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27 th Hwa Chong Projects Day Category 3 Inventions Group : Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) Tan Wei Heng Wang Yiwei Noel Kwan.

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1 27 th Hwa Chong Projects Day Category 3 Inventions Group : Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) Tan Wei Heng Wang Yiwei Noel Kwan

2 Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) : Idea for project, compiling, slides design of project and arrangement of meetings ups / etc. Tan Wei Heng : Pictures, research of project and information on comparison with other food/fruits cutters available in market. Wang Yiwei : Main designer of project ( Name, slogans, etc. ) and information on project ( How it works, etc. ). Noel Kwan : Main features for project ( Materials,etc. ), limitations of project and presentation format for members.

3 The V2 Onion Box – A fast, efficient and intelligent box! Firstly, why name it V2 ? We will explain it ! That’s why its "Version 2", the fast and clever version of cutting an onion ! The Version2 Onion Box ! Our Slogan : _Cut it Fast_.

4 The actual reason why you tear when you cut onions Why do we tear when we cut onions? When we cut onions,enzymes are released. They mix with the air to form another a gas. The compound gas diffuses through the air and eventually reaches the eye, where it activates senses in the eye, creating a stinging sensation. Tear glands then produce tears to dilute and flush out the irritant.

5 The Magic Box! A tupperware > We have a transparent square plastic box - Like a Tupperware! The Box is able to fit fully-grown onions - About the size of 10cm or more. Next, The box is waterproof and transparent. How to prevent tearing when cutting onions ? We found solutions to it and decided to cut it while it is submerged in the water.

6 The Double Lids All Boxes has Lids ! However, ours is quite special ! Firstly, an introduction on the lid of our invention. The Double Lid – A Thick piece of wood attached with blades. Safety - Every blade has a piece of rubber tip so that you would not cut yourself accidentally while removing the blades. The removal of blades can be done by directly pulling it out with some force. In addition, the sides of the blades are made blunt and will not injure/cut anyone !

7 Back to the lid of the box and cutting of onions. How the blades work. Use all the blades on the double lid and insert it to all the slids on the box itself. If you only want your onion to be cut into 3 pieces, simply put the 3 blades on the Double Lid ! Extras ! At the same time, while cutting your onions, you can wash you onion in the water! You can re-use the water to cut several onions if you need them for cooking in a go. At the side of the box, there is a movable part that allows you to move it up and make a "hole" in the box to drain water easily. ( Dont worry ! Your sliced onion will not be drained away ! ) The double lid will be normally stored together in the box.

8 Housewives Housewives will consider buying the Onion Box as they need this the most as they cook the meals for a family. Additionally, the Onion Box is cheap to produce and this contributes to the factors why Singaporean housewives will buy it – Partly because they are “Kaisu” as the onion cutter’s price is cheap - Around $8 - $12 !

9 The V2 Onion Box can be used to cut other round fruits also or food products due to its shape. An apple, orange and many other fruits/food products can be cut using the V2 Onion Box too! Why ? Our idea of this is to make the cutting of onions more convenient and less irritating as we know that it can be quite irritating, troublesome and uncomfortable to tear when you are cutting something !

10 Other Onion Cutter Product : The Vidalia Onion Slicer > - Used to slice many fruits and other food products. - Not as effective in the prevention of tearing when cutting onions

11 The Onion Slicer > - Another tool used to slice onions. - Cuts onion at an incredibly fast rate - Very costly to be used at home. Cost ranging from $470 to $500 - Uses its very sharp blades to prevent tearing.

12 The Vidalia Onion Slicer The Onion SlicerThe V2 Onion Box Advantages-Effective in cutting onions and other food products fast. -Considered Portable. -Safer than cutting using bare-hands. -Cut Onion fast, quick and into thin, accurate pieces. -Safer than cutting using bare-hands. -Prevents tearing using sharp blades. -Able to cut other food products. -Portable and light- weight. -Prevents Tearing. -Safer than cutting using bare-hands. -Considered fast in cutting onions. - Able to cut other food products. Disadvantages-Does not prevent tearing effectively -Takes a long time to wash it’s compartments -Very costly -Too Big and Bulky - Blades are too sharp and might injure someone -Onions might not have been cut properly Special Functions -NIL-Able to prevent tearing

13 The V2 Onion Box is made of plastic. Therefore, it has limitations of being an onion cutter. Estimated Limitations : Durability : Tupperware – More durable than other materials. Blades – 1 Year – If handled properly. Onion Cutting Time ( Per Onion ) – 5 seconds onwards. - To support Green Earth project, our group uses plastic manufactured from used plastic bottles.

14 Now we will we showing you our basic ideal look of our project using hard copies. 2 nd April. 4 th Group Meet up. 7 th March 27 th March. 2 nd Group Meet up. - Final Rehearsal for prelims Registration of - Discussion on prelims preparation, project research, Projects Day ( V2 Onion Box ) etc. 19 th March. 31th March. 3 rd Group Meet up. ( With Mentor ) 5 th April 1 st Group Meet up. - Discussion on prelims slides, project features & info, etc - Projects Day - Discussion on project ideas, prelims. features, etc.

15 Wei Heng : Overall, I experienced high and lows during the whole project. There were some disputes originally on the idea of the V2 Onion Box and some objected violently. However, after doing researches on the idea, we realized that our idea is realistic. Noel : I feel that although initially some people in my group have been not very supportive of this idea, but they were willing to try it out and improve on the project. It was much easier because of that as we each got to voice out our views, so everyone participated. I also learnt that teamwork is vital for the success of a team as only by cooperating we can complete something.

16 Ming Han : I feel that doing an invention is a very interesting project to do. We have a chance to present our ideas of inventions we thought of to solve problems in the modern world and increase convenience for others. I had also learnt more on how teamwork is important for success, just like how Noel felt. Wang Yiwei : I think that making an invention with my classmates is very interesting as we can express our ideas to each other. We can also make the mankind’s life better by inventing an invention that can help them in their daily life. Doing this project has also helped me bond closer with my group members !

17 Thank you for your attention ! Group : The V2 Onion Cutters [3-026] Members : Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) Tan Wei Heng Noel Kwan Wang Yiwei

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