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We Mentor Public Listed Companies

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1 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
SASI WEALTH ORIGINATION PROGRAM Strategic and Social Initiatives we mentor and provide LIFE logical, intellectual, financial and emotional capital We Mentor Public Listed Companies

2 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Offer:- We mentor plc’s and fire-up the management with exciting international opportunities, expansion plans, wealth formation strategies and identify resources to increase values for all stakeholders to valufacture ecotomic social wealth under our Social Entreprenurship program and services

3 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
Our Services :- Our mentoring services diagnose new intrinsic values outside balance sheet of plc’s. To achieve this we divide the companies in small parts to perceive, dream, storytelling, imagine, plan scenarios, visualize, create and identify new values as spiritual owners

4 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Discuss options to formulate a succession plan for new global opportunities Identify process to inject capital ownership among international employees and venture partners to generate wealth Discuss knowledge of new processes, methods and structures to enhance values, new revenue streams to create and develop self-sustaining global entities Give suggestions on participation outside balance sheet to enhance value and protect existing balance sheet Identify global partners to develop subsidiaries to build wealth Innovate and Identify new concepts and conduits for global expansion and marketing the company and its concepts

5 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Mentor new strategies to generate and preserve cash Recommend on prudent use of capital allocation Spot global values in company structure, products and services and assist to capitalize Propose and identify international partnership Offers global knowledge to unify capital market, and suggest structures to create wealth in the present financial environment of low interest rate Mentor on Marketing strategy via social branding

6 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Magnetize values (invisible currency) that like miracles float in the air without the knowledge of the management when compared with global business need and scene Mentor management with global knowledge to coalesce capital market, human capital, financial capital, intellectual capital, social capital and resources to enter global market by use of invisible idea currency Educate management on social tax planning, social entrepreneurship and provide protective options against religion, political, economic, social and financial uncertainties when expanding globally

7 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Mentor management to globally spot and recognize values through convergences in existing structures, products and services and assist them to capitalize Mentor on the financial, legal and corporate structure to expand globally Advise on penetration, entry, critical mass building, growth, expansion and retention, exit strategy for global markets Mentor on identifying fee earning opportunities from global partnerships by packaging brand, capital market structure, franchising program, club concepts, marketing strategies, showing community funding resources, international derivatives and securities, outsourcing as an income and not cost.

8 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Mentor on debt free financial models for global entry Identify alternatives, possibilities and choices on global tax planning, fire wall for political, currency and asset protection Offer various options to develop International franchise package Identify country base partners to co-brand as master franchisee to generate franchise income Show methods of earning upfront royalty and revenue internationally Mentor on creation of a listed spin-off’s as dividends from the parent company to manage country base ventures with country partner providing hard dollar and other capital resources

9 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
What We Do :- Mentor on outsourcing all aspects of operation and chain management by creating franchising system for each cycle from micro to macro by valufacturing wealth for employees Plan Scenarios to turn outsourcing not into cost reduction but into profit center Weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing activities that are non-critical or that donot contribute to core competencies Mentor and plan scenarios on how to divide the company into new specialized entities and than expand in various jurisdiction under a common brand globally through franchising program

10 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
Why We Are Unique :- We offers this unique “win-win” situation based upon effective use of our mentoring to improve wealth. We participate with our program and investment as partners in progress…… Our compensation is based on the philosophy and practice to perform, produce and profit in the new wealth created. We take long-term warrants, discounted stocks, options and retainership. We donot cost the company a dime…..the capital market pays us through long-term warrants, discounted stocks, options and retainership value through increase in share value. We mentor wealth creation for all stakeholders with focus to identify intrinsic values, the success of our service. We bring necessary capital resources to valufacture opportunities

11 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
Why We Are Unique :- For Global expansion plans we mentor management with practical strategies, provide matured wisdom, experienced vision to identify opportunities, attract resources, suggest value added customized services, provide in-depth knowledge for innovative business architecture and application on law of abundance to save time and share rewards to enhance shareholders value.

12 We Mentor Public Listed Companies Welcome clients in these industries
Retail General-Special Leisure-Resorts-Hospitality Restaurants Financial Services Real Estate- Construction Publishing-ebooks-pdf Architecture-Engineering Business-Professional Services E-commerce Venture Capital Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals Medical Devices IT-Enterprise Software Media-Entertainment Agriculture Healthcare Oil and Gas

13 We Mentor Public Listed Companies
Partnering with Us :- We welcome partners to work with us on fees and profit sharing basis on our internal identified projects that have 9 figure wealth origination potential We invite IT firms with E-commerce expertise to help develop our mentoring concept into a virtual wealth origination services platform We welcome marketing players to join us in developing tools such as Red carpet reception by plc’s to receive you and our team as Prophet of Social profit Guru’s We invite professionals to offer our ecotomic wealth creation model to their clients on profit sharing basis We welcomes CEOs’, investment bankers, venture capitalist, public listed companies, investors relation firms, financial investors and specialized consultants to contact and discuss alliances to work and share together in valufacturing global opportunities to share ecotomic social wealth.

14 We Mentor Public Listed Companies in their Quest to increase shareholders value

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