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Matt Sibley, Adela Matejcek & Kris Kang Pediatric Chief Resident s R1 Orientation July 2014.

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1 Matt Sibley, Adela Matejcek & Kris Kang Pediatric Chief Resident s R1 Orientation July 2014

2 Who we are Who’s who in the department R1 curriculum CTU NF Call Vacation/Conference Requests Academic Half Day Journal Club … Welcome! Everything you wanted to know… and then some…

3 Activity Time! 2 truths and a lie

4 Objectives…officially… –Liaison between the residents and the administration of the hospital –Liaison between the residents and the Postgraduate Medical Education Program –Provide clinical guidance and support to residents –Provide case-based, didactic and bedside teaching to both residents and medical students, and administrative leadership Chiefs


6 What that really means… –We’re here for YOU! When you’ve had a good day… when you’ve had a bad day… When you’re confused… when you’ve got a great idea but am not sure who to talk to… Office hours Monday 13:00-15:00, Wednesday 14:30- 17:00 (E411 - local 4943) –We’re the link between the department and YOU We meet with the PDs weekly Relay important information  Expect monthly “Chief Update” emails, and “Chief AHD Updates” –We assist in putting together monthly CTU call schedules and the Master Schedule –Organize CTU teaching schedules… Lead morning report Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Chiefs

7 Three R3/R4s 1 year term (Feb-Feb) Selected Fall/Winter of each year –Nominated by the residents –Final selection by the RTC Dedicated “Chief Months” divided among the Chiefs Chiefs

8 R2/3s 1 year term (Feb-Feb) –Followed by 1 year term as chiefs Role: –Academic Half-Day Coordinates speakers and residents Reviews/revises AHD curriculum –Retreats x 2 Fall/Winter – full weekend Spring – full day –“Acting” chiefs if we are away…. Associate Chiefs

9 Program Director Chiefs Associate Chiefs Committee Members Putting it all together…

10 Rotations CTU Blue Jr CTU Green Jr Gen Peds/Night Float Night Float/Social Peds Intermediate Nursery NICU (Surrey Memorial Hospital) Resp/Allergy/CF Endocrinology Cardiology Gastroenterology Neurology Jr Surgery ER R1 curriculum

11 How do I know where to go?!

12 One45 ca/

13 Resident Website

14 Contact your services at least 2 weeks before you start for reporting instructions – many will contact you Services with in-house call requirements will/should contact you in advance for your call requests (ex. Surgery, IN) CTU and NF –No need to contact anyone… you will learn quickly where to go each time –CTU: report Mon-Thurs 7:00 to 3M, Fri 7:30 –NF: report Sun 18:00 to 3M How do I know where to go?!

15 CTU Blue – cardiology, neurology, surgical CTU Green – endocrinology, nephrology, metabolics Rheum, GI, Resp, Heme…. CTU


17  CTU Team = –Attending –Senior Resident / team –Junior Resident x 2-3 / team –Medical Students x 2-3 / team  Consult Senior CTU – WHO?

18  Day:  Monday - Thursday 7:00-18:00  Friday 0730-1700 –Weekend – i.e. Call: Friday + Sunday –Friday 17:00 - Saturday 8:45 –Sunday 8:45 – 18:00 Saturday –Saturday 8:45 - Sunday 8:45 CTU – HOW?

19 General timelines: 1.Morning report (7:00) 2.Handover (7:30) 3.Pre-round: discharge patients, important phone calls 4.Rounds (8:30) ~2-3 hours Family-centered; Work rounds 5.Work time: follow up on investigations/consults; review patient status; write notes; discharge planning; teaching 6.Evening handover (18:00) CTU – What?

20 You are a compliment to the day team; You are not here to “band-aid” problems  work with the day team to continue care Night Float team –Senior Resident –Junior Resident x 1 / team –Medical Student x 1 / team 5 nights/week – 1800-0800 –Sunday pm - Friday am  Document, Document, Document Night Float

21 I-PASS initiative –see orientation manual Handover

22 CTU/NF – Policies and procedures

23 …Also on Resident website

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