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T 2 End Of Year Step-Up Celebration Welcome!. Opening Prayer  Christ is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

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1 T 2 End Of Year Step-Up Celebration Welcome!

2 Opening Prayer  Christ is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

3 Table Questions (Table Questions (1) Table Questions ( I think that the best thing about me is: hair brain laugh cellphone eyes athletic ability Table Discussion: What is your image of God? An old man? A judge? Nice? Mean? Do you think that others define who you are? Who influences you most? Parents? Friends? Teachers? The Church? On a scale of 1-10, how much influence do others have on you?

4 It’s a Just Thing MoralitySacramentsWorld Religions The Pope END

5 Church History Parts of the Mass BibleWhere Art Thou? Don’ t Eat Me END

6 Inside the Church Pray It!The Liturgical Year Saint’s Alive! A Woman to Remember END

7 Physical, Psychological, and Sexual are three types of this.

8 Three conditions of a “Just War”.

9 The A stands for Action in the A.R.T of Social Justice. The R or the T stands for…

10 These are the two feet of Social Justice.

11 The consistent ethic approach of social justice is called this?

12 Table Questions (Table Questions (2) Table Questions ( If I found a $20 bill on the ground I would be most likely to: 1.leave it on the ground 2.pick it up and try to turn it in 3.pick it up and put it in savings 4.spend it immediately 5.give it to someone who needs it 6.hold on to it as my own money some new tunes Table Discussion: Do you think that most people want to and try to do the right thing? What causes people to do wrong things? What can help us to do what’s right?

13 Pope Francis called this the “death penalty for the unborn.”

14 This type of sin is a complete break with God.

15 This commandment deals with bearing false witness.

16 Faith, Hope, and Love are this type of virtues.

17 Four of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

18 Table Questions (Table Questions (3) Table Questions ( I like to spend my free time: myself 2.alone, but in contact with others by phone or computer home with my family 4.with a close friend 5.with a group of friends 6.with a group in a larger crowd a movie Table Discussion: What middle school do you (or did you) go to? What high school do you (or will you) go to? What is one of your favorite memories from middle school? What is the biggest worry about high school?

19 A sacramental for the sacrament of marriage.

20 The sacraments of initiation.

21 The oil used during the sacrament of confirmation.

22 These two sacraments affect us as social beings.

23 These two sacraments increase sanctifying grace.

24 Table Questions (4Table Questions (4) Table Questions (4 My favorite pizza is: 1.cheese only 2.pepperoni 3.sausage 4.Hawaiian 5.thin crust 6.deep dish 7.veggie Table Discussion: What is one of your favorite Bible stories? What do you like most about Church? About being Catholic?

25 The head covering worn by Jewish men during prayer.

26 The three “Abrahamic” religions.

27 The primary sacred text of this religion is the “Vedas”, believed to be the most ancient surviving religious text.

28 Three of the five pillars of Islam.

29 The youngest of the world religions, established in the 1800’s.

30 Table Questions (Table Questions (5) Table Questions ( If I won the $10 million Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes I would probably: like a millionaire until the money ran out 2.set up college and retirement funds for the future 3.give most of the money to a worthy cause(s) 4.invest to try to make more money 5.continue to try to live as normally as possible 6.give it all to charity 7.put it in an emergency fund Table Discussion: What was your favorite service activity this year? What was your favorite ever? What activity do you see yourself involved with in years to come?

31 Pope Francis wears this color shoe.

32 There have been this many popes named Francis.

33 Pope Francis is from this country?

34 Pope Francis is a member of this religious order.

35 Pope Francis was made a cardinal by this pope in 2001.

36 Closing Prayer Intercessions Prayer for Summer Each day brings new beginnings Decisions I must make I am the only one to choose The road that I will take I can choose to take the road of life That leads to great success Or travel down the darkened road That leads to great distress Please open up my eyes, dear Lord That I might clearly see Help me stand for what is right Bring out the best in me Help, Lord, to just say "no“ When temptation comes my way That I might keep my body clean And fit for life each day When my teenage years are over I know that I will see That life is lived its very best With you walking next to me. A Teenager's Prayer Author: J. Morse

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