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1 June 2012 S Band another OFF Loading option London – June 12 th, 2012.

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1 1 June 2012 S Band another OFF Loading option London – June 12 th, 2012

2 2 June 2012 Solaris Mobile in a snapshot Mobile Satellite Company - a 50/50 JV between Eutelsat and SES With 2x15 MHz of 2.1 GHz spectrum (extended-UMTS) over 27 Member States in EU – possible extension to Switzerland and Norway Spectrum band of SML can be exploited in direct communication with satellite and via a terrestrial complementary ground network (CGC) SML has secured MSS licensing in 19 Member States, others are under negotiation Positioned in the market primarily as a capacity provider Acting as an ‘S-band’ ecosystem developer SML Owns an S-Band payload on the satellite Eutelsat 10A (former W2A) – launched in 2009

3 3 June 2012 The ‘Burning platform’ Smartphone density from 400/SQ KM to 12.800/ SQ KM in 2015 Data traffic > than 70 % of all traffic on the mobile network Exponential growth of the capacity of the terminals The tablet market is expected to generating yet another increase in bandwidth required per connected device « Cloudification » is creating significant requirements for bandwidth and for latency Network service providers are throwing more resources at the problem…. but will this be enough ? For how long and will their shareholder’s continue to support the erosion of margins and the deterioration of the RoIC’s Where do I go for guaranteed level of service ? How will I be sure the network will be available when needed for critical use The Mobile play ground The Network Operator’s perspective The QoS sensitive customer’s perspective

4 4 June 2012 The mobile Play ground The « traditional » responses and a new option T An INTEGRATED S-BAND NETWORK

5 5 June 2012 Sevice Provider Network structure - conceptual Dedicated S-Band communications network, can support direct from satellite services or be integrated with existing UMTS networks adding up to 20 MHz at each base station (2 X 10 MHz). That capacity can be segmented in high QoS vs best effort networks Hub Station Core Switching WWW Additional capacity for best effort QOS Network Ex Public Satety Broadcast Audio & Data S-Band via Repeaters & Broadband S-Band direct to handset 5MHz per beam S-Band via Repeaters & Broadband S-Band enables integrated Satellite & Terrestrial Services

6 6 June 2012 S-Band Spectrum Sits Directly Adjacent to European 3G UMTS Band 1 30 MHz of spectrum directly adjacent to European 3G UMTS Band 1 available in all 27 EU Member States Granted for 18 years - May 2009 Virgin spectrum – free of use Spectrum can be configured as TDD (1) or FDD (2) to enable optimal use of available spectrum Spectrum is not subject to auction S-Band spectrum can be used for 3G or for LTE L UMTSS↓S↓ 1479.5 1492 151815591626 1660 1668 1675 19201980 S↑S↑ 2010 2110 2170 2200 MHz UMTS LL 1710 1785 GSM 1805 1880 S-DAB S-Band spectrum Extended UMTS Notes: (1) Time Division Duplex (2) Frequency Division Duplex1

7 7 June 2012 S-Band an option for bridging the broadband gap ? Spectrum availability: –Virgin spectrum available till 2027 – 2 x 15 MHz –Harmonized in 27 Member States –SML is priority tenant over the whole CEPT region Technology availability : –S-Band (2170-2200/1980-2010) – study item at 3GPP (tbc this week), –Support from Korea, North America –Likely availability of standardized user’s equipments and RAN in S-band by Q4 2014, ‘Proprietary equipments’ available Cost effectiveness : –Reduced costs of terrestrial development due to base station/backhaul re-use of current system –No coverage requirements –Satellite coverage reducing need for terrestrial network development in rural area –No auction – spectrum access costs is negotiated with SML Ability to develop ‘dedicated’ network –High QoS network subset ( ex Public Safety, MNC networks, ) vs best effort nets –Ability to engage in a fully dedicated network on land, sea and in the air Redundant network –Satellite segment « taking over » from terrestrial network in case of significant disaster or power outage The S-Band specific attributes for bridging the broadband Gap

8 8 June 2012 S- Band : a complement to existing Broadband network Safety and security networks : –S-band provides the Mobile Broadband complement to the existing Tetra/Tetrapol networks ; high value customer offload –S-band provides 100 % coverage (via satellite), ideal complement to optimize deployment cost of MNO networks for M2M applications requiring full coverage; –S-band provides redundancy for critical system / application High end Commercial ex transportation regulation and surveillance, : –Mobile data - video capture in motion (service vehicle, situational awa reness (uav’s, airborn resources) –Real time situational analysis –Mobilization of critical enterprise applications requiring ‘always on‘ devices /always available network S-Band : An option to offer a different type of offload – an offload for QoS sensitive customers S-Band positioned as a complementary network to existing resources. S-Band attributes can command a premium pricing towards high end customers seeking ‘behind the wall’ networks with guaranteed

9 9 June 2012 Potential collaboration structure for a high end QoS offload illustration of a potential commercial structure between Solaris Mobile, Service providers and High QoS user’s Satellite Services Terrestrial – services Sat Services – S-band unit Solaris Mobile (“Spectrum/ Space Segment vehicle“) Differentiated QoS provider 2 x 5Mhz 2 x 10 Mhz Key strategic B2B customers for LT Ex public safety Ex MNC’s Contract for : - access to 2 x 10 MHz - 15 years - User Terminal commitments - Deployment Commitments Procurement / usage contract With key PPDR users Procurement/usage contract With key PPDR users Current MNO’s Delivery of QoS and SLA based on commonly agreed terms Hosting/ Network sharing agreement Distributor / application aggregator

10 10 June 2012 S-Band a controlled path to a dedicated terrestrial broadband network High QoS Customer Key assumptions Timeline 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2014 20152016 High end Service provider’ sharing combined infrastructure with partner MNO but managing the “Behind the wall network” element 201720182019 2013 Migrate to High QoS infrastructur e High end QoS users to operate Primarily on current Commercial network for broadband Customer requirements – No willingness to remain dependent from commercial network variable QoS Willingness of user’s to accept trade off between costs and availability of resources High end users to operate on commercial mobile service under a roaming agreement Negotiated by High QoS operator Operational Phase – key requirements for success MNO’s willingness to host high QOS network in exchange of a network sharing agreement Minimum cost of spectrum imposed by the NRA’s support of 3GPP standardization of S-Band High QOS Network Service provider

11 11 June 2012 S-Band - high QoS OFF LOAD Benefits analysis High QoS users : –Plan towards a dedicated, harmonized, pan European broadband network (PPDR/MNC’s) –Dedicated organization (MVNO like) –Best in class TCO (assuming ‘site sharing’ of existing ‘real estate’ and backhauling and use of CoTS technologies ) –Transition to dedicated network by the concept of in country roaming agreement. –Additional benefits due to satellite use : coverage, redundancy in case of major satellite failure, ability to address land, maritime and airborne operations / applications Infrastructure partner : –Access to additional capacity (more spectrum thrown into the 3G/4G resource pool) –‘Protection’ of the ‘high value’ business in the MVNO structure: –Limited build out required to illuminate the spectrum –Unconstrained deployment (ie spectrum to be deployed only in area that are in need for capacity) –Incremental efficiencies : Reduced cost / MB as fixed costs are shared among more participants –No auction Solaris Mobile –Optimal deployment of spectrum resources (terrestrial and satellite) –Potential Pan European market play (Public Safety or MNC’s) enabling to engage in standardization of 3GPP for PPDR –Accelerated development of technological eco system

12 12 June 2012 Contacts Jean-Luc Gustin Chief Development Officer Solaris Mobile Ltd Pembrooke street 30, Dublin 2 Ireland

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