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SKILLS DELIVERY DEPARTMENT AgriSETA 2011 ROAD SHOWS May – June 2011 Gerard Mamabolo 1.

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1 SKILLS DELIVERY DEPARTMENT AgriSETA 2011 ROAD SHOWS May – June 2011 Gerard Mamabolo 1

2 1. Background-Skills Delivery Allocation of Discretionary funds as informed by SLA Achieve statistical targets as outlined in SLA Management of approved Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Ensure quality training 2

3 Skills Delivery Manager Gerard Mamabolo SD Admin Manager: Theuns Henning Skills Delivery Department: Learnerships, Skills Programmes, ABET, Apprenticeship, Bursary, Support to Rural Structures & Internships ABET Administrator: Marissa Kok LEARNERSHIPS Administrator: Menzi Ngcobo SKILLS PROGRAMMES Administrator: Merriam Marobyane 3 Manager - Apprenticeship: Johan Kraftt SD Coordinator: Cynthia Manugu BURSARY/INTERNSHIP Administrator: Ina Du Preez APPRENTICESHIP Administrator:

4 2. Grant Application process Annual application window period – November to February each year Approvals in March Notice of approvals/disapprovals in April Implementation of Projects in April Advert in the Application forms in Benefits  Proper planning by Employers and AgriSETA  Smooth/structured management by Employers and AgriSETA  In line with financial year of Principals (Dept. of HET ) 4

5 3.New SLA-Relevant to Skills Delivery Department  EMPLOYED– P7 (18.1) Learnerships: 800 learners-R13.2m Skills Programmes: 1200 learners-R4.752m  UNEMPLOYED– P4 (18.2) Learnerships: 600 learners-R16.830m Skills Programmes: 800 learners-R3.168m  INTERNSHIP Interns: 250-R8.250m 5

6 New SLA Cont….  BURSARY :P4 Learners: 80-R2.640m  BURSARY :P7 Learners: 40-R1.320m  APPRENTICESHIP :P4 Learners: 40-R1.504m FLP: 60-R1.8m  RURAL STRUCTURES R3m 6

7 New SLA Cont….  APPRENTICESHIP :P7 Learners: 40-R1.504m FLP: 100-R3m  NVC Learners: 50-R1.650m  ABET :P7 Learners: 1200-R4.633m  COMMODITY ORGANISATIONS:P7 Learners: 1200-R8.250m 7

8 4. Summary-SLA Allocations  TOTAL ALLOCATION - R75.5m Learnerships Skills Programmes Internships Bursary Apprenticeship Foundational Learning Programmes (FLP) ABET Commodity Organizations NVC o NOTE: THIS EXCLUDES OTHER INTERVENTIONS UTILIZING DISCRETIONARY FUNDS 8


10 6. Always remember…….. When you apply:  Train against specific training needs  Have an exit strategy to keep skills in Agriculture  Always target Scarce and Critical Skills When you claim for training:  No VAT on invoices  Have valid tax clearance certificate  Complete supporting documents 10

11 7. CHALLENGES-SKILLS DELIVERY Project Administration/Training.  Adhere to Learnership agreements  Changing of learners  Changing of Unit Standards & Learnership titles  Project implementation date & duration Invoices – turnaround time. Communication (Within companies & AgriSETA). Supporting documents & format. Contracts (Service Providers & Employers) Learners – Stipends(Record) 11

12 8. AGRISETA HOTLINE Skills Delivery Department received complaints since inception in 2010. Complaints ranges from: Non- payments of stipends to learners. Forging of signatures. Use of unqualified Facilitators Non- payment of Facilitators Poor delivery of learning Results of misappropriation – fraud Cost of non-conformance 12

13 13

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