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Welcome to your new computer!

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1 Welcome to your new computer!
Basic instructions on laptop setup and program use.

2 What comes with your laptop?
Your laptop comes with an AC Adapter. You should charge your battery on your laptop before your first use. You will need to connect your AC adapter to charge your battery.

3 Tour of your laptop When you open your laptop you will see a keyboard, screen, tool buttons, and touchpad with mouse buttons. On the sides of the laptop you will find many slots buttons or other items you may not be familiar with.

4 Tour of your laptop con’t..

5 Using your touch pad Your touch pad is like a mouse built into your computer. The small rectangular screen is the touch surface. You move your finger on it to move your cursor or pointer.

6 Using your touchpad con’t..

7 Using your touchpad con’t..

8 Starting your laptop

9 Logging onto your laptop
Turn on your laptop Wait a short time and your Windows desktop will appear.

10 Your windows desktop Your desktop is the screen that will appear after you logon to your laptop. The desktop has icons or small pictures on it designating the programs installed on your computer.

11 Opening Programs Click the start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen , then the words, “all programs”, this will show the programs installed on your computer.

12 Opening Programs Highlight the program you want to open and “tap” your touch pad.

13 Opening programs con’t..
Your program will then open.

14 Wired network and Modem connections.

15 Connecting to a Wireless network
Move your cursor over the 2 small monitors together on the right side of your toolbar. Use the right button on your touch pad to open menu. Highlight “View Available Wireless Networks” and tap with your touchpad.

16 Connecting to a Wireless network
A box will appear listing the available wireless connections. You should connect to any available network with your laptop. All campuses require a key code to access their wireless networks see your facilitator for the code.

17 Getting service for your laptop.
If you are having problems with your computer working properly you may call Gateway directly. If it is a hardware issue they will help you. If it is a software issue your campus office administrator will contact Bethel Success help for you. When you call Gateway you will need to provide them with some information about your laptop. To call Gateway dial: (800) then option 3 then option 2

18 Internet Service Providers ISP’s
If you want to connect to the internet away from campus you will need to get an internet service provider. There are many to choose from such as: Charter- (High speed) Bell South- (High speed & Dial up access) Net Zero- (Dial up access) Walmart- (Their setup disks are available at the checkouts.) AT&T- (Dial up)

19 Opening your internet browser.
Move your cursor to the “start” button. When the menu expands click the blue “E”. The browser should open to your Bethel Home page.

20 Setting up a free e-mail account
There are several services on the internet that offer free accounts. If you use one of these accounts you can check your from anywhere worldwide. Just connect to the internet. Open your browser and go to a site listed below. These services include: Hotmail Yahoo

21 Virus Protection Your laptop comes equipt with Symantec Anti-virus.
You will need to update this program at least once a month. To update click start. Then click “all programs” When the programs list appears highlight Symantec Client Security, then Symantec Anti-virus and click. The program will then open. Click the button in the lower right hand corner that says “Live Update”.

22 Virus Protection After you click “Live Update” you will have a series of windows that will appear. Click next and let the program update. This process could take a while depending on your internet connection speed.

23 Virus Protection After Symantec has finished updating you will need to scan your laptop for viruses.

24 Virus Protection You should scan your laptop at least once a month. The more often you scan for viruses the better. You should also scan all floppies, and CD’s you get from people. To start your scan. Open Symantec Anti-virus. Click the + next to Scan. Click Scan Computer. Different drives you can scan will appear in the window to the right. Click the box next to the drive you want to scan. Then click the Scan button in the lower right hand corner.

25 Creating a File Folder You can create a file folder to store selected files on your computer. This is helpful for when you are saving information for a research paper or just your favorite photos! Step 1: click your start button then the “My Documents” icon. Step 2: Click File Step 3: Click New Step 4: Click Folder

26 Creating a File Folder The new folder will appear.
Name the folder and it is ready to use.

27 Saving Files Select file Select Save As
In the box next to File Name type in the name you want. Next to Save Type select how you want the file saved. Next to Save In at the top you can direct where you want the file saved! You can use this procedure for saving any type of file including pages off the Internet.

28 Common Types of Files Image (picture) Files Text file (.txt)
.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp Text file (.txt) Plain text no fancy styles HTML (.html, .htm) Hyper Text Markup Language Web Pages PDF (.pdf) Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat Reader File Microsoft Office Files Word Excel Access Power Point

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