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The Quarter of Christmas Your digital strategy for this Christmas.

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1 The Quarter of Christmas Your digital strategy for this Christmas

2 *** This is the story of the biggest earning period of the year. A time when people are ready to spend more on gifts to please their friends and family And as our way of finding ideas or shopping have been deeply transformed by digital, especially among younger customers, the success of Christmas media campaign will rely on brands ability to digitally shine and be top of the mind ***

3 What we know about digital Christmas?

4 Chapter 1 : Christmas is very special

5 Holiday foot traffic is down, but sales are going up 2013 2010 Source: ShopperTrak data for Nov/Dec 2013, as cited in WSJ, Jan 2014. Mastercard, Nov-Dec 2010 & Nov- Dec 2013, $B (Nov - Dec) $641 $722 Foot traffic went down... but store sales went up. 2010 market insight

6 Interest in Christmas & Gift related queries across various export markets Insight:Over the Christmas period, there is a steady increase in demand (queries) for Christmas and Gifts related keywords. As seen, a week before December and first week of December peak in queries (indexed) OpportunityConsider the volume of queries across the Nordics in comparison to larger European markets benchmarks against Sweden Action:Do not miss on seasonal searches - customise campaigns for Xmas!

7 Mobile is integral! Christmas related searches on mobile have grown x3 Q4 2011Q4 2012Q4 2013 Source : Internal Google data Christmas related searches on mobile mobile focus

8 Those aged 25-34 spent the most amount of time online shopping (on average 6 hours and 19 minutes) and were the most likely to use their mobile devices to shop (22.2%). Source : The Logic group, “A window into Christmas shopping habits 2014”, 2013 And m-commerce does not scare the Next Gen mobile focus

9 What does this mean for your business? Christmas is crucial to attract customers new to your brand or offerings, especially younger ones. mobile focus

10 Brands need to get ready now Chapter 2 :

11 2012 2013 2011 2014 Christmas related searches ramp up in September Potential consumers are already looking for inspiration since September! Source : Google trends JuneJulyAugustSeptember

12 Source : Google internal. Indexed queries data based on a selection of key retail categories inc. home, consumer electronics, apparel, beauty & food. All devices data (computers, tablets, smartphones) on christmas season 2012 and 2013. Queries progressively raise Start adjusting and developing Christmas campaigns, keywords CHRISTMAS PREPARATION CHRISTMAS PURCHASE Early November to early December Gradually introduce Christmas KWs and Ads in your product campaigns WINTER SALES PREPARATION 30 Sept.7 Oct.14 Oct.21 Oct.28 Oct.4 Nov.11 Nov.18 Nov.25 Nov.2 Dec.9 Dec.16 Dec.23 Dec.30 Dec. And will be preparing Christmas online constantly until D-day Mid/late December Sales and stock clearance - Winter sales Adjust your ad messaging

13 “ ‘Millenials’, those aged 16-24 in particular were found to be the most organised, with almost 44% claiming they did the majority of their gift buying in or before November.” And surprisingly enough, even younger customers are already planning the holiday season Source : The Logic group, “A window into Christmas shopping habits 2014”, 2013

14 Chapter 3 : How to be ready for Christmas

15 Customers prepare Christmas online Source : Médiamétrie, Scope France

16 Seasonal Brand keywords Integrate Christmas KWs into your branded keywords across all markets Seasonal generic keywords* Your ‘Blast’ Christmas strategy on search for Q4 Adjust your Ad Texts Bring specific Christmas messaging *Consider running a blast campaign for 1-2 weeks. Run generic Christmas related KWs with strong action oriented ads in order to be top of mind among customers

17 Youtube makes people buy 4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in-person as a direct result of watching a video. Latest AOL study shows it’s the best social network to introduce new products and close the sale.

18 Cover search Consider “blast” campaigns and prepare Christmas keywords and ads Consider Youtube & GDN Expand your reach and be relevant Think mobile to increase your shopability and attract new and younger customers Moral of the story...

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