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Local Public Health System Assessment Essential Public Health Services.

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1 Local Public Health System Assessment Essential Public Health Services

2 Local public health system = all entities that contribute to the delivery of public health services in a community.

3 Essential Service 1- Monitor Health Status to Identify Community Health Problems 1.1 Population based community Health Profile Identification of health risks Attention to vital statistics Identification of assets & resources 1.2 Current Technology to Manage and Communicate Population Health Data 1.3 Maintenance of Population Health Registries Understand health issues at the state and community levels. Whats going on in our community? Do we know how healthy we are?

4 Essential Service 2-Diagnose & Investigate Health Problems & Health Hazards in the Community 2.1 Identification & Surveillance of Health Threats Timely 2.2 Investigation & Response to Public Health Threats & Emergencies Lab/diagnostic capacity 2.3 Laboratory Support for Investigation of Health Threats Response plans Identify and respond to health problems or threats. Are we ready to respond to health problems or threats? How effective is our response?

5 Essential Service 3- Inform, educate, & Empower Individuals & Communities about Health Issues 3.1 Health Education & Promotion Build knowledge and shape attitudes Inform decision making choice Develop skills and behaviors for healthy living 3.2 Health Communities Support healthy living 3.3 Risk Communication Media advocacy & social marketing Keep people informed about health issues and healthy choices. How well do we keep all people and segments of our state informed about health issues?

6 Essential Service 4- Mobilize Community Partnerships to Identify & Solve Health Problems 4.1 Constituency Development Identification of system partners/stakeholders 4.2 Community Partnerships Coalition development Formal/Informal partnerships that promote health improvement Engage people and organizations in health issues. How well do we really get people and organizations engaged in health issues?

7 Essential Service 5-Develop Policies & Plans that Support Individual & Community Health Efforts 5.1 Governmental Presence at the Local Level 5.2 Public Health Policy Development Protect health & guide public health practice 5.3 Community Health Improvement Process & Strategic Planning 5.4 Plan for Public Health Emergencies Alignment of resources to assure successful planning Plan and implement health policies. What policies promote health in our state? How effective are we in planning and in setting health policies?

8 Essential Service 6-Enforce Laws & Regulations that Protect Health & Ensure Safety 6.1 Review & Evaluation of Laws, Regulations, & Ordinances 6.2 Involvement in the Improvement of Laws, Regulations, and Ordinances 6.3 Enforcement of Laws, Regulations, & Ordinances Advocate for regulations needed to protect/promote health Support compliance efforts Enforce public health laws and regulations. When we enforce health regulations are we up to date, technically competent, fair and effective?

9 Essential Service 7-Link People to Needed Personal Health Services & Assure the Provision of Health Care when Otherwise Unavailable 7.1 Identification of Personal Health Service Needs of Populations Barriers to care 7.2 Assuring the Linkage of People to Personal Health Services Effective entry into coordinated care system Care management Culturally appropriate & targeted health information for at risk groups Transportation/Enabling of services Make sure people receive the medical care they need. Are people receiving the medical care they need?

10 Essential Services 8-Assure a Competent Public & Personal Health Care Workforce 8.1 Workforce Assessment, Planning & Development 8.2 Public Health Workforce Standards Efficient processes for licensing/credentialing Public health competencies 8.3 Life Long Learning Through Continuing Education, Training & Mentoring Leadership development Cultural competence 8.4 Public Health Leadership Development Maintain a competent public health and medical workforce. Do we have a competent public health staff? How can we be sure that our staff stays current?

11 Essential Service 9- Evaluate Effectiveness, Accessibility, & Quality of Personal & Population-Based Health Services 9.1 Evaluation of Population-Based Health Services 9.2 Evaluation of Personal Health Services 9.3 Evaluation of the Local Public Health System Personal health services Population based services Public health system Evaluate and improve programs. Are we doing any good? Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right things?

12 Essential Service 10-Research for New Insights & Innovative Solutions to Health Problems 10.1 Fostering Innovation 10.2 Linkage with Institutions of Higher Learning and/or Research 10.3 Capacity to Initiate or Participate in Research Cutting edge research Linkage between academic/research settings Epi studies Support innovation and identify and use best practices. Are we discovering and using new ways to get the job done?

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