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Czech republic Grundtvig project EFFECTS OF GENDER STEREOTYPES ON HUMAN ACTIVITIES November, 17-20 2010 Prague.

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1 Czech republic Grundtvig project EFFECTS OF GENDER STEREOTYPES ON HUMAN ACTIVITIES November, 17-20 2010 Prague

2 2% of the European Union = 78 864 km ² (21th place in Europe, 115th place in the world)

3 Neighbouring countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria

4 Administratively, the Czech Republic is divided into 14 regions; one of those being the capital city of Prague. The largest region - Central Bohemia - surrounds Prague from all sides.

5 10 515 000 inhabitants (13th place in Europe, 72 in the world)

6 The list of the largest cities of the Czech Republic opens with the capital city of Prague, which is followed by Plzeň, Brno, Liberec and Ostrava. Plzeň Brno

7 Czech republic Capital: Prague = Praha (1 240 000 inhabitants) State system: parliamentary democracy Head of state:president elected for 5 years since 2003 Václav Klaus Oficial language:Czech Minority languages:Slovak, German, Polish Currency:Czech crown = Kč (1€=25Kč)

8 History of the Czech republic Czechoslovakia (First republic) was established on October 28, 1918 the separation of the Sudetenland - 1938 In March 1939, the rest of the Czech provinces were occupied by the German Army : the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia was created World War II ended on May, 9, 1945 The communist party came to power in February 1948 Prague spring – 1968 Velvet revolution 1989 (November 17 = Student´s day)

9 Famous persons of the Czech history Politicians Charles IV – one of the most significant Czech sovereigns Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk – philosopher and the first Czechoslovak president Václav Havel – the first Czech president

10 Famous persons of the Czech history Thinkers Saint Wenceslas – patron of Bohemia Jan Hus – critic of clerical customs of the day Johan Amos Comenius – author of the modern conception of pedagogy and education

11 Famous persons of the Czech history Sportsmen Ivan Hlinka – triple world champion in ice hockey, member of the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, or International Ice Hockey Foundation Eliška Junková – winner of the German Grand Prix in the vehicle category up to 3,000 cm3 in 1927 Emil Zátopek – quadruple Olympic winner in long- distance running Jaromír Jágr, Dominik Hašek – ice hockey Martina Navrátilová, Ivan Lendl – tenis Pavel Nedvěd, Petr Čech - football

12 Famous persons of the Czech history Musicians Antonín Dvořák – composer, author of Rusalka opera and 9th New World Symphony Bedřich Smetana – co-founder of Czech national music, author of e.g. The Bartered Bride Ema Destinnová – opera interpreter who also acted with Enrico Caruso Leoš Janáček – opera composer and author of e.g. Jenůfa (Her Step-Daughter) Bohuslav Martinů – composer of orchestral, chamber and concerto music

13 Famous persons of the Czech history Painters and artists František Kupka – pioneer of Czech abstract painting Alfons Mucha – top painter and Art Nouveau graphic designer Max Švabinský – top representative of monumental art, author of the window painting in St. Vitus' Cathedral Josef Sudek – founder of Czech modern photography Jan Zrzavý – Czech painter, graphic designer, illustrator and set designer Miloš Forman – film director

14 Famous persons of the Czech history Writers Karel Čapek – writer and philosopher Franz Kafka – writer of German-Jewish origin, author of short stories Metamorphosis and The Trial Bohumil Hrabal – author of poetic prose with grotesque fates of people Jaroslav Seifert – recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984

15 Lifestyle in the Czech republic Czech gastronomy (is not the healthiest) Meat (pork, beef, poultry, rabbit) Gravies and dumplings (bread dumplings, potato dumplings, dumplings stuffed with smoked meat and even fruit) Soups Deserts!!!


17 Beverages Water (drinking water of a good quality everywhere) Beer (more than 60 breweries) South Moravian wine Becherovka = high-quality Czech liqueur made purely from natural ingredients Fernet (the origins of the bitter Fernet Stock date to 1927)

18 Lifestyle in the Czech republic Everybody knows to swimm and ski 80% of Czechs know to play a music instrument 70% of families own a weekend house Common practise: to visit theatres, concerts, museums, culture monuments 80% of teenagers (16-18 years) attend dance lessons

19 Prague - What you can´t miss Charles bridge (built 1357) and Malá Strana

20 What you can´t miss Jewish town

21 What you can´t miss Baroque garden - Valdštejnská Garden

22 What you can´t miss National Historic Landmark Municipal House - one of the most significant Art Nouveau buildings in Prague

23 Cafés!!!! Café Louvre, Národní, Praha 1

24 Kavárna Slavia, Národní, Praha 1

25 Café Savoy, Vítězná 5, Praha 1

26 Café Imperiál, Na Poříčí, Praha 1

27 Czech vocabulary Dobrý den hello Dekujuthanks Prosím please Kolik?How much? Pivobeer Vodawater Kafecoffee Čajthé Promiňtesorry Anoyes Nenow

28 General position of a woman in czech society 44,2 % of economically active people are women Their salary is for 20% lower than the men´s one Only 28% of managers are women 60% of university students are women 22% of deputies in the Czech parliament are women 50% of marriages are going to divorce – majority is required by women


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