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STAFF INTRODUCTIONS Irina Aris International Exchange Visitor and Employee Advisor 913-588-1485 Kimberly Connelly Director of International.

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2 STAFF INTRODUCTIONS Irina Aris International Exchange Visitor and Employee Advisor 913-588-1485 Kimberly Connelly Director of International Programs 913-588-1480 Alexandria Harkins International Student and Exchange Visitor Advisor 913-588-1460 Stacie Rader Office Manager 913-588-1480 Zachary Rogers Education Abroad Advisor 913-588-1482

3 OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS VISION AND MISSION International Programs Vision In an interdependent world, International Programs believes it is essential for students, faculty and staff to have the opportunity to become personally and intellectually familiar with the people, ideas and customs of other nations. Such interaction not only promotes a universal perspective and intellectual growth, but it also contributes to the cultural and economic well-being of the university, the state and the nation. Inbound Mission Statement The Office of International Programs strives to provide support and services to international students, scholars, and employees that will enable these individuals to lawfully pursue their academic and professional goals at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Education Abroad Mission The Office of International Programs is committed to fostering and assisting with international educational experiences for KUMC students, faculty and staff. The goal of the Office of International Programs is to support and ensure the safety and success of all international travel experiences. International Travel/Education Abroad Policy Statement Because of the complexities of international travel and the need to be aware of Department of State Travel Warnings and other pertinent safety information, it is required that all student international travel be registered with and approved by the Office of International Programs. Owing to the desire to give logistical and safety support for all members of the KUMC community, it is requested that any faculty or staff member participating in international travel as a representative of KUMC, also consult with the Office of International Programs in advance of travel.

4 INBOUND OVERVIEW INBOUND OIP’S primary responsibilities relative to the inbound program are to communicate and interface between the government, individuals, departments and university to ensure compliance and to advise internationals on maintaining and changing status. VISAS F1 VISA (approximately 110 current students at KUMC) – a non-immigrant international student VISA which requires the student to maintain a full course of study. – Upon admission and receipt of all required documents, KUMC issues an I-20 from the government website SEVIS so that the student can apply for the F1 VISA – Benefits – CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), STEM Extension (18 month extension after OPT) J1 VISA ( approximately 100 EV’s currently at KUMC) – a non-immigrant VISA issued to a student, researcher, scholar/Exchange Visitors (EV’s) participating in programs that promote a cultural exchange – Upon admission or receipt of the Request for the DS-2019 and receipt of all required documents, KUMC issues a DS-2019 from the government website SEVIS so that the EV can apply for the J1 VISA H1B – (approximately 125 international employees currently at KUMC) Temporary Employment Based VISA – VISA requested by employer generally for 3 years, with the option to renew for 3 more years programs/forms-directory.html programs/forms-directory.html SHORT-TERM ELECTIVES (approximately 50 medical elective students yearly at KUMC) programs/short-term-electives.htm programs/short-term-electives.htm – International medical students come for 4-8 weeks to do rotations and stay at the International House INTERNATIONAL VISITOR, SHADOW/OBSERVER, VOLUNTEER, INTERNSHIP (approximately 50 yearly at KUMC) Modal Scholar Program – 2 yearly at KUMC

5 OUTBOUND OVERVIEW Advising for all International Health Elective Opportunities for all students – for credit and not for credit Facilitate communication between locations and students Develop programs Develop Exchanges Facilitate VISA applications ENSURE HEALTH AND SAFETY of all participants – Health and Safety Meetings every second Friday of the month in Calkins Conference Room Collection of all paperwork – passport, Waiver, Emergency Contact Communicate with students and academic departments/advisors Fulbright and International Scholarship advising International Agreements

6 INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS OUTBOUND NUMBERS OUTBOUND (GENERAL) ’14 - 96 ‘13- 64 ’12 – 51 ’11 – 50 ’10 – 57 ’09 – 66 ’08 – 6 ’07 – UNKNOWN ’06 – 35 ’05 – 51 ’04 – 21 ’03 – 50 ’02 – 49

7 JANUARY 2014 – SCHOOL – SON – TOTAL NUMBER – 5 – DESTINATIONS MALAWI FEBRUARY 2014 – SCHOOL – SOM (4 TH year elective rotations) – TOTAL NUMBER – 22 – DESTINATIONS Australia (3) Germany (2) Honduras (1) India (5) New Zealand (7) Zambia (4) FEBRUARY SPRING BREAK 2014 – SCHOOL – SOM M1’S AND M2’S – TOTAL NUMBER -- 25 – DESTINATIONS Guatemala (14) Panama (11) INTERNATIONAL HEALTH EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE NUMBERS AND COUNTRIES FOR 2014 SUMMER 2014 –SCHOOL – SON, SHP, SOM M1’S, FACULTY –TOTAL NUMBER – 42 –DESTINATIONS Vellore, India (7) Uganda (8) Costa Rica (7) South Africa (1) Bolivia (2) Peru (3) Guatemala (7) Ecuador (2) Mexico (1) Sweden (2) France (1) Malawi (1)

8 Australia - Monash - SOM Australia - Sydney - SOM Barbados - SOM, SON, SHP Brazil - SOM Cambodia - SOM Costa Rica - SOM, SON, SHP Ecuador - SOM Ethiopia - SOM Germany - SOM Guatemala - SOM, SON, SHP India - Vellore - SOM, SON, SHP Ireland - Dublin - SOM Ireland - Wexford - SOM Malawi - SOM, SON INTERNATIONAL ELECTIVE ROTATION LOCATIONS 2014-2015 Mexico - SOM Netherlands - SOM New Zealand - SOM Nicaragua – SOM (M1 only) Panama - SOM, SON, SHP Paraguay - SOM South Africa - Rural - SOM South Africa - Urban - SOM Thailand – SOM, SON, SHP Trinidad and Tobago - SOM Uganda - SON United Kingdom - SOM Vietnam - SOM Zambia - SOM Zanzibar – SOM Additional Programs: INMED - SOM, SON, SHP

9 Expand SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES – Spain – Peru (currently for M1’s and OT and expanding) – Guatemala (currently for M1’s and M2’s and expanding) – Costa Rica (currently for SON and expanding) Nottingham Uganda Always looking to expand our students’ opportunities INTERNATIONAL ELECTIVE FUTURE LOCATIONS

10 CULTURAL EXCHANGE AND TRAINING – Culture Hour – offered every Thursday from 12-1 in Calkins Conference – Global Connections – a way for students, faculty and staff to connect with someone who shares an interest in different countries and cultures. We want to connect internationals here on campus with local students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of cross- cultural exchanges or language development. Additionally, we want to connect students who will be going abroad with students who have returned from international – ISI – Offers holiday parties, the Friendship Partner Program, Friday evening socials, support and friendship – Clinical Culture and Diversity Series – Monthly VISA Presentations – International Education Week Robinson Scholarship Program Modale Scholar Program Medical Mission Trip Participation Faculty Research Collaborations – Kenya – Malawi – Ethiopia Developing International Residency Rotation Program in collaboration with GME and KUMC Faculty Exchange Agreements OTHER INTERNATIONAL ENDEAVORS AND PROGRAMS

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