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FLUKA Collaboration Meeting

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1 FLUKA Collaboration Meeting
G.Battistoni April 28th 2009

2 today’s meeting (formal presentations)
Giuseppe: Introduction Alfredo: Status of the FLUKA code Ranft: Extrapolation of particle production at LHC energies Vasilis: Resume of Athens FLUKA course Larry+Tony: NASA related efforts Status of AGS Analysis D. Sinuela: Raytracer in FLUKA Silvia: Charge ratio of High Energy c.r. muons Max: Muon Tomography of Vesuvio General discussion on the future of the collaboration

3 Nov. 1st 2008 – Apr. 24th 2009 207 new FLUKA registrations (beginners)
Requests to server: 456 2 cancellation requests 268 “reg. Correct” 162 “user postoponed” 20 “source requests” (1 approved) 4 “user update” 18 requests fron non academic servers 10 requests from people belonging from commercials

4 Goals for 2009 (in the INFN project)

5 Level of completion of milestones 2008
New international FLUKA course OK Nuovo release FLUKA OK Use of commercial compilers for FLUKA NO !!! Interface for CT scan to import voxel geometry ~?OK Interface FLUKA-LEM ~OK Production of new DIS neutrino generator OK (~) Conclusion of new ICRP fluence-dose conversion coefficients ?

6 Medical Linear accelerator head simulation
Varian DHX; 6 and 15 MeV for TARGET FLATTENER ION CHAMBERS JAWS FLUKA meeting, Milano 2009 6

7 Lateral profiles in water at 15 mm depth for 6 MeV beam
Water phantom = experimental data ION chamber FLUKA meeting, Milano 2009 7

8 Central axis depth dose in water for 6 MeV incident beam
FLUKA meeting, Milano 2009 8

9 Simulation of Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ (Elekta)

10 zzzzzz


12 Piano X-Y

13 Situation of 2009 conferences?
Giuseppe: Ladek Neutrino Winter school Silvia: Moriond Sivia, Max: ICRC09 Andrea, Katia, Mattias: Varenna Andrea+Katia: IBIBAM 2009 ? Giuseppe: EIRO Andrea: NUFRAG2009 Andrea: MCTP 2009 ? Andrea+Katia: PTCOG 2009? ..... Papers?

14 The FLUKA international Collaboration
M.Brugger, F. Cerutti, A. Ferrari, G. Lukasik, S. Roesler, G. Smirnov, F. Sommerer, C. Theis, S. Trovati, H. Vinke, V.Vlachoudis CERN A. Fassò, J. Vollaire SLAC, USA J. Ranft Univ. of Siegen, Germany G. Battistoni, F. Broggi, M. Campanella, P. Colleoni, E. Gadioli, A. Mairani, S. Muraro, P.R. Sala INFN & Univ. Milano, Italy L. Sarchiapone INFN Legnaro, Italy M. Carboni, C. D’Ambrosio, A. Ferrari, A. Mostacci, V. Patera, M. Pelliccioni, R. Villari INFN Frascati, Italy M.C. Morone INFN & Univ. Roma II, Italy A. Margiotta, M. Sioli INFN & Univ. Bologna, Italy K. Parodi DKFZ & HIT, Heidelberg, Germany A. Empl, L. Pinsky Univ. of Houston, USA K.T. Lee, T. Wilson, N. Zapp NASA-Houston, USA S. Rollet ARC Seibersdorf Research, Austria M. Lantz Riken, Japan 14

15 Who’s who

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