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ScanBalt BioRegion - Innovation on Top of Europe.

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1 ScanBalt BioRegion - Innovation on Top of Europe

2 ScanBalt BioRegion 11 countries Denmark Estonia Finland Iceland Latvia Lithuania Norway Poland Sweden North Germany NW Russia. 85 million people Reykjavik Oslo Stockholm Helsinki Copenhagen Warsaw Vilnius Riga Tallinn St. Peters- burg Berlin


4 Branding principles for ScanBalt BioRegion ● ScanBalt BioRegion is THE brand name ● ”Life sciences in the Nordic-Baltic” or ”Life science in the Baltic Sea Region” used as add-on´s to audiences not yet well aware of ScanBalt BioRegion ● ”On Top of Europe” and ”Cluster of Ideas and People” added when appropiate

5 The Development of ScanBalt BioRegion 2004-2007 Transparency of Competencies New Cluster Formations Infrastructure for Research and Education 2008-2011 Cross border innovation coherence of policies Project incubation talents Shared services Cluster development Communication 2001-2003 Establishment of Contacts Vision and Mission Development One-Stop-Entry and Visibility 2001-2003 2004-2007 2008-2011 Trust, equality, respect, sustainability and ethics guides the activities of ScanBalt

6 Infrastructure Projects ScanBalt Network of Networks (NICe) – Creation of One-Stop-Entry ScanBalt Campus (Interreg111B) – Creation of Critical Mass in Research and Innovation ScanBalt Competence Region (EU FP6) – Identifying competencies and cluster profiles Boosting Baltic FP6 (EU FP6) – Enhancing project management Communication in ScanBalt BioRegion (NIC) – Creating Global Visibility Bridge BSR (EU FP7) – Creating shared SME Support, a Joint Innovation Action Plan and Integrating IP-management

7 Thematic Network Building  IP Knowledge (EU FP6) – Connecting stakeholders  Marine Biotech (NorFA) – connecting stakeholders Clinical Research (NIC) – Connecting stakeholders  AgroBiotech (NorFA) – Connecting stakeholders  Stem Cell Network (NorFA) – Connecting stakeholders  Boost BioSystems (EU FP 6) – Connecting stakeholders  LigniMatch (NICe) – Roadmap to commersialisation  Trayss prime (FP 6) – Enhancing Project Management


9 ScanBalt Strategy 2008-2011 Focus Area: Communication and Marketing ScanBalt should promote knowledge and understanding of ScanBalt BioRegion and its stakeholders and strengthen the dialogue between them. Action Lines - Strengthen strategic communication - Promote branding of ScanBalt BioRegion - Promote dialogue on ethical and sustainability aspects

10 Identifying clusters and spearhead competences: ScanBalt CompetenceRegion FP6 -North-West Russia Biotech Cluster -Lithuania Biotech Cluster -BioCon Valley-BioTeam-South -North Poland Biotech Cluster -MedCoast Scandinavia -Bio Turku-Kalmar BioScience -Estonia Biotech Cluster -Medicon Valley Current Impact Biotech Workforce Human Capital Risk Capital R&D Input -Latvia Biotech Cluster Scientific Fountains Co-location clusters Mode 3 clusters ScanBalt – string of competency clusters

11 CompetenceRegion Results Report: „ScanBalt – A string of Competence Clusters in Life Sciences and Biotechnology/ Mapping Report 2006“ Report: „Top of Europe in Life Sciences and Biotechnology/ ScanBalt CompetenceRegion Final Report“ CD-ROM: „Top of Europe in Life Sciences and Biotechnology – ScanBalt BioRegion in Brief“ (including data of Boosting Baltic Biotech, Scandinavian LS database and other projects)

12 Bridge – BSR FP7 Bridging Life Science Research and SME’s in the Baltic Sea Region Putting Cluster Policies into Practise

13 BSR Life Sciences Go Public Training BSR scientists in science communication Press study tours to laboratories in 4 different BSR countries for journalists / journalism students discussions on ethical implications of science Bridging the gap between society and the scientific community

14 Regenerative medicine Environmental Biotechnology Molecular Diagnostics Informational Biology Process Analytical Technology Intellectual Property and Bio-entrepreneurship Education and training of leaders for the life science industry Baltic Entrepreneurship Training Student council Campus Board Competence Region Boosting Baltic ScanBalt Campus Communication ScanBalt Academy UniversitiesIndustryHospitals Bridge BSR Marine Biotech Clinical research IPKN Agro biotech StemCells Boost Biosystems ScanBalt Executive committee Innovation and entrepreneurship LigniMach Trayss Prime Scanbalt Projects Infrastructural Thematic ScanBalt Sustainable development & bioethics ScanBalt Campus II Promoting “Smart growth” in life sciences

15 Nordic-Baltic ExPat Forum Connects to the “brain bank” abroad Improves career opportunities of ExPats Helps to exchange experiences and knowledge across continents

16 Concept On-line community of researchers & professionals within Life Sciences, working or studying outside Europe, having roots in Nordic-Baltic Sea region Launch October 2008

17 Sponsors Aalborg UniversityLeo Pharma Institute of Biotechnology in LithuaniaVINNOVA Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science, University of Arhus Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Arhus Roskilde University CenterLundbeck Capital Region of Denmark Danish Ministry of Science and Technology DTU / Technical University of DenmarkNovo Nordisk Scion-DTU Science ParkTartu Biotechnology Park University of Southern Denmark

18 Denmark Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation The Danish National Research Foundation Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Aarhus DTU - Technical University of Denmark Aalborg University University of Southern Denmark Danish Trade Council Danish Pharma Consortium Danish Association of Biotechnology Industries The Capital Region (Region Hovedstaden) Copenhagen Capacity Innovation Center Denmark (Shanghai) Innovation Center Denmark (California) Danish-Chinese Business Forum Scion-DTU Science Park Novo Nordisk Lundbeck Leo Pharma Sweden Vinnova Stockholms Län University College Södertörn University of Kalmar Biotech Sweden Finland Pharma Industry Finland BioTurku Turku Biomaterial Centre BioForum Oulu/Technopolis Lithuania Institute of Biotechnology in Lithuania Kaunas University of Medicine Estonia Estonian Biotechnology Association Tartu Biotechnology Park Poland Jagiellonian University, Group for Bioethics in Life Sciences Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk Medical University of Gdansk Northern Germany BioCon Valley GmbH Regional Baltic Development Forum Nordic Innovation Centre ScanBalt BioRegion ScanBalt Academy represented by, among others: Kaare R. Norum, President of ScanBalt Academy, former rector of University of Oslo Horst Klinkmann, former President of the German Academy of Sciences, Germany Andrzej Legocki, former President of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland Vilius Grabauskas, Chancellor of Kaunas Medical University, Public Health, Lithuania Ole Petter Ottersen, former Dean of Science, University of Oslo, Norway Supporters as of 1st may 2008

19 Information & communication Tools ScanBalt website ScanBalt newsletter ScanBalt Campus website Scanbalt MediaNet Presentation templates Logotypes Conferences

20 The website: 90.000 visits per month

21 The ScanBalt Newsletter - 7000 Subscribers, 6 times a year

22 ScanBalt MediaNet: How it Works Interface: „MediaNet“ via Alphagalileo IDW, Cordis or Baltic News service Sink: Journalists in Europe and Worldwide Source: Press releases from project partner 4 news services1 press information „Media net“ e.g: -Nature -Wall street journal -Ny Teknik -Ostseezeitung e.g: -Gothenburg Univ. -Turku Biovalley -BioCon Valley -Estonian Genome + short description of ScanBalt BioRegion

23 Logotypes


25 Recommendations Branding should be based on concrete contents – Do we know our own region well enough ? Create a priority list of target groups Create targetted messages to target groups Create concrete projects / activities

26 In 2004: “Europe's Most Successful” Nature Biotechnology, July 2004 In 2010 : “The World's Most Successful” Declaration, World Economic Forum, Davos Summit 2010

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