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Introduction to the Mid-Term Review Meeting

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1 Introduction to the Mid-Term Review Meeting
STRONGnet MTR meeting 3 October 2011, Trento, Italy Giuliana Donini Research Executive Agency (REA) Unit P4, Marie Curie Host-Driven Actions

2 Outline What is the REA? What is a MTR? Why a MTR? Grant Agreement
Obligations of the Network Marie Curie allowances Success Story? Resources

3 MTR Meeting Introduction
1. What is the REA? Research Executive Agency (REA) Funding body created by the European Commission to foster excellence in research and innovation Set up in 2007, gained autonomy in June 2009 Manages large parts of the FP7, including the Marie Curie Actions Manages almost 5,000 research projects. Over the FP7 lifetime, the REA is to manage projects for a value of €6.4 billion (12% of FP7 budget) Located in Brussels, Belgium (Covent Garden building, Place Rogier)

4 ITN MTR = Fellows Fellows REA Consortium Consortium the structure
MTR Meeting Introduction 2. What is a Mid-Term Review ? Fellows Fellows ITN REA Consortium Consortium MTR = the structure the work the thought 4

5 MTR Meeting Introduction
2. Why a Mid-Term Review (MTR)? Mid-Term Review: A contractual obligation Objectives Meet with the project team Update on the project progress Discuss any questions, concerns, difficulties Find solutions Not just a scientific evaluation, but a unique opportunity to exchange views Useful ? Consortium and fellows on spot help in case of problems REA future planning of MCA

6 MTR Meeting Introduction
2. Why a Mid-Term Review (MTR)? Mid-Term Review - conclusions: The REA project officer will send a letter to conclude the Mid-Term Review process: Everything is proceeding as planned. No specific recommendations Some corrective measures should be taken. Specific recommendations are given Serious problems. Eventually suspend the contract after an audit

7 MTR Meeting Introduction
3. Grant Agreement Grant Agreement Structure Core Grant Agreement Annexes Technical Annex - Description of work General conditions applicable to MC Actions Specific provisions for ITN (funding scheme) Form A: accession to the grant Form B: accession request for a new beneficiary Form C: Financial statement Form D and E: Terms of Reference for the CFS and CoM Additional useful docs (reporting guidelines…)

8 MTR Meeting Introduction
4. Obligations of the Network Some consortium obligations Carry out the work as identified in Annex I (efficiently and timely) Select fellows according to eligibility criteria, conclude employment contracts, and establish a Career Development Plan Execute, by due dates, all payments to the researcher (respecting Marie Curie rates) Provide all needed infrastructures & conditions for the successful completion of the project Provide reasonable assistance to the fellows in all administrative procedures Provide information to REA and Court of Auditors (up to 5 years after the project completion)

9 MTR Meeting Introduction
5. Marie Curie Allowances ECO budget A B C D E F G H Paid to the fellows managed by the institutions for the fellows For the activities carried out by the institutions Paid to the fellows

10 MTR Meeting Introduction
5. Marie Curie Allowances Category A: Living & Mobility Allowance - €34,500 gross salary per ESR /year x country coefficient - €53,000 gross salary per ER /year x country coefficient - Plus €500 or €800 /month, depending on family status x country coefficient Category B: Travel Allowance - Fixed-amount multiple of €250/year (depending on the distance) Category C: Contribution to Training & Research Costs - Fixed-amount of €2,000 for each recruitment of more than 1 year

11 MTR Meeting Introduction
6. Success Story Success Story? Positive impact on the citizen or society Interest to the public at large Very high scientific quality Product being developed or brought to market Generated lasting collaborations Developed an entrepreneurial culture Significant outreach activities Positive impact on a researcher’s career Fellow’s award or publication in a very high quality journal Promoted rights of researchers (e.g. gender balance, equal opportunities, family friendly)

12 MTR Meeting Introduction
7. Resources

13 MTR Meeting Introduction
7. Resources

14 Thank you for your attention

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