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Individul Project: NPD-NET Component 4: Integration and Regional Adaptation of NPD Roadmap Kick-off meeting Region of Central Macedonia – URENIO Research.

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1 Individul Project: NPD-NET Component 4: Integration and Regional Adaptation of NPD Roadmap Kick-off meeting Region of Central Macedonia – URENIO Research Unit Thessaloniki 3-4 June 2004

2 NPD Roadmap NPD Roadmap Basics New Product Development Roadmap. Is a tool that can help companies and organizations to successfully develop new products or upgrade existing ones through a series of logical steps, starting from the process of idea generation and ending at the launch of the product into a market. This kind of roadmap is usually based on the model developed by Dr. Robert G Cooper and it is known as Stage – Gate Process.

3 NPD Roadmap Component 4 Goals Enrichment of the existing NPD Roadmap by Lead Partner. Preparation and adaptation of the new NPD Roadmap interface according to the needs of NPD-NET. Insertion of material of local interest (local success stories, best practices, existing NPD support services) by partners. Web development of the finalized form of the NPD Roadmap.

4 NPD Roadmap Existing Roadmap Structure Existing NPD Roadmap has 5 “Levels” and 4 “Assessment points”. The available Levels are: L1: Idea Generation, L2: Idea Selection and Concept Development, L3: Product Development, L4: Product Testing and Validation and L5: Product Launch. Each Level contains the problem definition that a company faces at the particular point of NPD, one or more than one solution to the problem, available tools and methodologies to tackle the problem, case studies, best practices and existing resources and references. Each Assessment (A1,2,3,4) contains a series of questions regarding the work done in the previous Level. Depending on the answers given a Go – Kill or Hold the NPD process recommendation is given. L1 A1 L2 A2 L3 A3 L4 A4 L5

5 NPD Roadmap Levels Schematic Approach Idea Generation Product Testing Product Launch Idea Selection Product Development

6 NPD Roadmap New Roadmap Structure Proposal Assessment to be added at the end of Level 5 “Product Launch”. More tools and methodologies centered in a more practical than theoretical approach to be added in all Levels. Practical / real local applications of parts or of the whole roadmap in specific areas or industries to be added by the partners. L1 A1 L2 A2 L3 A3 L4 A4 L5 A4

7 NPD Roadmap Level 1. Idea Generation Description: Generation of new ideas There are many techniques and tools Internal & external sources Requires a person who will collect the proposed ideas Solution: Gather as many ideas as possible using the tools available Tools: Conjoint Analysis QFD Brainstorming Competitive intelligence Tools / Techniques to be added: Specific methods of Brainstorming such as “Listing & Mapping”, “Structured and Unstructured Brainstorming” etc. Practical ways of performing CI such as the “CI Benchmarking Tool”.

8 NPD Roadmap Level 1 Block Diagram Level 1 Theoretical Background Tools Conjoint Analysis QFD Competitive Intelligence BrainstormingListing – Mapping Structured CI Benchmarking Unstructured

9 NPD Roadmap Level 2. Idea Selection and Concept Development Description: Screening of new ideas vs customer needs, strategic goals, profits – sales. Product concept development. Cross functional team setup. Preliminary development setup. Tools: SWOT Analysis Qualitative & Quantitative research Cost Benefit Analysis Tools / Techniques to be added: Function – Value analysis. Return of Investment prediction – analysis. Practical ways of designing, conducting and analyzing Qualitative and Quantitative Research depending on the size of the company.

10 NPD Roadmap Level 2 Block Diagram Level 2 Theoretical Background Tools Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Real examples of implementation of all tools using templates, success stories, best practices and case studies. SWOT Analysis Cost Benefit Analysis Function-Value Analysis Return of Investment

11 NPD Roadmap Level 3. Product Development Description: Develop new product according to product concept Solution: Implementation of the action plan for product development Setup an R&D environment, R&D Management, and locate and implement R&D financing. Design prototypes. Design testing methods. Design – setup manufacturing – production methodology. Tools CAD/CAM Reengineering Reverse Engineering Industrial Design Tools / Techniques to be added: Design for Cost. Design for life cycle. Design for manufacturability. Design for the environment. Implementation of R&D metrics. Implementation of Portfolio management. Failure mode – effects analysis (FMEA). Bill of material management. Outsourcing implementation (statement of Work – SOW).

12 NPD Roadmap Level 3 Block Diagram Level 3 Theoretical Background Tools CAD/CAM Reengineering Design for Cost Reverse Engineering Industrial Design Portfolio Management R&D Techniques Design for Life Cycle Design for Manufacturability Design for the Environment R&D Metrics Implementation Failure Mode – Effects analysis Bill of Material Setup Industrial Design Methods Of operations - processes Of competitor / own products

13 NPD Roadmap Level 4. Product Validation - Testing Description: Construction of prototypes and testing. Solution: Construct Prototypes. Conduct prototype testing. Alpha testing, Beta testing, Market testing. Compare test results against product concept and market plan. Tools: Rapid Prototyping Rapid Tooling Rapid Manufacturing Information and design tools are going to be added for the setting up and implementation of lab – R&D environment prototype tests, of small and large scale market prototyping tests and ways of comparing the results vs the product concept and market plan that were formed in Level 2.

14 NPD Roadmap Level 4 Block Diagram Level 4 Theoretical Background Tools Rapid Prototyping Rapid Tooling Design and implementation methods of all tests available Rapid Manufacturing Alpha – Beta Tests Market Tests RP methods

15 NPD Roadmap Level 5. Product Launch Description: Decide where, when, and how to introduce the new product into a market. Launch product Tools: Human Resources Management Supply Chain Management Outsourcing Benchmarking Tools / Techniques to be added: Advertising & Promotion Setup. Critical Path Scheduling. Product life Cycle Design. Intellectual Property Management. Risk Management. Distribution Channel Setup.

16 NPD Roadmap Level 5 Block Diagram Level 5 Theoretical Background Tools Supply Chain Management Outsourcing Benchmarking Advertising & Promotion setup Distribution Channel setup Product Life Cycle Design Risk Management Critical Path Scheduling Intellectual Property Management Human Resources Management

17 NPD Roadmap Things to Note on the New NPD Roadmap Structure Human Resources Management, Outsourcing, Supply Chain management and Benchmarking were inserted in original Roadmap in Level 5. In the new Roadmap the 1st three will have applications in all Levels. The 4th one will be applied optionally before starting Level 1 and after completion of Level 5. Some of the tools mentioned already exist and some are to be added in the next period of time. But as the work of component 4 progresses more tools / techniques are to be added depending on the needs and actual applications of the Roadmap on the Local and Regional Level. Component 3 information on both Supply and Demand side can alter the structure of parts or Levels or whole Levels of the Roadmap. All existing Assessments plus the one that will be added at the end of Level 5 will be altered so that they can reflect and represent the new Roadmap structure.

18 NPD Roadmap Timeline of activities Technical Annex Component 4 – July 2004 Roadmap interface – the multilingual software environment which will host the whole material – September 2004 Enrichment of existing roadmap material with technical and academic material (URENIO) – by October 04 Translation of material in local languages (for Basque Country define it) – by January 2005 Material of local interest in English and local language – by April 2005

19 NPD Roadmap Timeline of activities Material of others in local languages (define it in the respective SC meeting) Web roadmap finished - by July 2005

20 NPD Roadmap Information Existing Roadmap can be found at http://center.innothessaly.gr Some service providers on product innovation tools that can be applied to the tools of the Roadmap can be found at http://portal.e-

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