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Applications Area Issues RWL Jones GridPP13 – 5 th June 2005.

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1 Applications Area Issues RWL Jones GridPP13 – 5 th June 2005

2 General operational issues Interoperability still an issue for future and running experiments –CDF are now planning to use SAM-classic Clearly going to be SAM-only resources for some time –Multiple file catalogues in multiple Grids is a real issue minimal functionality with maximum error propagation Model for catalogues varies greatly between experiments V O Services –Documentation on VO creation better? –VOMS now an experiment priority Must be integrated into all aspects Quotas by role/group Monitoring by role/group Need for at least three attributes (e.g. role/group/region) 64-bit support will very soon be an issue for the experiments –HP post will start to help

3 Data Movement, Storage Data management is still a very big issue Most job failures are DM failures Bulk transfer tools needed yesterday –Vital we have a storage/SRM for small files as well as large files, at all Tiers Storage technologies and access patterns –Needs to be known by experiments and by Tiers HEPiX/GDB group to assess this RJ to chair, AS also member dCache Castor –New Castor now very late SE stability is becoming a problem

4 LCG Service Issues Services –Network bottlenecks/server overload Too many connection to the same SE –RLS down Cannot handle large loads –Unknown cause

5 WMS Entry in BDII is now configurable –This adds more sites to the experiment BDII Some improvement in LCG submission However, LCG submission still slow –ATLAS adding second submission method (Condor-G) almost doubled the throughput Clearly not saturating resources! –Job submission slows if too many CEs present in the BDII

6 Applications There is a clear need for substantial revision of deliverables –CDF –D Ø –CMS –GANGA/ATLAS may need some revision following review (see later) All such changes need change forms This cannot mean that we go several quarters without effort on identified deliverables! –Make interim goals! –Always have a plan!

7 Reporting It is clear that for now, reporting needs iteration –Must have reports from experiments in first week of new quarter –Must have response to feed-back within 1-2 weeks –This will allow the reporting to be complete within a month, as planned

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