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Sample PPT Drawing Diagrams

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1 Sample PPT Drawing Diagrams

2 ► Ready to Use ► Scalable ► Color Changeable ► Transparent ► Separable Why Choose Our PPT Drawing Diagrams for Your Presentation

3 Our PPT diagrams are placed in PowerPoint slides already. Using them requires copy/paste only. No installation is needed. Ready to Use copy/paste

4 Diagrams are vector graphics and can be resized to any size without loss of the display resolution. No more blurry images. Scalable 7x Zoom

5 You are able to freely change filling colors and lines to fit your slide theme. Color Changeable

6 Diagrams are transparent and fit any background. Transparent

7 You are able to pull out drawing components to create your own illustrations. Separable

8 A Sample Slide Created with PPT Drawing Toolkits JAK2 SHP2 Transcription AGTR1 Angiotensin II STAT

9 PowerPoint Tips: Our step-by-step instructions show you how to save PPT slides as 300 DPI publication ready high resolution images directly from PowerPoint

10 To learn more, visit our website Thousands of Professionally Designed PowerPoint Diagrams to Help You ►Create high impact presentations ►Save valuable time

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