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Sample PPT Drawing Diagrams

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1 Sample PPT Drawing Diagrams

2 Why Choose Our PPT Drawing Diagrams
for Your Presentation ► Ready to Use ► Scalable ► Color Changeable ► Transparent ► Separable

3 Ready to Use Our PPT diagrams are placed in PowerPoint slides already.
Using them requires copy/paste only. No installation is needed. copy/paste

4 Scalable Diagrams are vector graphics and can be resized to any size
without loss of the display resolution. No more blurry images. 7x Zoom

5 Color Changeable You are able to freely change filling colors and lines to fit your slide theme.

6 Transparent Diagrams are transparent and fit any background.

7 Separable You are able to pull out drawing components to create your own illustrations.

8 A Sample Slide Created with PPT Drawing Toolkits
Angiotensin II AGTR1 JAK2 SHP2 STAT STAT STAT STAT STAT Transcription

9 PowerPoint Tips: Our step-by-step instructions show you how to save PPT slides as 300 DPI publication ready high resolution images directly from PowerPoint

10 Thousands of Professionally Designed PowerPoint Diagrams to Help You
►Create high impact presentations ►Save valuable time To learn more, visit our website

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