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E-health Initiatives in Poland 2007-2020 Marta Buraczyńska National Centre for Health Information Systems.

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1 E-health Initiatives in Poland 2007-2020 Marta Buraczyńska National Centre for Health Information Systems

2 a unit of the Ministry of Health established on August 1, 2000 unit within the public funds system The mission of the unit is to: support IT systems which will enable to optimize financial allocation on healthcare system modeling and monitoring IT system in healthcare, including those connected with healthcare services. 2 National Centre for Health Information Systems

3 3 Legal frames for the healthcare informatization Act on the information system in health care (Journal of Laws. 2011 No 113 item. 657). (+ implementing regulations) Act of February 17, 2005 on the informatization of entities implementing public programmes (Journal of Laws N. 64, item 565, as amended). DIRECTIVE 2011/24/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (9 March 2011) on the application of patients rights in cross-border healthcare Regulation on National Interoperability Framework Directions of informatization "e-Health Poland" for 2010- 2015 Policy Paper for the Health Care 2014-2020

4 4 Electronic Platform for Collection, Analysis and Sharing of Digital Medical Records - P1 Project 712 640 000,00 PLN Budget: 676 840 000,00 PLN UE funds: 2007-11-27 till 2014-12-31 Time frame: National Centre for Health Information Systems Beneficiary :

5 5 Main goals of the P1 Project GOAL 1 Providing information concerning healthcare GOAL 2 Providing medical personnel with access to patients’ digital medical records GOAL 3 Providing digital data on medical events to patients GOAL 4 Providing service recipient with electronic history of medical conditions, performed treatment procedures, referrals, prescriptions, sick leaves, vaccination plans and recommendations GOAL 5 Providing information enabling current risk monitoring and counteracting GOAL 6 Providing interoperability

6 Key functionalities of P1 Enabling digital prescription filling Enabling on-line consultation bookings Enabling electronic invoice processing Providing digital resources on medical records, ensuring uniform and homogenous standards Providing fast access to digital medical records in urgent cases Enabling up-to-date analysis of medical records Facilitating digital maintenance of medical service provision settlements Facilitating electronic handling of drug refunds Enabling electronic sick leave processing

7 Platform for sharing services and resources of digital medical records with on-line business (P2) 53 263 000,00 PLN Budget: 50 763 000, 00 PLN UE Funds: 2007-12-18 till 2012-12-31 (completed) Time frame: National Centre for Health Information Systems Beneficiary:

8 8 Key functionalities of P2 1. Sharing services with medical record system: the provision of application to accept the letter on the proposal provide data from the register on- demand subscription 2. Providing services for the medical record system: the registration of the application for registration / change / removal, forward it to the applicant's outgoing share data with other records at the request of subscription define subscriptions for data from other registries 3. Integration with ePUAP - providing services ePUAP. 4. Search, registration and storage of documents sent in electronic archive P2 Platform

9 Improving the quality of health care management through the promotion of ICT knowledge. Increase the level of knowledge of medical staff and management on modern ICT technologies, as well as build awareness of the long- term benefits of ICT implementation in medical facilities. Goal of the Project: Human Capital Operating Programme EU Funds: 2013-12-02 till 2015-06-30 Time frame: National Centre for Health Information Systems Beneficiary:


11 Challenges Appropriate distribution of the EU funds in regional Operating Programs Intergity and compatibility of regional IT solutions with Project P1 New central projects

12 12 Key areas of interest in the next 7 years: Telemedicine Electronic Medical Documentation ICT skills

13 13 Establishing a national platform that will enable information exchange between health care professionals - teleconsultation Enabling remote monitoring of patient’s condition Telemedicine

14 14 Electronic Medical Documentation Further development of electronic medical documentation Building integrity in accordance with regulation of National Interoperability Framework Increasing compatibility of solutions used in regional platforms

15 15 Continuation of the ICT skills building project Making IT resources accessible by widespread abilities to work in the health information systems ICT Skills

16 Thank you for your attention. 16

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