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Cheating and Plagiarism Enid Brown & David Telles-Langdon Kinesiology and Applied Health.

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1 Cheating and Plagiarism Enid Brown & David Telles-Langdon Kinesiology and Applied Health

2 Cheating Honest students rely on us to attempt to level the playing field What can we do to reduce cheating and plagiarism?

3 Test and Exams Different test/exam for different sections Different test/exam for students writing early/late Students should bring photo ID and sign in Students may not bring electronic devices

4 Test/Exam Setup Book a second/larger room Use dividers and/or assigned seating Mix up order of questions (A and B tests) Use long answer questions

5 Test/Exam Admin Encourage washroom visits BEFORE test starts, discourage drinking DT-L checks bathroom before exam for cheat notes (has found material) No hats, or hats on backward

6 DRC Cautions Tests in DRC should be written at SAME time as yours Confirm student has no access to internet if using a computer Fill out the form DRC sends regarding what student is allowed to use

7 Papers/Reports Original research (video, interview, survey) Choose article to be reviewed or ensure it is from the last 3 months (for example) Watch for papers appearing in more than one course or for different instructor

8 Papers/Reports Be specific regarding topic

9 Tools of the Trade Hats Bathroom tricks Laptops PDA’s MP3 players Mobile phones Dictionaries & Translators Highlighter scanners Voice recognition software

10 Hats Notes under the brim Protection for roaming eyes

11 Washroom options Notes or texts behind the toilet tank or on the drainpipe under the sink Crib notes rolled up in the toilet paper

12 Laptop computers Store enormous amounts of text, video and audio files. Can connect to the internet wirelessly anywhere on campus Access to Hotmail accounts for unverifiable uploaded notes

13 Personal Digital Assistants AKA - PDA, Palm pilot, Blackberry, IPAQ, etc. Virtually the same issues as laptops only much smaller!

14 MP3 Players Can record lectures to file folders

15 Cellular Telephones Internet access –H–Hotmail accounts Text messaging with a “friend”

16 Dictionaries and Translators Dictionaries and Translators now all have storage capacity making them unsuitable for examinations

17 Highlighter scanners Copy text into WORD as quickly as you can highlight a passage

18 Voice recognition software Creates text in WORD as quickly as you can read a passage aloud.

19 Tricks of the Trade Paper mills & Custom papers Simple cut and paste from HTML files More complex procedures with protected PDF files

20 Paper mills & Custom Papers Paper mills ($9.95 + /pg.) –T–There are dozens of sites offering pre- written papers –S–Some offer to buy papers too Custom papers ($19.95 + /pg.) –T–They claim these are written by grad. students –S–Some offer unlimited re-writes

21 Cut & Paste It is easy to “cut & paste” from HTML files, WORD documents, PDF files (with Adobe Acrobat Full)

22 Example of a protected PDF

23 Using the “Print Screen” key to “copy” it to WORD

24 Using “Draw” to remove the watermark “ sample ”

25 We can Google too…

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