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 Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 1.

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1  Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 1

2  Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 2

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4 4 Note: Member and registrant counts are separate, not cumulative

5 5

6  Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 6

7  Serve the WHPA members and people interested in the WHPA  Content weighted toward WHPA information, rather than the broad world of HVAC and of energy efficiency. Must be a link to the WHPA.  Better to be focused than cover everything. Our stats are great because of that.  70 visits early on; now between 1,200 and 1,500 per month!  Website evolved from just showing docs to minutes & work products, utility programs, pertinent industry news, and more. 7

8  70 visits per month in at the beginning; now between 1,200 and 1,500 visits per month! ◦ Jan. - July 2014 – 9,459 visits  Website evolved from just posting documents to a WHPA information reposition of more than 100 pages with news, popular links, a calendar that is actively accessed ◦ More than 1,000 unique documents  Excellent vehicle for sharing information among interested parties. 8

9 9 One reason for increased website traffic is that Committee and Working Group volunteers use the site to store and reference documents. Because more members and “searchers” visit, the site has become more effective as a tool such as unveiling utility programs, drawing attention to regulatory proceedings, etc.

10  Highest six month website activity ever- 9,459 visits  2:46 average time on site per visit – phenomenal! ◦ 26,000 minutes - total “eyeball” time on site 1H2014  Major project to reorganize and enhance content on all 19 committee and working group pages – completed in June ◦ Clearly IDs Strategic Plan and 2014 SMART Goal linkage  Website is the delivery vehicle for 2014 SMART Goal #5 by Regulatory / Policy Notification Working Group aspx 10

11 11 WebpageVisitsVisitors Commercial QM Committee1,017157 Standard 180 WG64373 Executive Committee629113 Fault Detection and Diagnostics Group577107 Whole Building Education Committee56851 Workforce Education & Training56079 Compliance533115 Residential QI51577 Council of Advisors50481 Climate Optimized49651 May 2014 – July 2014

12  Crazy Egg is a Heatmapping tool that shows where people click. It is unbiased data that shows us what’s popular and what isn’t.  The scrollmap gives more visibility to things we want people to see.  Committee and Work Products moved to homepage based on data. 12

13 13  Pull Marketing (website) vs. Push Marketing (newsletter)  Sent to 700 WHPA Contacts  You are always welcome to submit ideas for the newsletter

14 DateNewsletterRecipients Open Rate Click Rate Unsub- scribed Marked as “Junk” June 2014Q3 Newsletter70620%4%31 Apr. 2014Q2 Newsletter71824%8%00 Feb. 2014CPUC Letter26131%16%00 Jan. 2014Q1 Newsletter69425%9%10 Oct. 2013Q3 Newsletter68916%2%00 Oct. 2013DEER Letter22638%6%00 June 2013Q2 Newsletter57520%2%00 June 2013June Workshops55822%4%00 Mar. 2013Q1 Newsletter56623%7%00 Dec. 2012Q4 Newsletter45025%5%00 Nov. 2012Public Forum Letter45025%6%20 Oct. 2012Q3 Newsletter44522%2%00 Aug. 2012Q2 Newsletter43726%8%10 Jan. 2012Q1 Newsletter41434%12%00 Newsletter and E-Blast Statistics

15  Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 15

16 16 Q3 2011 – Q3* 2014 *Aug. and Sep. 2014 hours forecasted

17 17

18 18 Held 3 meetings Appointed Committee Chairs Bob Barks (Compliance) Mike O’Halloran ( Regulatory/IOU Notification & Feedback WG ) Approved Work Products Whole Building Education Roadmap (April 2014) CQM Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group (June 2014) Triggered Re-activation of ASHRAE Standard 180 Committee @ their summer meetings Reviewed 2014 SMART Goal Progress, report Heard California Technical Forum Introduction, received “Request for Qualifications” Heard California Energy Efficiency Industry Council intro

19 19 Will need to approve Committee Chairs HVAC Energy Savings & DEER Planning 2014 In-person Meetings Executive, COA, Chairs November 4-5, 2014 San Francisco Green Space 657 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA Parc55 Wyndham Hotel – Union Square WHPA-negotiated rate Begin Implementation of WBE Roadmap Elements

20 20 Met once in conjunction with May EC meeting Heard WHPA Q1 2014 Report jointly w/ EC plus introduction of CEEIC In Search of New Chair Planning 2014 In-person Meetings Review draft content from PRWG for SP 2.0 recommendations in conjunction with Committee Chairs

21 21 Held 2 meetings Finalized work-plan for developing recommendations to CPUC ED on California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (SP 2.0) Completed SP 1.0 Goals, compared to proposed SP 2.0 framework (“bucketing exercise”) Begun drafting recommendations; tentatively scheduled for release to larger audience (COA, Chairs) in August/September 2014, subsequently present to EC First topic area to be HVAC in Whole Buildings

22 22 Held 2 meetings Identified new Chair to replace Tom Garcia; Bob Barks will transition into leadership July/August Provided input to CPUC Research Roadmap HVAC Permit & Compliance Study Preliminary Results Market Assessment Reviewed Title 24 2016 measures developed by SW IOU CASE Team Reviewed “Green It Forward” Imperial Valley pilot program for automated permitting (pilot complete, ready for more jurisdiction participation) Agreed to develop white paper exploring costs, implications of measures intended to improve compliance (such as equipment serial number tracking)

23 23 Held 3 meetings Regularly hears reports from IOU CQM Program Managers/ Program Implementers who share details of program specifics; gather immediate industry feedback to inform design/implementation SCE – Quality Renovation launch PG&E – Expanded quality control in programs SDG&E – Variable Speed Compressor measure Participation in partial measures without full CQM commitment Approved CQM Standard 180 Maintenance Task WG Report on ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 (Table 5-22) Reviewed PG&E San Ramon Technology Center ongoing research project measuring CQM on RTUs QM service produced measurable performance gains Planning joint meeting with FDD Committee

24 24 Held 11 meetings (weekly since March 2013) Finalized detailed report of ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Required Inspection & Maintenance Tasks, Table 5-22 Immediately began detailed review of Task “n” from Table 5-22 [Refrigerant cycle performance – charge and airflow] Defining “acceptable performance” No mention of airflow in Standard 180 Added airflow expertise, focus on internal/external static pressure Identified practice of placing adhesive sticker on RTUs w/ specific system performance measurements for future reference (FDD / T24 CASE) @ System Commissioning or Initial Inspection Benchmark vs. “As Found” conditions

25 25 Held 3 meetings Developing recommendations to amend ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Section 4 “Implementation” Clarify terminology used (e.g., equipment inventory, maintenance plan, maintenance program) Outline maintenance plan/agreement based on standard Identify barriers to market adoption; suggest solutions Develop value proposition for standards-based maintenance programs Will submit draft report through CQM Committee to EC, to be provided to re-activated ASHRAE committee to inform standard revisions, development of User Guide

26 26 Chair Rob Falke personally recruiting committee members Staff assisting with background information (prior committee work, SMART Goal integration, working brief dissemination), committee recruiting Potential goals (SMART Goal 3 alignment) “Installed efficiency” measures Consideration of “self-verification” for QI Practical guidelines for contractors/technicians to improve baseline for installation practices Other Chair commitments prevented meeting startup in June, will launch late August

27 27 Held 3 meetings Heard ED presentations on 3 research projects, provided immediate feedback to consultants Impact Evaluation of RQI Programs Impact Evaluation of Deemed Measures Market Assessment – Existing HVAC, Building Permit and Title 24 Compliance Considered overview of Title 24 2013 code changes, impacts from Sierra Building Sciences’ Russ King Reviewing SCE Workpaper on RQI Original developed in 2009 Refresh assumptions, data points used Outreach to Cal TF for possible review

28 28 Chair Erik Emblem on medical leave; appointed Vice Chair Daniel Jones, Working Group Chair Barbara Hernesman Held 1 meeting of full committee, 3 meetings of Sales Training Working Group Reviewed SMART Goal 6 and WE&T Sales Force & Service Working Group Gaps Report Developing specific steps to implement: Sales Training Resource Clearinghouse Vetting criteria, review process to be included Sales, business management, marketing foci Energy Efficiency Software Tools Clearinghouse Hosting HVAC/EE Sales Trainer Teleconference Coordinating complementary efforts with Sector Strategy Committees (teleconference):

29 29 Held 1 meeting (member-supported) Focused on top priority of EC-approved WBE Roadmap Cataloging, evaluating and enhancing competencies for both entry-level and experienced HVAC industry professionals Staff analyzing many recommendations from WBE Roadmap specifying EC as “owner”

30 30 Held no meetings (member-supported) Chair potentially in flux; future of committee uncertain – yet new registrants still interested!!

31 31 Held 3 meetings (+ several member-supported) Developed 2014 goals and objectives in response to EC resource allocation process Reviewed 2016 T24 FDD initiatives; provided feedback to IOU CASE team for proposed measures Heard presentation of Purdue University (SCE/PECI) final report concerning FDD in-field protocols Fault Detection = Pretty Good! Diagnostics = Needs Improvement Future discussions include defining what constitutes a “fault” or condition worthy of notification July meeting cancelled due to many committee participants speaking at Purdue University workshop “Automated FDD – Moving from R&D to Commercialization”

32 32 Held 3 meetings Shift from Nina Perez (SCE) to Jake Huttner (SCE) as lead for SW IOU WE&T team Reviewed proposed 5-part strategy from SW IOU WE&T team, focus for committee on Develop/disseminate training based on Standard 180 User Guide HVAC & EE Sales Training (HVAC WE&T Comm) SDG&E and SoCalGas additional support to accelerate SMART Goal 6; sales trainer teleconference in July 2014 Discussed recently-released Donald Vial Center (UC Berkeley) report “Workforce Issues and Energy Efficiency Programs”

33 33 Chair being recruited by staff, EC Co-Chair Staff-developed draft goals/objectives for 2014 Coordinate energy savings & DEER-related activities across WHPA committees/working groups Participate in DEER Update process(es) Directly and as liaison to other comm/wg Develop educational webinars re: DEER, update Assess existing/latest body of research related to energy savings Anticipate EC review/approval of Chair in August Anticipate meetings begin late August Consideration of webinar earlier related to research input/feedback processes (SMART Goals 3 & 4)

34 34 Held 3 meetings EC approved Mike O’Halloran as Chair Reviewed SMART Goal language, intent Determined scope of deliverables within existing budget Reviewed other regulatory/policy websites, identifying desired information, characteristics Reviewed staff-generated draft WHPA webpages that fulfill SG deliverables Identified additional desired staff resourcing for WHPA members to access with questions after perusing webpages

35  Membership Activity  Communications  Committee Activity  Accomplishments 35

36 36 ASHRAE Summer Meetings full of WHPA-related activities Re-activation of Standard 180 Committee Begin revising standard Approve development of User Guide Formation of Multi-Task Group (MTG) Cross-cutting numerous technical committees Resource to California-based groups (WHPA Energy Savings & DEER Committee) Seek necessary approvals for additional WHPA spokesperson Disseminated PG&E Permitting Study; directed feedback Disseminated CPUC invitation to participate in Commercial Saturation Study presentation

37  Part of WHPA Staffing contract  Was this information useful?  Questions, comments, concerns? 37

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