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Spanish at ECU General Information for Prospective Students.

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1 Spanish at ECU General Information for Prospective Students

2 2 Degree Programs Coursework at the 2000 level and above. BA in Hispanic Studies –Major Minimum degree requirement is 36 s.h. of credit. –Minor Requires 24 s.h. of credit. –Contact: Dr. Katherine Ford, Pre-major Advisor. BS in Hispanic Studies Education –Includes NC Teacher Licensure Minimum degree requirement is 36 s.h. of credit. –Contact: Dr. Marcela Ruiz-Funes, Coordinator Teacher Educaction. ruizfunesm@ecu.ecu To get started consult with a Hispanic Studies Advisor!

3 3 San Juan, Puerto Rico

4 4 Beginning Spanish Spanish 1001-1004 sequence may be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the BA degree. You will be required to take the Spanish Placement Test before you enroll in your first Spanish class at ECU. Placement Test in Spanish is available online through the ECU Foreign Languages Resource Center. –Website:

5 5 Madrid, Spain

6 6 Modified Spanish Program Modified Spanish Language sequence (1001-1004) for at- risk students. Permission of Instructor Required. For students who have:  diagnosed learning disabilities.  demonstrated difficulty in learning a foreign language. Instructors use:  small class size.  multi-sensory and highly structured approach.  more repetition and review.  explicit explanations (often in English) of grammar and pronunciation.  One-on-one tutoring. Contact: Ann Borisoff, Director,  Website:

7 7 Seville, Spain

8 8 Foreign Languages Resource Center Located in Bate 2009. Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Has many materials available for improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish such as: –Free tutoring in Spanish on a first come, first serve basis. –One-on-one tutorial assistance with use of software accompanying instructional textbooks. –Use of specialized software for foreign language composition, etc. Provides Spanish Placement Test Online –Website:

9 9 Buenos Aires, Argentina

10 10 Internships for Majors Gain great professional experience that employers look for in graduates. What is an internship? –Supervised professional work. –Interns receive 3 credit hours and a grade. –Interns work a total of 120 hours during the semester (8-10 hours/week). –Course: SPAN 4882 Fields available: business, health sciences, social services, criminal justice... and more! Eligibility: –Must be declared major in Spanish. –Have junior or senior status. –Possess a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in Spanish. Contact: Dr. Purificación Martínez

11 11 Córdoba, Spain

12 12 Study Abroad Opportunities (1) NC Consortium Academic year exchange with Universidad de Cantabria, in Santander, Spain. –Fall / Spring semester in the coastal city of Santander. –Classes from Spanish professors in Spanish geography, literature, art, and history. –Website: Summer Program with the Universidad Riomontana, in Monterrey, Mexico. –Intended for prospective teachers who are: interested in improving Spanish fluency. meeting needs of their Hispanic Students expanding their general knowledge of Hispanic culture. –Website:

13 13 Coyoacán, Mexico

14 14 Study Abroad Opportunities (2) Summer Program in Cordoba, Argentina. Complete Spanish 1003 &1004 in just 6 weeks, immersed in the culture of Argentina. 3 weekend trips and several extra curricular activities included. Contact: Susana Casta ñ o-Schultz, Director. castanoschultzs@ecu.ecu  Website:

15 15 Rancagua, Chile

16 Study Abroad Opportunities (3) Allows students to register for up to 9 hours of credit including: SPAN 1001, 1002, 1003 & 1004. SPAN 2222, 2330, 3220, 3330, 2441, 3700 [Mexican Cinema or Mexican Theater], 4563 and other possible options (depending upon the number of other students registered). Several excursions: Mexico City, Taxco, Xochicalco, Guanajuato, Tlaquepaque, and Guadalajara. 16 Summer program in Guadalajara, Mexico Contact: Dr. Paul Fallon, Director.

17 17 Study Abroad Opportunities (4) Many opportunities to study abroad through: –ECU Office of International Affairs. ECU has “student swap” agreements with: Costa Rica & Ecuador Through ECU's contracts with the following organizations, exchanges can be arranged all over the world, including many (ISEP and ECU direct exchanges) at ECU tuition rates: –UNC Exchange Program (UNC-EP) –International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) –National Student Exchange (NSE) Study Abroad programs from other UNC campuses: –UNC-Chapel Hill –UNC Charlotte –UNC Wilmington

18 18 Seville, Spain

19 19 Graduate Certificate in Hispanic Studies Certificate requires 18 s.h. of credit, 12 of which must be at the 6000-level, chosen from a list of available courses. Students design, in consultation with the program coordinator, a program to suit their personal and professional needs Contact: Dr. Juan Daneri. danerij@ecu.ecu  Website: forthcoming Provides students with opportunities to develop and increase advanced/superior Spanish language skills and deepen their understanding of Hispanic cultures.

20 20 Certificate in Spanish Translation Provides a course of study that prepares the student in the special skills involved in the role of translator. Certificate provides evidence of practical competence in translating written texts to or from Spanish interpretation of spoken Spanish is not involved. Certificate requires 12 s.h. of credit Four required translation courses must be satisfactorily completed, followed by a demanding final proficiency examination Contact: Dr. Peter Standish. standishp@ecu.ecu

21 21 Xochimilco, Mexico

22 22 Clubs Spanish Club An eclectic group of native Spanish speakers and students of Spanish. Everyone is welcome! Creates an atmosphere of Hispanic cultures by viewing films, sampling traditional foods, listening to music, and speaking the language. Every other Thursday @ 6:00 pm at Ledonia Wright Cultural Center. Contacts: Dashiell Huebner Rosa López-Cañete

23 23 Buenos Aires, Argentina

24 24 Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society ECU's Sigma Upsilon Chapter International Foreign Language Honor Society. Students must be Juniors or Seniors with GPA of 3.0 in foreign language courses & 3.0 overall. –Contact: Dr. Frédéric Fladenmuller

25 25 Teotihuacán, Mexico

26 26 Events Sobremesa. –Spanish conversation for all levels. –Meets Mondays at 2:00 pm. –Contact: Rosa López-Cañete Hispanic Film Series. –Everybody welcome! –Screens two films per semester from the Spanish- Speaking world (with English subtitles). –Usually on Thursdays, 5:30 pm, Bate 1031 –May include adult content. –Discussion after each screening, for those interested. –Website:

27 27 Madrid, Spain

28 28 Extracurricular Groups at ECU Cultural Awareness Committee –Website: studentlife/universityunions/SU-Cultural-Awarness-Page.cfm Student Association of Spanish Latino Affairs (SALSA) –Website:

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