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By Jennifer L. Cook, M.D. Florida Joint Care Institute.

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1 by Jennifer L. Cook, M.D. Florida Joint Care Institute

2 What time do you get up?

3 Monday 6:30 AM

4 What is the first thing you do in the morning?

5 Monday SNOOZE!

6 Monday Head to the hospital for rounds at 7:30 AM See and examine all patients Review labs Review X-rays See any new consults

7 Monday PA, physician assistant accompanies me on these rounds Writes a clinical note in computer which I cosign

8 Monday 7:50 AM clinic starts Last patient at 3:50 PM Typically see 45 patients a day 6 patients an hour

9 Monday Fractures Sports medicine Arthroscopy knee Arthroscopy shoulder Joint reconstruction Knees Hips Shoulders

10 Monday New patient Takes longer Needs x-rays Complete history and physical exam EMR documentation Medical assistant and x-ray technician help

11 Monday Follow up Post surgical Cast check After injections/therapy


13 Monday Meetings Home by 5 PM

14 Tuesday Up at 6:15 A.M. At hospital by 7 A.M.

15 Tuesday Surgery!!!!!!

16 Tuesday 2 Operating rooms Flip back and forth In-patient surgeries TKR THR TSR Most fractures Ill patients

17 Tuesday 3-8 surgeries per day Can be done by noon or rarely 7 P.M., usually around 4 P.M. Lunch between cases Post-op orders Talk to families Mark site


19 Tuesday Many preparations to have a successful surgical day Patient is safe for surgery – no infection, medically cleared, NPO X-rays reviewed – discussion with vendor about instruments Discussion w/ anesthesia re special circumstances, length of case

20 Tuesday Post-op Rounds Review X-rays Examine patient and talk to families Communicate with nurses

21 Wednesday 6:30 AM

22 Wednesday Surgery!!!!!!!

23 Wednesday Outpatient surgery – Surgery Center Day surgeries Knee arthroscopy – ACL, meniscus Shoulder arthroscopy – Rotator cuff, impingement, labral tear Fractures – wrist Shorter, less involved surgery, medically safe patients

24 Wednesday Still need to prepare for surgery Discussion with surgery center, reps Review labs/films Patients may need medical clearance

25 Wednesday 3-8 surgeries Mark site Time out Dictate operative note, write post-op orders Talk to family Examine patient prior to discharge Discharge with instruction sheet

26 Wednesday Post op Protocols PT guidelines Bio

27 Wednesday Head back to hospital to round on patients, see new consults Go to office to do paperwork, billing, go through inbox

28 Thursday 6:30 A.M.

29 Thursday Hospital rounds at 7:30 A.M. Clinic starts at 7:50 A.M. Same clinical schedule

30 Friday Catch up Day!

31 Friday Hospital rounds at 7:30 (or later) Surgery Clinic Paper work/return phone calls Meetings PT Home Health Care Office Admin Partners Hospital

32 Weekend Practice call Emergent surgeries referred to practice Evaluate ER/floor patients referred to practice Rounds

33 Weekend ER Call 5 days a month All traumas/infections/orthopaedic issues that come into hospital Must be in town and available via cell phone at all times Rare to have to go in (3-5x/year)

34 Summary Busy schedule Work as much as you want 2 weeks of vacation year Conferences WOGO charity work Outreach work Plenty of time for family, friends, hobbies

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