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1 Security Risks With New Technology Mass storage Miniaturization Imaging technology Wireless technology advances.

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1 1 Security Risks With New Technology Mass storage Miniaturization Imaging technology Wireless technology advances

2 2 Thumb Drive Key chain size USB connection, requires no external power Flash RAM 8MB Freebie –to Hundred$ No driver required Can be covertly installed and removed

3 3 Pen Thumb Drive USB Interface. Hot Plug and Play. BUS powered. NO separate power supply or battery required. High performance write up to 12mbps. Windows mass storage device class compatible, so no driver needed in windows ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or above, and MacOS 8.6 or above. Shock resistant, noise-free, and longer data retention. System Requirements: 133MHZ Processor or better. USB 1.1 or better port. Flash memory can be reused more than 1,000,000 times and data can be preserved more than 10 yrs. Cost: $59.99

4 4 USB Memory Watch Standard USB interface and USB extension cord included (1 meter) Sleek design, very lightweight (this is not a bulky watch) Plug and play, easy operation (appears as a USB mass storage device) Can be password protected using included software Can be used as a boot disk LED indicator light shows device connectivity and data transfer Operating Systems: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher Reading speed: 1000KB/sec. Writing: 920KB/sec Water resistant to 20 meters (let USB connector dry before using) Memory size: 256MB, 128MB Weight: 1.5 oz (43 grams) Dimensions: 1.5" width x.375" thick (watch face)

5 5 Imaging Devices 300 Foot Transmission Range Operates on a Single 9 Volt Battery Matching Wireless Receiver Included Field Of View 60 Degrees Pinhole Style Lens $79 - $99 with audio capability Cpen Handheld Scanner Top model can store 3000 pages of text Has IR transfer capability $100 - $200

6 6 Miniaturization Casio Watch Camera Recording system JPEG (176 x 144 pixels), 16,770,000-color data Recording medium Built-in Flash Memory (1 MB) Memory capacity Up to 100 images*1 (JPEG format); auto memory of shooting date/time Focusing distance Approx. 30 cm compensation possible Zoom 2X digital zoom Shooting mode Outdoor, Indoor, Dusk; brightness control Databank function Up to 24 characters/image (uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers, symbols), thumbnail search function IR Data Communication Data exchange PC/Wrist Camera, WQV-10/WQV-10 or WQV- 10/WQV-3 Data transport speed 115 kbps max Communication range 10 cm max

7 7 Miniaturization Casio Audio Recorder 30 Second Record capability 30 Pages of TeleMemo Data MP3 watches also available $69.00

8 8 MP3 Devices RipFlashtm Plus Features: MP3/WMA (Windows tm Media Audio) Player and MP3 Recorder 128MB Four Hour CD Quality (WMA) Playback (2hourMP3 Record) Up to 30 Hour Voice Recording (MP3 encoded) Backlit Display with full ID3 tag data Compact size ; 2.32 x 3.46 x0.67 in (WxHxD) Built -in Microphone and Speaker (MP3 Voice Recording) Line-in for direct recording from any analog audio source Smart Media Card Memory Expansion Slot

9 9 New Audio Devices with USC Connectivity Olympus DS-660 Features: 32MB of built-in memory provides up to 11 hours of recording time. USB docking station offers quick and easy downloading of files from recorder to computer. Voice Activation feature automatically begins and stops recording as it senses volume to conserve memory and offer hands-free recording. Recording time In Sp mode 5 hours 10 minutes, LP mode 11 hours (continuous recording) Size – 108 x 41.5 x 21 mm Weight – 75g (including batteries)

10 10 New Video Devices Multi-function – Digital still camera mode – PC camera mode – Digital camcorder 1.3 Mega-pixel CMOSInternal memory 8 MB built-in SDRAM (for avi movies)116 MB built-in Flash memory (for digital stills)Image capacity 1248 x 960- up to 50 pictures1 640 x 480- up to 160 picturesAVI Movie format JPEG, AVI (through software)Computer interface USB Self-timer Dimensions 1.61" x 1.34" x 4.6" Camera weight 68 g (without battery)

11 11 New Video Devices E-Pen Allows you to capture information written on paper to your computer or fill out forms with optional 3 rd party software. Write on any surface and transfer data via ultrasonic technology. Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / XP Pro Plus and Windows CE compatible.

12 12 Integrated Devices

13 13 Integrated Devices Motorola V600 Enhanced integrated camera Bluetooth™ wireless technology allows you to connect wirelessly to compatible accessories and devices Multimedia Messaging (MMS) capabilities allow you to send a photo along with a personalized voice message Quad-band GSM technology gives you the ability to stay in touch worldwide. J2ME™ for downloadable games and productivity applications WAP browser with GPRS** Fast, "always-on" Internet connection** -- continued

14 14 The Mother Load Terapin Mine 10GB - 12GB HDD Size: 180mm (Height) x 90mm (Width) x 27mm (Thickness) 16-Bit PCMCIA port that supports memory card readers, modem, LAN, WLAN, and other 16bit PCMCIA peripherals USB master and the USB slave 10 Mbps Ethernet Audio recording with external microphone Works with Win98, Win2000, and WinME Internet access Secure online sharing Photo and audio emailing

15 15 Defense Educate users! Work closely with System Administrators and Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO). Inquire about technical details of products purchased. Disable USB ports in Win 2K or 98 / ME Pass information on to those who do Entry / Exit inspections. Conduct periodic system inspections. Be aware of possible risks and pay attention to those around you!

16 16 The SF Bay InfraGard Member’s Alliance would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL) in providing the underlying content of this presentation …

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