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Welcome to GCSE Evening Tuesday 7 th October 2014 Learners of today. Leaders of tomorrow.

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1 Welcome to GCSE Evening Tuesday 7 th October 2014 Learners of today. Leaders of tomorrow.

2 Welcome to GCSE Evening Mr Moorhouse – Vice Principal & Head of Centre Mrs Bruce – Assistant Principal, Director of English Miss Ogunseye - Assistant Principal, Director of Mathematics Mr Chapman – KS4 Senior Tutor (Acting), Aquila Mrs Gilchrist – KS4 Senior Tutor, Orion Miss Woolman – KS4 Senior Tutor, Pegasus Miss Creed – KS4 Senior Tutor, Phoenix

3 Key Stage 4 Key Stage 3 = Years 7, 8 and 9 Key Stage 4 = GCSE in Years 10 and 11 Key Stage 4 is preparation for Key Stage 5 in College VI

4 The Riddlesdown Commitment Our Values V alue each other A im high L earn and lead U se our talents E xcel in our efforts S tick at it Learners of today. Leaders of tomorrow.

5 Some recent changes to help us all Aim High and Excel in our Efforts Timetable changes to give more time to English, Maths and options in Years 10 and 11 Changes to teaching groups in English and Maths to accelerate progress and raise attainment in both subjects Expectation that the vast majority of students sit Higher examination papers in English and Maths, Science and many other subjects - no matter which teaching group they are in GCSE RE at the end of Year 10 RiLLs to improve progress at Key Stage 3

6 Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting Regular informal class assessment Piece of work marked, with clear written comments, after 8 lessons, or after every 3 weeks, whichever is the shorter Marking gives a description of the level of effort, and 1-3 clear directions on how to improve work in the future, taking into account the target RiLL (YET – Year End Target - issued with Quick Report 1 on 19 th December 2014)

7 Reporting Year End Target (YET) Current Riddlesdown Learning Level (RiLL) Attitude to Learning (AtL) Written Comment (Full report only)

8 Riddlesdown Learning Levels (RiLLs) RiLLR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10 NC Level12345678 GCSE GFEDCBAA*

9 Attainment 8 and Progress 8 1 English Double weighted 2 Maths Double weighted 3 8 7 6 5 4 EBacc qualifications (sciences, computing, geography, history, languages) ‘Open Group’; remaining EBacc qualifications and other approved qualification (e.g. GCSEs, Cambridge)

10 Attainment 8 and Progress 8 Number of GCSE grades this student achieved above similar ability peers Average GCSE grade achieved by this student Did this student pass English and Maths? Did this student pass the EBacc?

11 Year 10 Key Dates Target setting before October Half Term 2014 Quick Report 1, Friday 19 th December 2014 Quick Report 2, Friday 6 th March 2015 Year 10 Parents’ Evening, Tuesday 10 th March 2015 Year 10 Examinations w/b 15 th June 2015 Full Report, Friday17 th July 2015 Coursework/Controlled Assessments

12 Supporting Students’ Learning Tutors Pastoral Programme -“Learning Habits” Learning Support Assistants Gifted and Talented/More Able Targeted Entry One to One Tuition HLTAs Library MacKay College College VI students Website

13 The Riddlesdown Commitment – Attitude to learning “We must complete homework, coursework and revision tasks to the best of our ability at home and ensure that we are ready to learn before leaving for school” Remember to bring your regular equipment to school every day, including pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener and a calculator Always give 100% - only hand in work that reflects your best effort – and spend time acting on your teachers’ comments and advice when they have marked and returned your work to you

14 Are you “Riddlesdown Ready”? Correct and complete uniform

15 Presentation of work It is important that you present your work neatly and that your books are kept tidy so that you can use them to revise what you have learnt in preparation for assessments and exams. Every time you start work in your exercise book, you should use this format: C/WTitleTuesday 7th October Learning Objective: (if teacher provides this)

16 Presentation of work You should also: Write in black pen and draw in pencil Use a ruler to rule off work from the previous lesson, underline headings and draw diagrams Put one neat line through any errors that you make Number the pages in your book and start with a Contents page Ensure that there is no graffiti on exercise books, folders or planners (including covers) Cover your books with subject specific material to keep them looking tidy and to help to identify them Stick worksheets neatly into your book or attach them using a tag

17 Weekly Diary This year, we are again using SHOW MY HOMEWORK (SMHW) alongside the Student Planners. Full details of homework assignments will be posted on SMHW; however, students should still make a note in their planner. Maths Q1-6 Equations3/9/14

18 Show My Homework Benefits for Students Can see all homework at the click of a button A personalised experience to help stay organised No more excuses! Students have more time to listen Benefits for Parents Can see exactly what homework has been set Easily take part in home learning Create more positive relationship with teachers Translated into 50+ languages Better communication through school announcements

19 All students will be studying the following topics in Year 10: Integers and decimals Area, perimeter and volume Formulae Metric, imperial and compound units Collecting data Types of numbers Simplification Angles and shapes Displaying data, charts and graphs Fractions Expanding brackets and factorising Averages Linear graphs Area and circles Percentages Cumulative frequency graphs Pythagoras’ theorem Solving equations and inequalities Fractions, decimals and percentages Transformations Further quadratic equations Volume of pyramids Simultaneous equations Ratio Proportion

20 All students are studying the Edexcel 1MA0 Mathematics Linear (Higher) course. Paper 1Provisional date - Monday 6 th June 2016 (morning) 1 hour 45 minutes Non-calculator 100 marks Paper 2Provisional date - Friday 10 th June 2016 (morning) 1 hour 45 minutes Calculator 100 marks Sources of support:  CGP Revision packs (can be bought from Director of Mathematics) all for £7.50 Revision guide Workbook Practice Exam papers  Riddlesdown YouTube – Help videos on Data Handling topics:  Past Papers App – Loads of Edexcel Past Papers: Search “Edexcel Past Papers” on the App Store (Android and Apple)  My Maths – Excellent Revision Website: Login: riddles Password: triangle  GCSE Bite Size – Excellent Support Website:  Active Learn website: Each Year 11 student has their own login details

21 Edexcel Higher GCSE grade boundaries (approx.): A* - 85% A – 70% B – 50% C – 35% New teaching group arrangement has resulted in a smaller ability range in each class: TG 1 – all A*/A TG 2 – all A*/A TG 3 – all A*- B TG 4 – all A* - C TG 5 – all A* - C TG 6 – 75% A*- C

22 Students are studying the Edexcel English Language & Literature, either Higher or Foundation. Sources of support: Excellent tool for support with Literature & Prose: Access to past papers: GCSE Bite Size – General activities and revision: Excellent support & revision for sentence construction: Support & revision for punctuation/grammar: Unit 1 Literature: Understanding Prose (50%) Unit 2 Literature: Understanding Poetry (25%) Unit 2 Language: The Writer’s Voice (60%) Study Guides: York Notes Cliff Notes Edexcel Workbooks English

23 English Language Q1) Analysing ‘Of Mice and Men’ by Steinbeck Q2) A non-fiction writing question 1)Write a magazine article about the Olympics 2)Review the services provided at your school for the local newspaper 3)Write a letter to local councillors where you argue that driving should be taught in school

24 English Literature 1)Controlled Assessment: Romeo and Juliet and either Inspector Calls/View from the Bridge. 2)English Literature Prose Exam: Animal Farm/Jekyll and Hyde and OMAM 3)English Literature Poetry Exam: Poetry from the Anthology and Unseen Poetry.

25 How are you going to make sure that 2014/15 is even better than last year? Expect more from yourself Make more of every opportunity Make more progress: it is what you achieve that matters, not the group you are in Contribute more to the Collegiate and to making our community the happiest, most inspiring and most successful place to be

26 Year 10 Tutors Tutor Group TutorEmail 10ICSMs I C 10EJSMiss E J 10HMBMrs H M 10MMGMrs M M 10NMMMiss N M Mallie Mrs H C Baines 10SCCMrs S C 10PCSMiss P C Syal (m) Miss C G Conlon 10CLKMiss C L 10JMPMrs J M 10TAAMr T A 10ERWMr E R 10CBCMr C B

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