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Sanrad-XinAo MDT.

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1 Sanrad-XinAo MDT

2 Sanrad Centauri 0.30T MRI System Super Open
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Wide bore ,Patient friendly . In house music Adopts Dynamic balancing technology. Best homogeneity ,<.9ppm.

3 Sanrad Powerful Gradient System Gradient coil/ Amplifier
Maximum gradient strength 18T/m ensure high special resolution Rising time 600μs( up to 98%) Slew rate 55mT/m/ms increase the scanning speed Thin slice thickness and less scan time.

4 Sanrad Comprehensive Receiving coils 7 standard Coil configuration:
QD Head coil QD Neck Coil QD Body Coil Shoulder coil Spine Coil QD Extremity Coil

5 Sanrad Abundant Imaging Sequences Spin Echo /FSE Gradient Echo(GE)

6 Sanrad Advanced Imaging Techniques Multi-slice/Multi-angle
Gating Technology Partial echo Flow compensation Anti-wrap-around artifact elimination Multi-region pre-saturation Optimized bandwidth Optimized data acquisition In house music systems

7 Sanrad Features of MRI Non-invasive examination Multi-type of images
High image contrast Slicing at any orientation No contrast agent required in MRA/MRV/MRU

8 Sanrad Multi-type of images
To get more diagnosis information by comparing various images To improve diagnostic confidence and detection rate. GRE Images T2 Images FLAIR Image T1 image

9 Slicing at any orientation
Sanrad Slicing at any orientation Axial Sag Coronal

10 Sanrad No Contract Agent Need in MRA In-flow and out-flow effect
3D and 2DTOF

11 Sanrad MRI Clinical Applications Nervous system Spine ,extremity
Muscle,Soft tissue Angiography system Abdomen/MRCP/ Pelvis

12 Sanrad Clinical Applications Head Post Contrast with MTC
Brain Infarct demonstrated by Diffusion

13 Sanrad Clinical Applications Coronal T1
Small Brain lesions like Pitutory,optic lesions Coronal T1

14 Sanrad Clinical Applications Spine and Spinal Cord T2 T1 STIR

15 Sanrad Clinical Applications D Spine T2,T1 sag & axial

16 Sanrad Clinical Applications C SPINE

17 Sanrad Clinical Applications Extremity ,Joint PD IMAGE STIR IMAGE

18 Sanrad Clinical Applications Small Extremity,Shoulder,wrist.

19 Sanrad Clinical Applications Pelvis

20 Sanrad Clinical Applications Body Morphology.

21 Sanrad Spin Echo(SE) . Bread and Butter sequence Clear image
For anatomic details Gives Good T1 wt contrast .

22 Sanrad Fast Spin Echo (FSE) Used for T2 contrast.
For better pathological details.

23 Sanrad Gradient Echo (GE) Fast image acquisition Sensitive to bleeding
T2 Images

24 Sanrad IR , FLAIR Water Suppressed Infarct/ tumor displayed better
Judge focal composition

25 Sanrad IR, STIR Fat suppression signal Judge focus composition
Other parts displayed much clearer

26 Sanrad MRA Carotid MRA Angio without contrast 2D/3D TOD MOSTE
MTContrast MIP projection arterio and venogramme displayed Venogramme

27 Sanrad MRCP,MRU MRCP and MRU
Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) Magnetic Resonance Urograpgy (MRU) Magnetic Resonance Myelography (MRM) Bile duct Obstruction

28 Sanrad THANK YOU Anantha Padmanabha

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