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Providing Control, Autonomy and Profitability for the Healthcare Provider PHYSICIANS PROVISO.

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1 Providing Control, Autonomy and Profitability for the Healthcare Provider PHYSICIANS PROVISO

2 P2 Mission Statement Support Healthcare Providers by increasing their profitability through a platform of engagement, best practice solutions, advocacy, education, and collaboration.

3 Physicians Proviso Structure National Focus Guiding Vision for P2 Advocate for P2 Members Influence Healthcare Policy Executive Leadership Board Discipline Focused Guide P2 Organization Create and Approve Standards Advocate for their discipline within P2 Medical Advisory Board Licensed Healthcare Providers CME, Practice Management Acumen, Disease Assessment Tools, EMR, Pharmaceuticals Annual Convention P2 Members

4 Physicians Proviso Deliverables Best PracticesEducation AdvocacyInnovations

5 Partner Companies CureMD Practice Management Diabetes Management Lab Services Women’s Health CME Health & Wellness

6 Extension of P2 PharmaceuticalPharmacyManufacturing Maintain High Quality (CGMP) Secure Network No substitutions Adherence and Compliance Patient Outcomes

7 Partner Companies Immediately Available Health Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. CAP-accredited leader in health management Comprehensive laboratory test menu (risk factors, biomarkers, cardiovascular and related diseases) Singulex, Inc. Advanced CVD Monitoring Services Enhanced cardiovascular profiling featuring ultrasensitive Sgx HD™ immunoassays Personalized wellness program Online interactive management tools. Pioneered single-molecule counting technology Quantitatively measure single molecules without abundant protein stripping techniques.

8 Partner Companies Immediately Available Most advanced testing systems and highly trained technicians to help diagnose and treat incontinence. Enhance your existing patient services for patients with pelvic floor disorders. Assisted thousands of physicians in more than thirty states and four countries.

9 Partner Companies Assess Medical Practice to Evaluate coding efficiency Provide detail report of coding conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Assess coding accuracy to maximize revenue generation

10 Partner Companies Survey of 1,200 Physicians * Only 38% of physicians were confident that their practice’s were able to make a smooth transition to ICD-10 requirements. Only 34% of physicians were confident that their EMR/EHR vendors would be able to help them with the ICD-10 transition process. * 2013 Physician Sentiment Index Survey on the Future of Medicine

11 Partner Companies Comprehensive Physician Practice Improvement Company Nationwide Client Base (major hospital companies, health care systems and medical practices) Improve operational performance (enhance patient care services and increase profitability) Unique “Five Levers of Profitability” will assist physicians in achieving their objectives.

12 Physician Utilization of Services BlueWave – Lab Services Blood Draws per day = Reimbursement per patient not draw = Earnings per year = Consortia Healthcare – Incontinence Patients per week = Reimbursement per patient = Total Reimbursement per year = 10 $27 $64,800 1 $2,323 $119,469

13 Partner Companies Coming Soon Innovative Pharmaceuticals Consistent Quality Superior Value

14 Partner Companies Coming Soon Compounded Pharmaceuticals FDA Approved Drugs Medical Foods Nutraceuticals Injectables, Creams, Suppositories, etc.

15 Partner Companies Coming Soon Independent, accredited continuing medical education company Provides high-quality, relevant, and practical continuing medical education. Enhance competence and performance in patient care and medical knowledge. Focus on practice-based learning, interpersonal and communicat ion skills, and professionalism

16 One Visit for Life ™ Introduction-One Visit for Life

17 DiAMC Objectives Personal Attention Evidence Based Recommendations Referring Physician Remains Involved Improved Patient Care Performance Measures Achieved In Under Two Hours NCQA Treatment Plan Established Patient Engaged Throughout Process Improved Patient Adherence and Outcome CureMD – Cloud-Based EMR Telemedicine – Retinography and Medication Therapy Management Technology Based Patients Providers Payors Reduce Cost

18 DiAMC Deliverables DiAMC’s individualized pathway of care also provides diabetes education and innovative tools for better self- management.

19 Physician Benefits Better Decision Support – Single report, Evidence-Based Recommendations NCQA Performance Measures In Under Two HoursEnhanced Reimbursements – Pay For PerformanceReduce Cost By Improving EfficiencyPatient Retention For Physician

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