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The Czech Republic. Where are we? Our Neigbours.

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1 The Czech Republic

2 Where are we?

3 Our Neigbours

4 The Czech Republic – Česká republika 10 million people Our capital is called Prague (Praha) Our currency is the Czech crown ‘Czech Republic‘ since 1993

5 Famous people

6 Historical figures Václav Havel Leader of the ‘89 revolution and the first president Saint Wenceslas Patron of the Czech Republic

7 Historical figures Charles IV. Holy roman emperor John Amos Comenius father of modern education

8 Celebrities Miloš Forman Director, won 2 oscars Karel Gott A famous Czech singer

9 Sportsmen Petr Čech Soccer goalie for Chelsea Dominik Hašek hockey goalie

10 Traditions

11 Drinks Beer - „pivo“ Pilsner, Budweiser 1st ranking country in beer drinking in the world Kofola Tastes a bit like Coke but it‘s better

12 Food Svíčková Beef, dumplings, vegetable sauce, cranberries Bramboráky Fried potato pancakes

13 Christmas Christmas meal – carp with potato salad Chrismtas cookies

14 Easter Decorated eggs pomlázka

15 Where is Prague?

16 Praha - Prague The capital and the largest city

17 Monuments The Prague Castle The astronomical clock „Orloj“

18 Monuments The Powder Tower The Dancing House

19 Carlsbad Spa International film festival

20 And where is Dobříš?

21 Dobříš 40 km from Prague 9 thousand inhabitants Sights: Chateau Dobříš Vargač Castle Church of the Holy trinity Founded in 1252

22 Chateau Dobříš Current look dates back to 1745 Roccoco style Belongs to the Coloredo-Mansfelds


24 Gymnázium Karla Čapka Grammar school Over 300 students aged from 11 to 19

25 Karel Čapek One of the most influential Czech writers Lived in Strž next to Dobříš Gave the world the word „robot“

26 Czech Language Try to say this: Mařeno, řekni "Ř". Neřeknu, vy byste se mi řechtali. or Strč prst skrz krk transaltion: „Mary, say "Ř". No, I won´t, you would laugh at me. “ and „Thrust your finger through your throat“ Good luck ;)

27 Thanks for watching!

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