (FWSM) Failover not supported over IPv6 (bug fix pending) Wireless Control System (WCS) - CAPWAP protocol b/AP & wireless controller; Cisco says WISM v1 not built with v6 in mind. Need to replace WISM v1 with WISM v2 (hardware replacement) to support CAPWAP under v6. FWSM failover under v6 reported as a bug & under resolution.

20 Octopus (Middle – Ware)
IPv6 Readiness - IPTV System IPv6 Supported Anevia ViaLive 220S Yes Octopus (Middle – Ware) Anevia Toucan 500 (VoD) ViaLive streamer takes RF from satellite dishes, converts to IP ----- Meeting Notes (10/1/11 18:50) ----- 7000 STBs, not fully deployed

21 IPv6 Readiness - Summary
Network Component IPv6 Ready FTTH Yes MPLS Core IP Telephony No Wireless LAN IPTV Now what? Pursue IPT, WLAN issues. Look at what will trigger us to move to v6 (possible internal, most likely external) IMO

22 Thank You

23 Q&A

24 Definitions Dual Stack:
A technique that allows IPv4 and IPv6 to coexist on the same interfaces. LDPv6: IPv6 label Distribution Protocol. 6PE: IPv6 on Provider Edge is a technique by which IPv6 domains communicate with each other over an IPv4 cloud without explicit tunnel setup, requiring only one IPv4 address per IPv6 domain. 6VPE: IPV6 on VPN to Provider Edge is a technique that allows carrying IPv6 in a VPN fashion over a non-IPv6-aware MPLS core. It also allows IPv4 or IPv6 communities to communicate with each other over an IPv4 MPLS backbone without modifying the core infrastructure.

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