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Driver Education Parent Night

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1 Driver Education Parent Night
Welcome Parents!

2 Goals of Our Program Familiarize parents with what your teenager will be experiencing during his/her semester of Driver Education. Show you ways we can work together to furnish your teenager with a sound basis for a lifetime of safe and efficient driving. 2

3 Parent Involvement and Assistance

4 Your teenager can only practice driving:
With an instructor Parent/Legal Guardian Responsible adult (over the age of 21) approved by Parent/Legal Guardian The adult must: Sit next to the student when driving Have a license for the type of vehicle being driven Have at least one year of driving experience

5 The standard policy of most insurance companies:
Is to cover the student driver providing he/she has permission of the name insured. Please contact your insurance company to make certain of coverage In order for the Driver Education Department to have maximum carry-over value, we ask parents: To help strengthen their child’s driving skills by following the techniques in this notebook. Recognize your impact on the development of your child’s attitude toward driving as both significant and lasting. Additional driving experience given, under conditions that are similar to the practice conditions at school, will help beginners greatly. 5

6 Listed below are just a few concerns you can be sure to emphasize with them:
The enormous responsibility they have to themselves and others. Use of seat belts Hands at 10 and 2 or 9 and 3 for proper steering No “rolling stops” Complete stop (A “slight rock backward” and a 2 second hesitation) Always check intersections left-right-left. Proper use of mirror and shoulder checks. How to “communicate” with other drivers. (Turn signals, horn, brake lights, and headlights.) Maintaining proper following distance (3 seconds) Defensive driving tactics.

7 The Libertyville High School Two Phase Program

8 Overview of the 2 Phase Program
The State Requirements The Libertyville Program Classroom: The State requires 30 Hours Minimum. Behind the Wheel (BTW): The State requires 6 hours. Classroom: We meet 42 Hours over the course of a semester. BTW: We exceed the 6 Hour State requirement by a little over 1 hour per semester..

9 Driver Education Attendance Policies
All students are required to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours behind the wheel. A student must pass both phases of Driver Education in order to qualify for an Illinois Drivers License. Students must be in the classroom before the bell rings. The schools tardy policy will be enforced. If you have any questions please refer to your student handbook.

CLASSROOM - A student during the regular year will be dropped from classroom on their 10th absence. A student dropped from classroom must be dropped from the Behind the Wheel phase of Driver Education. DRIVING - During the regular school year a student must drive for 15 lessons or the student will be dropped from the BTW phase of Driver Education. Students dropped from Driver Education must return their permits to the Driver Education Department. The Secretary of State Office will be contacted, and the permit will be cancelled. By State law, a student must be enrolled in Driver Education to hold a permit.

11 Driver Education Participation Policy
This policy applies to all BTW Driver Education Students regardless of whether they are DRIVING or OBSERVING on the day their driving group meets for BTW. The expectation of the Participation Policy is to insure the following: A student driver must come to the “Behind the Wheel” Phase of Driver Education with the following: Your School ID Appropriate Personal Items (i.e. Glasses, Contacts, or Hearing Aids, etc.) Appropriate Clothing and Footwear Driving Evaluation Forms (required the next time your group is scheduled for BTW) Additionally, the student driver will be required to adhere to the following behavioral procedures: No Sleeping, Reading/Studying Must not bring food or drink into the car Must be Attentive Must be respectful to other Students and the Instructor Must not be in possession of Electronic Equipment (i.e. Cell Phone, Head Phones/Ear Buds, IPOD/MP3 Player/CD Player or other musical devices, PSP, Calculator, etc.).

12 Participation Policy Consequences
If the student does not comply with the aforementioned requirements, the following consequences will be administered: First Offense: Warning Second Offense: The student driver will no longer qualify for the State of Illinois “By-Pass” Program Third Offense: Second Warning - Parent notification of previous violations informing them that any subsequent violation will result in a negative impact on the student driver’s semester grade Fourth Offense: The student driver’s semester grade is dropped one full letter grade

13 Guidelines for Supervised Practice
Helpful Hints for Home Practice

Before driving, the student should become familiar with the operation of all controls and safety devices, since these differ from car to car. Use the car owner’s manual for reference. It is best to select a level and lightly traveled area for the first session. The student should be given early notification of route and directional changes. For example, inform new drivers of turns at least one block in advance. Begin the practice low level skills and maneuvers and gradually build up to more challenging aspects of the driving task. Beginning drivers usually need more time to see and evaluate their driving environment. An experienced driver’s lack of patience can actually make it more difficult for a beginning driver to make sound judgments and gain confidence…Be Patient.

15 Helpful Hints Before Practice Sessions During Practice Sessions
Schedule short, frequent lessons during daylight hours until you feel confident the student can drive at night. Choose one driving skill to review and practice during each session. Use the in-car checklist provided by the driver education teacher to find out the proper maneuvers for the driving skill. Review the procedures and discuss with the student. During Practice Sessions Keep each practice lesson under thirty minutes. Students learn more from short, frequent lessons. Drive under 20 MPH during the initial lesson. Do not drive after dark (Until the student is more proficient). Avoid lessons during rush hours. Be Positive. Be Calm. Be Patient.

16 Additional Helpful Hints
After Practice Sessions Review and evaluate the skills that have been practiced in the lesson. Make comments as brief and positive as possible. Make a tentative plan for the next lesson. Repeat the lesson if you feel it is necessary or if the driver education teacher suggests further practice. Emergency Actions You Can Take Take control of the steering wheel. Shift to neutral to cut the power to the rear wheels Apply the brakes from your side of the car Apply the emergency brake (if located in the center of the car).

17 Common Student Errors Does not put the right foot on brake before shifting to “Drive” gear. Pulls away from the curb without checking and signaling. Misjudges traffic space for pulling into traffic. (Left turns, right turns and crossing an intersection). Has a problem maintaining a steady rate of speed. Drifts on two lane roads – “stares.” Makes decisions very slowly. Drives too fast for conditions. Following too close – 3 second rule, minimum, for beginners Puts incorrect signal on for a turn. Does not slow down sufficiently for right turn. Does not turn into closest lane. Slows down when lane changing. Lane changes too soon after passing another vehicle. May pull or push the steering wheel when making a blind spot check entering into the wrong lane prematurely. When angle parking or in a tight situation, expect a beginner to hit the gas instead of the brake. When securing the car, puts the gear selector in reverse rather than park

18 50 Hour Log

19 Are Illinois Permits Valid in Other States?

20 Cooperative Driving Testing Program

21 LICENSE REQUIREMENTS Proper forms and identification
Social Security Card Certified Birth Certificate or Passport - NO PHOTOCOPY School ID On line verification with the Ill. State Board of Education Permit and Receipt By Pass Form if qualified 50 hour sheet Residency –Proof of address (Personal Mail) Proof of Insurance Vehicle Registration Parents present for signatures- no neighbors or relatives car **Make sure you have been approved to get your license before you go to the DMV

22 LICENSE REQUIREMENTS How to know when to go…
Students must verify completion of Driver Education with the Illinois State Board of Education. (See: ON LINE VERIFICATION FOR A LICENSE) By-Pass form- Those students with an A only in Classroom, and Behind the wheel and who pass the driving test will pick up the by pass form at the end of the semester. A lost by-pass form can be re-ordered from Sean Matthews for $5.00. By-Pass procedure at Secretary of State Office- EVERYONE SHOULD BE PREPARED TO TAKE THE ROAD TEST. Non By-Pass procedure at Secretary of State Office.

23 LICENSE REQUIREMENTS What to expect when you arrive…
Three attempts at DMV on 1 permit. Safety Inspection- Lights, Windshield- no cracks , Front license plate, and Horn. No additional $20.00 fee Organ Donation Insurance when you pass your test DMV Hours-Tuesday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Wednesday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am till Noon. Road Tests – You must be in line approximately 2 hours before closing time in order to take the road test that day.

Students must pass 6 hours of Behind the Wheel (BTW) instruction and 30 hours of Classroom instruction. You will need to verify that you have successfully completed the Driver Education Program. Prior to going the DMV to get your license, you must check online to see that information is on file with the State Board of Education.

25 Step by step instruction…
ONLINE VERIFICATION FOR A LICENSE Step by step instruction… Go to the ILLINOIS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Click on PARENTS/STUDENTS near the top. On the LETTER INDEX BAR click “D” In the letter “D” index heading, click on DRIVER EDUCATION STUDENT LICENSE INQUIRY Type in the box provided the student’s INSTRUCTION PERMIT NUMBER located on the permit. Click Search. If you have successfully completed Driver Education you will be “approved.” If you are “not approved” and think a mistake has been made, then contact Mr. Sean Matthews.

26 Additional Parental Assistance
Insurance Shorter Drives Early Morning Weekend Drives Vehicle Safety Magnets

27 Traffic Safety Specialists: Alex Adams…………327 - 7800 ext. 8081
Feel free to call the school at any time regarding your son’s or daughter’s progress. Lead Teacher: Sean Matthews……… Traffic Safety Specialists: Alex Adams………… ext. 8081 Bryan Wilcox..…… Ron Russ…………… Carrie Niemet……… ext. 8017 Dan Gooris………… Adam Stuart………… ext. 8010

28 Helpful Websites

29 Thank You For Your Attention!
Good Luck!

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