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Quarterly report ScotGrid Quarter 04 2005 Fraser Speirs.

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1 Quarterly report ScotGrid Quarter 04 2005 Fraser Speirs

2 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Current site status data SiteService nodes Worker nodes Local network connectivity Site connectivity SRMDays SFT failed Days in scheduled maintenance Security incidents this quarter which impact on Grid DurhamSL3 LCG2.6.0 SL3 LCG2.6.0 100Mb/s1Gb/sDPM3d5h10d 2h 28m0 EdinburghSL3 LCG2.6.0 SL3 LCG2.6.0 1Gb/s dCache & DPM 24d2h3d 9h 40m0 GlasgowSL3 LCG2.6.0 SL3 LCG 2.6.0 1Gb/s DPM9d21h2d 19h 16m0 1)Local network connectivity is that to the site SE 2)It is understood that SFT failures do not always result from site problems, but it is the best measure currently available. Both Glasgow and Durham had planned and unplanned power shutdowns this quarter, which impact on downtime and SFTs

3 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid All GridPP Resources SitePromisedActual Average kSI2K available in this quarter CPU (kSI2K) Storage (TB) Average kSI2K available in this quarter CPUStorage (TB) Durham86 583.11062 Edinburgh77395.1831 Glasgow245 12159.323011.6 Total338 56247.534444.6 1)The GridPP-Tier-2 MoUs made reference to integrated CPU over the 3 years of GridPP2. Under the “Promised – integrated kSI2K hours until this quarter” an estimate is provided of what the Tier-2 would have expected to provide to this quarter on the basis of planned installations. “Static kSI2K” shows what would currently be expected if all purchases planned to this quarter had been made and implemented. The actual columns show what has been delivered.

4 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid LCG resources SiteEstimated for LCGCurrently delivering to LCG Total job slots CPU (kSI2K) Storage (TB) Total jobs slots CPU (kSI2K) Storage (TB) Durham8790.5106722 Edinburgh57255629 Glasgow2491014.8230159.31.8 Total34111530344237.332.8 1) The estimated figures are those that were projected for LCG planning purposes: 2) Current total job slots are those reported by EGEE/LCG gstat page.

5 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid VOs supported by site SiteALICEATLASBabarBiom ed CMSSixtdTea m Ze us PhenoLHCbTotal Durham11001111118 Edinburgh111111111110 Glasgow11011111018 Total3312333323 0 => not supported 1 => supported

6 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid CPU used per VO over quarter (KSI2K hours) SiteALICEATLASBABARCMSdteamLHCBZEUSPhenobiomedTotal Durham 0840337151857984003277 Edin. 033790399814400163946 Glasgow 01678204491720016854 Total020245078032201898601624077 1)Information currently available from APEL - please note these pages are still under development! Nb. This could be automated with an SQL/R-GMA query

7 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Usage by VO for Tier-2 Jobs Oct 2005Nov 2005Dec 2005 alice000 atlas179822581121 cms28156 dteam881914642 lhcb8390126164759 biomed324530183 babar010 Pheno026 zeus2382141874 CPU (KSI2K hours) Oct 2005Nov 2005Dec 2005 alice000 atlas3066121625017 cms244314222 dteam11813 lhcb186710645 biomed1042 babar000 Pheno000 zeus2131853

8 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Usage by VO (jobs) Nb: This can be extracted from APEL

9 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Storage resources in use per VO (TB) Site StorageALICEATLASCMSdTea m LhcbSixtZeusTotal Durham0.1 Edinburgh13.2 Glasgow1.6 Total14.9 Difficult to provide this for the period but we can at least show *current* usage. If we can get the information average and maximum per VO over the period would be useful parameters to record.

10 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid CPU Usage by VO (KSI2K hours) Nb: This can be extracted from APEL –

11 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Progress over last quarter SiteSuccessesProblems/Issues DurhamDeployed DPM Deployed LFC EdinburghLed testing of new dCache releases. Also ahead in T1-T2 and T2-T2 FTS testing Poster accepted at CHEP NFS is limiting performance of both dCache and DPM. GlasgowLed UK in FTS transfer testing Led in testing of new DPM releases and utilities Developed FTS transfer test tools DPM/Dcache incompatibility led to problems in FTS testing Also: All sites promptly moved to authenticated RGMA connectors

12 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Tier-2 risks General risks Unclear about support cost implications of VO boxes Similarly about SC4 rolling upgrade schedule. Mitigating actions Trying to keep informed about developments. No real mitigation in place. Institute specific risks Glasgow: Warranties end in Feb-06 but procurement will not be until Summer Mitigating actions

13 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Tier-2 planning for next quarter Further FTS transfer testing Software upgrades in advance of SC4

14 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Objectives and deliverables for last quarter Objective/deliverableDue dateStatus Additional WN at EdinburghEnd Q4Done DPM deployed at DurhamEnd Q4Done Edinburgh dCache transition to SL3End Q4Postponed until Q106 DPM testing at all sitesEnd Q4Done Continue planning for network upgrades in respect of service challenges None setMade progress through transfer tests

15 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Objectives and deliverables for next quarter Objective/deliverableDue dateMetric/output Successfully participate in SC4SC4 TimelineMet transfer targets for T1- T2 and T2-T2 transfers. Upgrade middleware in line with SC4 planning Middleware release timeline Deploy extra 2Tb storage at DurhamEnd Q1 Attempt to develop better ways of mitigating SFT failures Improved SFT performance Investigate setting up RB for local users

16 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Meetings, papers & effort Tier-2 coordinator effortComments 3.0 AreaDescription TalksStatus report and talk at HEPiX ConferencesEGEE 4 - Pisa HEPiX - SLAC Publications For Tier-2 coordinator:

17 2005 Q4Quarterly report: ScotGrid Summary & outlook SRM has been a focus this quarter. –All sites now with SRM Procurement work is ongoing at Glasgow, Edinburgh. Have taken a lead within GridPP on SRM/FTS transfer testing –Plans are to continue focusing in this area –Members of ScotGrid are helping other UK sites with this Q4 was the best quarter of 2005 for stability. Outlook is positive for SC4 and beyond.

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