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COMPANY PRESENTATION Kazakhstan 2012. Kazakhstan 2012  We NF Pharma is a pharma division of Reliable Group Kazakhstan established in the year 2002. Reliable.

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2 Kazakhstan 2012  We NF Pharma is a pharma division of Reliable Group Kazakhstan established in the year 2002. Reliable is mainly into promotion & marketing of many multinational brands both in pharma as well as in FMCG sector. We have our offices in Moscow, Kiev, Shanghai & Dubai also.

3 Kazakhstan 2012  The total turnover of Reliable group is 10 mln. USD, out of that 6 mln. USD is from Reliable marketing & 4 mln. USD is from NF Pharma. We have plan to have a growth of 100% in the coming financial year.

4 Kazakhstan 2012  We have been in the market for the last 6 years and are involved in import, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical products, having our own warehouse which meets all the facilities as per the law of Kazakhstan, we cover all the cities in Kazakhstan through local distributors or medical shops and we work with government organizations directly.

5 Kazakhstan 2012  We have been working with the following companies : o PIRAMAL HEALTHCARE o MDF INSTRUMENTS o SANBE PHARMA o DYNAMIC o USV LIMITED o AUROCHEM LAB. o GETZ PHARMA o RUSAN PHARMA

6 Kazakhstan 2012  Except that Reliable marketing is working with many MNC’s, some of which are: o Procter & Gamble o Henkel o Kraft foods o Pepsi Bottlers o Coca Cola Bottlers etc.

7 Kazakhstan 2012  Experience in Kazakhstan market for almost 10 years.  Pharma operation experience 6 Years.  Working with leading companies with good growth.  We are the only company who can provide the full fledge support to our business partner from initiation to complete execution of the projects by helping them in: 1. Product Selection: We do the total market analysis & help the companies to select the product for entering into the market. 2. Registration Control: We take up the total registration responsibility and help the companies to expedite the process with having our own regulatory department. 3. Importation: We take care of import, custom clearance & help the companies for maintaining the proper inventory in our warehouse.

8 Kazakhstan 2012 4. Distribution: We are covering all the major cities all over the country, working with all the sub distributors. 5. Marketing: We are already marketing some products in Almaty having a field force of 25 and planning to increase the marketing team strength to cover all the 14 provinces of Kazakhstan.  We are passionate about what we do and we are good at it which translates into a very positive experience with our partners resulting in long term relationships.  Therefore we would be the best business partner for any company who wants to enter in to the market with complete professional support.

9 Kazakhstan 2012  We have won a tender for Nicholas Piramal Ltd. for the product Sevoflurane of value apprx. 1.5 mln. USD. After 10 days of its registration, against MNC like Abbott. It was a very difficult project but with our confidence & correct strategy we have executed it very well.  We are having our own local retail medical shops in Almaty which we are planning to extend to other regions of Kazakhstan.

10 Kazakhstan 2012  Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia, deep in the Eurasian continent.  Territory : 2.7 million (second largest among CIS & ninth place in the world.  It is the leader among the CIS countries for direct investment per capita.

11 Kazakhstan 2012  Total Population : 16.5 million  Population density : 5.5 /  Sex ratio : 0.90/female  Life expectancy : 67 Years  Literacy : 100 %  Languages : Kazakh (official) Russian  Ethnic groups : Kazakh, Russian Turkmen, Uighurs Uzbek, Tajik

12 Kazakhstan 2012  Kazakhstan is important to world energy markets because of its significant oil & natural gas reserves.  The country could become one of the world’s largest oil producers & exporters in the next decade, particularly the Kazakh sector of Caspian sea could attract between 150-200 bln. USD.  This country has enjoyed impressive economic growth over the past five years.  Kazakhstan remains one of the most successful reformers in the CIS, and it has the strongest banking system in Central Asia and CIS.  Kazakhstan has become the first country in the CIS to reach investment grade status.

13 Kazakhstan 2012  GDP : US $ 210 Billion  Growth rate : 5.0%  Per Capita Income : 13484 US $  Unemployment : 6.9%  Fiscal Year : Calendar Year  Export : $ 66.57 bn  Import : $ 37.53 bn  Main partners : Russia, Germany, China & France

14 Kazakhstan 2012  Volume : 1290 million USD (2010) By 2012, the market is expected to be worth around US$ 1.645 bln,  Growth : 18% annually  Local Production : 10-11% of total volume  Preparations : >7 thousand  Foreign companies : Over 100 (total > 200)  Largest suppliers : France, Germany, Russia & USA

15 Kazakhstan 2012  Registration is done by MoH (National center of Expertise on drugs).  Certificate is issued by MoH.  Registration validity : 5 years  Time required : 10-12 months ( we can expedite the process if dossier is o.k. As per the CTD requirement.)  Official Fee : 3500 – 5000 USD (depending on the combination & therapeutic group)  Unofficial fee : 6000 USD ( Includes all the other expenses like translation, Xerox, motivational fee on each stage, art works, stationaries etc.

16 Kazakhstan 2012

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