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USAASA BDM Project Presentation to Portfolio Committee.

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1 USAASA BDM Project Presentation to Portfolio Committee

2 South African Digital TV System 2 USAASA to subsidise DTH/DTT STBs and Antennae and their Installation

3 3 Sentech USAASA SAPO SABS STB Manufacturers CPE Installers Retailers All DTPS Direct BDM Value Chain

4 STB Value Chain 4 USAASA Orders STBs/Antennae Manufacturing of STBs/Antennae Delivery to SAPO Warehouses Distribution to SAPO Branches Accredited InstallersFully Installed STB/Antenna Approved Household Get STB/Antenna

5 Role in BDM USAASA’s role in BDM, Pre-Launch – Appointing STB/Antenna (subsidized) manufacturers, through an open tender process – Determining the Qualifying Criteria – Developing the process of subsidy applications and disbursements, in line with the Qualifying Criteria and other Policies – Together with SAPO, managing the full rollout of subsidy management systems – Appointment and training of installers (in partnership with FET Colleges) – Determining STB order requirements and distribution thereof, using statistical information and subsidy application patterns – Managing the ordering of STBs from approved manufacturers and distribution thereof to SAPO warehouses 5

6 Role in BDM (cont.) USAASA’s role in BDM, Post-Launch – Overseeing the application, distribution and installation value chain, as implemented through SAPO – Managing the disbursement of funds to all parties involved Exclusions – Public awareness – Distribution of STBs from Post Offices to households (USAASA only limited to oversight) – Maintenance and reverse logistics – DTT call center – The difference between approved 5.2 Million households and the current million households (The revised Statistics SA GHS of 2013 ) which amounts to R

7 Qualifying criteria Proposal by USAASA Income bracketSubsidy LevelNumber of Households DTTDTHPercentage 0 – R1,500100% (R0.00) % R1, 5001 – R320070% (R210.00) % Total No. of Households % 7 Approved by National Treasury Income BracketDTT SubsidyDTT (Price per HH)DTH SubsidyDTH (Price per HH) R0 – R %R238 (34%)77%R242 (23%) R1 501 – R %R448 (64%)57%R452 (43%) R2 000 – R %R525 (75%)51%R515 (49%) R2 500 – R3 2000%R700 (100%)29%R746 (71%) Total No. of Households to be covered : Million TV owning households in South Africa 42.9 Million individuals have access to a working television

8 Revised qualifying criteria 8

9 Project Deliverables Pre-Launch Tasks** Period Statistical Data Acquisition and MappingDone Subsidy Application Form Design and Printing (SAPO)Done Appointment of Manufacturers* 90 Days Develop (including Public Participation processes) Sliding Scale Qualifying Criteria and Subsidy Application Process * 60 Days USAASA/SAPO Service Level Agreement* 30 Days 9 * Processes to run concurrently Post-Launch Tasks (On-going) Order STBs from appointed manufacturers Oversee subsidy application and approval processes Oversee distribution and installation of STBs in qualifying households Facilitate payments to: Approved manufacturers for fulfilment of STB + Antenna orders; and SAPO for reimbursement of installers

10 Internal Processes to Ensure Delivery Appoint an external service provider to evaluate bids in the appointment of STB and Antenna manufacturers – Complete Appoint external audit firm to audit the evaluation - Complete Appoint an external service provider to assist in managing the overall implementation of the subsidy process – Complete. Source funding for the procurement of SAP – Awaiting National Treasury funding approval Publishing of Qualifying Criteria – To be published on 26 September 2014 in Government Gazette 10

11 THE END 11

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