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KAASI PRESENTS The G9 By Sergio Aguilar Ivan Pereira Ashlee Wattanakit Aaron Bagamaspad.

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1 KAASI PRESENTS The G9 By Sergio Aguilar Ivan Pereira Ashlee Wattanakit Aaron Bagamaspad

2 Abstract The G9 is the first digital Touch Screen Board Game that once again reunites the family using classic Board games with the latest technology. Sergio Aguilar

3 Claims You can roll the dice, move your pieces and sell your property at the touch of a screen. Sergio Aguilar

4 Claims It is a wireless digital touch screen board game that allows you to play classic games like; Monopoly Candy landParcheesi Checkers Clue Ludo Draughts Sorry! Tic Tac Toe Farona Mah Jongg + Many More Chess Chinese Checkers Life Sergio Aguilar

5 Claims Provides a cultural learning experience for the whole family when discovering foreign games for the first time Saves the hassle of having to store many old beaten up board games, because the G9 comes all in one package. You don’t have to worry about having lost pieces and all the mess they can make. You are able to play it anywhere, it has a 7 hour battery life, and you can charge it at your house or in the car It’s a Great gift the whole family can enjoy Sergio Aguilar

6 G9 Sergio Aguilar

7 Antecedents and Similar products 7,448,949 Gaming system having multiple gaming devices. 7,448,949 5,951,397 Touch screen computer gaming device 5,951,397 7,230,612 Touch panel device 7,230,612 Sergio Aguilar

8 Materials and Functions CMOS Chips– CMOS technology is also use for a wide variety of analog circuits such as image sensors, data converters, and highly integrated transceivers for many types of communication. Plasma Screen– is a type of flat panel display now commonly used in large TV for better quality projection. C.P.U. – holds up to 700GB, which gives more space to download more board games. Ivan Pereira

9 Material and Functions Nickel Cadmium Battery (NiCd) is a type or rechargeable battery using nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium as electrodes. Fiber Plastic- is a very strong, light composite material of fiber reinforced polymer. Website allows customer to purchase more board game downloads. Ivan Pereira





14 Anticipated Cost of Manufacturing Cost per G9 CPU components and battery- $30.50 Plasma Touch Screen- $25.00 Fiber Plastic-$5.60 Other Misc Items-$7.00 Labor cost-$2.00 Total Manufacturing Cost per G9=$70.10 It will be assembled in USA, made in Thailand Ashlee Wattanakit

15 Fixed and Marketing Cost’s Online domain website and maintenance =$200 month Online Advertisement- online banners + Classifieds- $270 month Television Airtime-$1500 per month Newspaper Advertisement=$300.00 per month Total Marketing Cost’s = $2270 per month Our Marketing will grow as our company and product grows in popularity. Ashlee Wattanakit

16 Consumer Cost The G9 includes 4 Chosen board games AC adapter USB cord Travel Case  Price=$269.99  Extra Board game downloads will be $9.99 per board game, available on website. Ashlee Wattanakit

17 Break Even Analysis Total Fixed Cost’s =$2270 month Profit per G9 $269.99 – $70.10= $199.89 profit per G9 Taxes= $199.89 x 8.25%=$16.49 taxes paid per G9 $199.89 - $16.49 =$183.40 profit per G9 after taxes Advertisement cost =$2270 $183.40 x 13G9’s =$2384.20 Break Even point= 13 G9’s sold per month Ashlee Wattanakit

18 Anticipated Market and Client Base Everyone who’s anyone that enjoys a good clean family game. Both men and woman, young and old. Families and Friends. Aaron Bagamaspad

19 Utility and Usefulness of product So easy a Neanderthal can use it. No tiny pieces to keep track of or lose. All games in 1. Aaron Bagamaspad

20 Uniqueness All time favorite board games meets 21 st century technology Allows more games to be downloaded User friendly Aaron Bagamaspad

21 Product Longetivity Board games date back to Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt (3500BC and 3100BC). Board games have been played in most cultures all around the world (from Europe to Asia, The Middle East to the Western World, etc). After thousands of years, board games are still popular. Aaron Bagamaspad

22 Product Longetivity The G9 can be expected to stick around for a long period of time. With technology continuously advancing, it can only improve. Because of its appeal to wide population, it will always be in demand. Aaron Bagamaspad

23 Invention Summary The G9 is the first digital Touch screen Board Game that uses high quality materials and allows you to interact with your family playing classic board games anywhere while learning about other cultures. Sergio Aguilar

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