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NCTL support and training for Governors 1. Training and support: an overview Training: Subsidised Chairs - Leadership development programme Free Governor.

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1 NCTL support and training for Governors 1

2 Training and support: an overview Training: Subsidised Chairs - Leadership development programme Free Governor training - PRP (Feb 2014) Free Governor training - RAISEonline (March 2014) Free Governor training - Efficiencies (April 2014) Subsidised Clerks – training programme (summer 2014) Free NCTL membership with ‘Governing Schools’ resources Free Regional workshops for heads and chairs – resources Support: Free National Leaders of Governance – mentoring & coaching Free School improvement through governance - case studies Free Reviews of Governance - resources and processes

3 Governing schools: resource area Free to members of the National College, which is free for school governors Leadership of governors  Leading Governors Booklet  Leadership development programme  Leadership competencies overview  Case studies How to resources…  …drive school improvement  …manage the financial business  …meet your statutory obligations  …build your governing body  …recruit a headteacher  …encourage diversity and equality Research  Governance in education National discussion group  ‘Doing the job’ discussions  Hotseats  Policy discussions Key policy updates  Key policy updates Governance beyond education  Case studies  Research and policy  Other relevant docs Additional resources  Online short courses  Good practice for leaders

4 ‘Leading Governors’ publication The aim of this booklet was to outline the key role of the Chair: 1.Leading effective governance 2.Building the team 3.Relationship with the Headteacher 4.Improving your school 5.Leading the business Launched in Sept 2012 and still in NCTL’s top 10 publications 16,000 printed copies distributed and 30,000+ downloaded Used for training by local authorities and governing bodies Free hard copies can be ordered or download..

5 Chairs of Governors’ leadership development programme Equivalent to 1 National College module (max 50 hours comprising face-to-face sessions, in-school activities, reading and e-learning) Online diagnostic: to explore leadership competencies 3 units designed to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of: 1.The role of the chair 2.Effective governance 3.Leading change and continuous improvement Hosted within a learning schedule on the National College website Mentor support Scholarships available

6 Learning journey for each unit Induction Attend facilitated Group session Self-directed study Engage with resources School based activities Self reflection Dig deeper (if desired) Complete action plan Online learning community Support from mentor

7 11 licensees delivering nationwide

8 National Leaders of Governance Who are they? Highly effective chairs of governors who use their skills and experience to support chairs in other schools and academies What do they do? Purpose is to increase leadership capacity to help raise standards, so that improvements can be sustained 3 years’ experience as a chair in 5 years, and still be a governor Demonstrate how their leadership of the governing body has contributed to school improvement Part of a good leadership team, and in a school with good and improving standards Supported by their Headteacher and governing body 10 days per year and prepared to travel when necessary

9 NLGs’ deployments… Raising school performance: raising standards and leading improvement understanding and interpreting school data including RAISEonline Providing support and challenge for the Headteacher: providing more effective support and challenge to the Headteacher developing the chair’s relationship with the Headteacher Governance process: developing the chair’s leadership, effectiveness and confidence mentoring a chair to provide support through a particular process

10 Reviews of Governance NCTL suggest that the reviewer should:- Have a preliminary conversation to: discuss the context, needs, principles & process Meet with the chair and head to discuss & plan the self-review process. Identify additional elements required eg attending GB meeting Work with the chair to conduct a self-review session with the GB. Meet with the chair and head once the self-review process is complete to agree a SMART Action Plan with key areas for improvement Ensure the GB knows it needs to implement the agreed Action Plan drawing on external support as appropriate.

11 Reviewers & cost Schools and academies choose who they want and agree a cost (The pilot reviews cost £900 - £1,300) Reviewers should have knowledge and experience of leading governors and school improvement. In the pilot NLGs undertook external reviews Pilot resources are on NCTL website:- NCTL framework based on Ofsted evaluation criteria All Party Parliamentary Group’s 20 questions GovernorMark Other self-audit tools. Further Info. E:

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