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Maintaining Tivoli Workload Scheduler Agents with IBM Endpoint Manager Mark Delaney

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1 Maintaining Tivoli Workload Scheduler Agents with IBM Endpoint Manager Mark Delaney

2 Many different versions of TWS agents and patch levels in your estate New TWS agents are being added all of the time End of support for a TWS version requires you to audit and upgrade to meet compliance Maintenance slots are difficult to predict as an agent could be running work at any time TWS versions go out of support every 12 months root/administrator access required for patch or upgrade of TWS agents is often difficult to obtain Transfer of TWS software to agents can be problematic 2 Typical Scenarios

3 3 Why Upgrade Your TWS Agents? Reduce Incident Tickets Stay in support Get access to new features Protect Your TWS Network

4 A proven, default TWS agent version and patch level deployed across all servers in the estate New TWS agents being added must adhere to the default level Upgrades of TWS agents must not affect running workloads Reduce the manual effort required to upgrade TWS agents as much as possible Remove any manual tasks and administrative overhead (pulling root password etc.) Utilise network bandwidth effectively observing company firewall restrictions 4 The Goals

5 One-click, on-demand upgrades or patches of TWS agents Scheduled upgrade or patch of agents based on maintenance window, hostname, subnet, group membership, etc. Easily configure static or dynamic groups of agents as targets Upgrade, patch or rollback to FTAs, DAs, or z/OS Agents Perform multiple actions in one click using a baseline (e.g. upgrade TWS 8.3 -> TWS 8.6 -> TWS 9.1 -> TWS 9.1 FP1) New TWS agents can be upgraded to meet the baseline automatically Intelligently upgrades around an agent’s workload (e.g. “You’re busy running jobs, I’ll come back later”) IEM agent takes care of the upgrade. No manual logging into agent is required 5 How IBM Endpoint Manager Can Help

6 Upgrade to TWS 8.6 8.3 FP7 8.4 Upgrade to TWS 9.1 8.5 8.5.1 8.6 6 TWS Agent Upgrade Paths Upgrade to 8.6 IBM Endpoint Manager upgrades 8.3 and 8.4 agents to 8.6 GA Upgrade to 9.1 Designated agents are upgraded to 9.1 GA by IBM Endpoint Manager Apply 9.1 FP1 The latest fix-pack can be applied automatically Automate multiple steps into a single action using a baseline

7 Deploy IEM Agent Run Analyses Run An Action Apply Baseline 7 How The Upgrade Process Works Deploy the IBM Endpoint Manager agent to the TWS servers using remote deploy or a manual installation IBM Endpoint Manager analyses run continually on IEM agents to evaluate TWS version and patch levels on all known servers Run an action to manually upgrade or patch agents to a required version or level Alternatively, schedule the upgrades based on date/time, maintenance window, location, hostname, subnet, group membership, and so on Or, designate a baseline that a subset of agents must be at using a powerful set of criteria and IBM Endpoint Manager will take care of the rest

8 8 Using IBM Endpoint Manager Relays

9 Reduce the overhead of upgrading an agent to minutes rather than hours Utilise IBM Endpoint Manager relays to reduce the amount of traffic and throttle bandwidth when transferring files Schedule unattended upgrades around the business Web-based reporting to show what was upgraded and when Covers all versions of TWS from v 8.3 and above Handles Fault Tolerant Agents, Dynamic Agents and z/OS agents for upgrades, patching or rollbacks IBM Endpoint Manager incorporates IBM Licence Metric Tool – required for Sub-Capacity Licencing 9 IBM Endpoint Manager Solution Key Points

10 Demo 10

11 For further information, or to discuss a demonstration, contact Mark Delaney. Email: Website: http://www.systemsmanaged.com Follow me on Twitter: @SYSMANAGED 11 More Information

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