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EUROLEK LTD. European drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements. November 2014.

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1 EUROLEK LTD. European drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements. November 2014

2 Agenda Ukrainian pharmaceutical market overviewUkrainian pharmaceutical market overview Introduction to EUROLEK Ltd.Introduction to EUROLEK Ltd.

3 Ukrainian pharmaceutical market Main indicators Average growth during the past 5 years - Ukrainian pharmaceutical market is second biggest in the CIS Yearly expenditure on medicine per person 15-20 % 2d spot 2d spot 75-80 $

4 Sales volume

5 Sales structure, % (2013) Market size – $ 3,69 billion In USD

6 Points under government regulation Licensing and inspection of manufacturers and importersLicensing and inspection of manufacturers and importers Medicinal products registrationMedicinal products registration Certification of medicinal productsCertification of medicinal products Clinical trials of medicinal productsClinical trials of medicinal products Quality of medicinal productsQuality of medicinal products Advertising and promotion of pharmaceutical productsAdvertising and promotion of pharmaceutical products

7 EUROLEK Ltd. Company profile

8 The company Main direction of activity: EUROLEK Ltd. manages registration, distribution and promotion of medical devices, drugs and dietary supplements (made outside Ukraine) on the Ukrainian market. The head office is located in Kyiv (Ukraine). Staff: The stuff of the company is about 50 employees (35 medical representatives and regional managers), most of whom have medical or pharmaceutical education.

9 Specialists of EUROLEK Ltd. work in all big cities and towns of Ukraine. 1 2 3 4 6 and more Temporary not available Number of representatives

10 Our partners

11 Major therapeutic focus areas Gastroenter ology PediatryGenecologyProctologySurgery Dermat ology

12 Our products BIOSTREPTA Rectal suppositories №6 Pharmacotherapeutic group: Antithrombotic agents. Enzymes. VAGICAL Vaginal suppositories №10 Pharmacotherapeutic group: drug used in gynaecology CICATRIDINA Vaginal Ovules №10 Medical device КРОХА D3 Drops for oral use. Pharmacotherapeutic group: dietary supplement, additional source of vitamin D3 for infants and young children

13 Our products HEMOROL Rectal suppositories № 12 Pharmacotherapeutic group: Topical product applied to alleviate complaints accompanying haemorrhoids and in cracking of rectal mucosa, topical anaesthesia. GLYCERIC SUPPOSITORIES “FARMINA” 1.5 g Rectal suppositories №5 Pharmacotherapeutic group: laxatives GLYCERIC SUPPOSITORIES “FARMINA” 0.75 g Rectal suppositories №5 Pharmacotherapeutic group: laxatives

14 Our products ECHINASAL ® Syrup. Pharmacotherapeutic group: combined agent, used in case of mild inflammatory states of the upper airways with accompanying cough. RAPHACHOLIN ® C Dragée tablets Pharmacotherapeutic group: agent applied in case of dyspepsia, digestive disorders related to liver dysfunction (flatulence, belching, nausea, constipations), disorders of gall bladder contractile activity. ENEMA Disposable cleansing saline enema Pharmacotherapeutic group: gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, laxatives, enemas

15 Our services: Market researchMarket research Registration and certification of medicinal productsRegistration and certification of medicinal products Product adaptation to the marketProduct adaptation to the market ImportImport Logistics and storageLogistics and storage Marketing and advertisingMarketing and advertising PharmacovigilancePharmacovigilance Representatives teamRepresentatives team Partnership with distributorsPartnership with distributors Partnership with pharmaciesPartnership with pharmacies Work with MDsWork with MDs Sales managementSales management


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