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Implementation of Darwin – ME Chris Wagner, PE July 26-29, 2010 Kansas City, MO.

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1 Implementation of Darwin – ME Chris Wagner, PE July 26-29, 2010 Kansas City, MO

2 Hawaii Alaska Does SHA Use or Plan to Use MEPDG? N0 -12 YES - 40 2007 Survey

3 Where are we now?

4 State implementation activities Validation Activities Status of DARWin ME Planned Activites for DARWin ME

5 5 Software Capabilities-Import Raw Data Climate: icm files Traffic: AHTD Traffic Monitoring Data

6 6 Software Capabilities-Traffic Data Check

7 7 Software Capabilities-Materials E*

8 8 Software Capabilities- Retrieving Data Very similar tools will be included in DARWin ME

9 Indiana DOT HMA Materials Characterization Dynamic Modulus District - 6 Nom Max Aggregate Size - 3 Binder Type – 3 Binder Characterization 3 Binders DSR data Traffic Data WIM Station Data Analyzed Load Spectra defined by Volume

10 Sensitivity of Inputs for Concrete ParameterRoughnessFaulting Percent Slabs Cracked Permanent Curl/Warp Effective Temperature Difference VS Joint SpacingVS Dowel Bar DiameterMS NS Pavement ThicknessSMSVS Modulus of RuptureSNSVS Modulus of ElasticitySNSVS 20-year/28-day RatioSNSVS Indiana DOT: MEPDG Guide for Designers What to Change for Design?

11 Good Calibration and Implementation Document Montana DOT Major Findings: Preservation Practice Extend Performance Most models adequate for design Re-calibrate unbound materials rutting

12 Continued MEPDG Validation at Auburn University

13 S11– As Built – Fatigue Cracking at Auburn University

14 Continued Validation at Auburn University

15 What about Polymers?

16 Strain Response Looking at Strains Directly at Auburn University

17 Darwin-ME output

18 DARWin ME Sneak Peek

19 DARWin ME — Improvements Redesign GUI using.NET 3.5 framework in C# User configurable screens Agency defined data libraries Input control at the central office Expansion capabilities for new analysis engines Improved display on large or multiple monitors Improved error handling stability and error display Multiple project editing Handicap accessibility options Improved reporting (stability, speed and quality) Utilities for importing previous version files, third party data Multiple language extensibility

20 DARWin ME —Improvements Efficiency Increase software speed Automated thickness optimization Batch mode Sensitivity Functionality SI version Traffic caps Stability Correct reported bugs (Task Force directed) Improve error handling

21 Enterprise Software


23 Material Property Inputs

24 Traffic

25 Error Checking

26 Multiple Project Edit

27 Batch Mode

28 XML File Formats

29 Integrated Reports

30 DARWin ME Development Status Milestones Percent Complete, Date of Completion Kick-Off100% User Requirements Spec & Review/Approval100% Preliminary Design Review100% System Requirement Spec & Review/Approval100% Requirements Tracebility Matrix100% Critical Design Review100% Implementation & Integration Process Audit40%, 7/31/10 Test Readiness Review80%, 6/15/10 Testing Process Audit0%, 9/30/10 Software Alpha Test0%, 8/15/10 Software Beta Test0%, 10/15/10 Acceptance Test0%, 11/30/10 Release0%, 12/31/10

31 DARWin ME planned activities Unveiling Session at 2011 TRB Roll out webinar FHWA web training 2011 FHWA On-site training Traffic Workshops

32 Indiana DOT Experience Road AASHTO 93 Thickness Result MEPDG Thickness Result Estimated Contract Saving ($) Actual Contract Saving ($) Total Savings ($) I-46516”-18’ PCCP14”-18’ PCCP$1,475,000 I-465 Ramps ( )12.5”-18’ PCCP11”-18’ PCCP$112,000 $1,000,000 I-465 Ramps ( 40/Wash. St) 12.5”-18’-PCCP12.5”-18’PCCP$0 I-80(mainline)16”-18’-PCCP14”-18’-PCCP$361,000$775,170 I-80(Ramp)12”-18’-PCCP10.5”-18’-PCCP$520,000 SR 1415”-HMA13.5”-HMA$333,000 $155,440 US 23111”-18-PCCP10”-18’-PCCP$333,000 $0 US 231-Ramp10”-18’-PCCP9.5”-18’-PCCP$28,000 US 23115.5”-HMA13”-HMA$557,000 $0 SR 6216”-HMA13”-HMA$403,000 $420,548 US 23111”-18’-PCCP10”-18’-PCCP$178,000 $04,300,000 Total Estimated Savings = $10 Million Total Estimated Savings = $10 Million

33 Evolution The MEPDG is not perfect…..BUT; The MEPDG provides a reasonable and structured platform for continuous improvement.

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