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System Projector PT- DW100. PT- DZ12000 PT- D12000 PT- DW10000 PT- D10000 PT- DW100 Resolution WUXGA (1,920x1,200)

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1 System Projector PT- DW100

2 PT- DZ12000 PT- D12000 PT- DW10000 PT- D10000 PT- DW100 Resolution WUXGA (1,920x1,200) SXGA+ (1,400x1,050) 1080p (1,920x1,080) SXGA+ (1,400x1,050) WXGA (1,366x768) Brightness12,000 lm 10,000 lm Contrast5,000 : 1 Lamp300W x4250W x4300W x4 Others Geo. Adjustment--- Auto Cleaning Robot e-Cinema (India) Rental & Staging High Brightness Installation VS SANYO XF47 Targeting Sanyo - Units, Sanyo still strong. ->Their customers’ request.- Want “Bright & cheap” projectors. DW100 introduction. Beat Sanyo

3 DW100 vs. XF47 Comparison *The allowed ambient operating temperature is from 0 to 40  C when used in high-altitude mode (1,400 to 2,700 m). If the ambient operating temperature exceeds 40  C (or 35  C in high-altitude mode) in the 4-lamp operation mode, the light output may lower by about 30% in order to protect the projector. Panasonic PT-DW100 SANYO PCL - XF47 Display device 3chip DLP 0.85inch 3LCD 1.8inch Resolution WXGA 1,366x768 (16:9)XGA 1,024×768 ( 4 : 3 ) Brightness10,000 lm15,000 lm Lens ShutterMechanical lens ShutterAV Mute type Contrast ratio5000:1 2000 : 1 Reliability Lamp300W ACx4 (2,000H) 330W NSHx4 (Less than 2,000H) Ambient operating temperature 0~45  C* 5~35  C Setup ease Lens shiftHorizontal/vertical (motor-operated) Lens7 types (option)11 types (option) Setup angle flexiblity (360  ) YesLimited (Horizontal only) System features Multi-Screen Support SystemYesNo Operating noise43 dB51dB Power Consumption1500W1700W Weight35kg36.5kg Equivalent in Real Case

4 Almost 10,000lm + for all lenses Brightness varies between 8,000lm and 15,000lm VS Specification = Bottom Real of Panasonic / DW100 Specification -20% Bottom Real of Sanyo / XF47 SANYOPLC-XF47 Specification15,000lm w/ LNS-S03 Only Real Lumen 15,000lm +/-20% Varies by Optional Lens PanasonicPT-DW100 Specification10,000lm Based on ISO21118 Standard Light output (lm) PT-DW100 Real Lumen PLC-XF47 Real Lumen Light output (lm) Real Lumens Comparison

5 Optional Lenses throw distances (Projection Throw Ratio) ET-D75LE5 ET-D75LE2 ET-D75LE1 ET-D75LE3 ET-D75LE4 15.0 ET-D75LE8 NO GAP between 1.5:1 to 15.0:1 1.2 ET-D75LE6 0.8 1.5 LNS-W01Z 1.2 1.0 LNS-W02Z LNS-W03 LNS-W04 LNS-W06 8.0 LNS-S01 LNS-S02Z LNS-S03 LNS-M01Z LNS-T01Z LNS-T02 LNS-T03 SANYO XF47 PT-DW100 (Projection Throw Ratio) XF47 Can't Support ' 9.0:1 to 15.0:1 ' Each Lens can only support a very Narrow Range 1.01.5

6 Summary of main strengths SANYOPLC-XF47 PanasonicPT-DW100 VS WXGA XGA PT-DW100 PCL-XF47 VS Which is Better for Future PC / Video Application? Wide PC HD Video HD Contents How Critical is your PJ Operation environment? 0-45°C 5-35 °C PT-DW100PCL-XF47 VS Are you OK to accept risk of shutdown during operation ? 43dB 51dB PT-DW100PCL-XF47 VS Silent Projector can deliver After Sales Satisfaction. Do you want to use a 'Noisy' Projector in your Silent atmosphere? 15,0 m 10,000 lm PT-DW100 PCL-XF47 VS Do You Agree Brightness is no longer an Advantage? Both Projectors will bring similar brightness value. 15,000 lm or More For PT-DW100, you can turn the projector to suit your installation needs. (360 degrees OK) 360°OK NO!! rotation PT-DW100PCL-XF47 VS

7 Other Benefits (Bayonet type lens) Finally we get to the lens!! 2 screws need to come off Imagine yourself to be a rental house. - > We take the “Click In (Bayonet) lens for granted but this is also a very strong sales tool! Click in Type Power cord too! Panasonic SANYOPLC-XF47 PanasonicPT-DW100 VS

8 Compliance with the RoHS Directive Panasonic Uses Manufacturing Methods that Minimize the Impact on the Environment Highly Advanced Chemical Substance Test Instruments Lenses Contain a Minimal Amount of Harmful Lead All Panasonic projector lenses pass the criteria of the RoHS Directive. Eco Friendly Test room Molecular Test Equipment Test equipment to measure Chromium (Cr) Atomic Test Equipment

9 Reliability Is Verified from a Variety of Angle Panasonic Projectors Provide Customers with Reliability and Stable Operation Dustproof Test Dustproof Test Dusty environments are simulated for a variety of world locations. Drop Test Drop Test Dropping accidents during transportation are reproduced. Earthquake Test Earthquake Test A safety test is conducted by reproducing an earthquake with an intensity of 6 (on the Japanese scale). Lifetime Test Lifetime Test The lamp electrodes are analyzed by X-ray. High-Temperature Test High-Temperature Test Operating tests are conducted in an environment that matches the customer's environment. (Temperature, humidity, air pressure) Made in Japan

10 Flexible production with advanced process technologies and cell production Our product quality and environmental management systems have attained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Panasonic's corporate actions reflect this careful attention to quality and the environment, and this includes continuous improvements to our production stance. We aim for the highest levels of performance and quality. Panasonic Projectors Have Attained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification Voices from customers High-level Production Management is Conducted to Provide High-quality Products Improvements are quickly reflected, based on market opinion Made in Japan

11 So the moral of the story is “Don’t always believe what’s in the spec sheet” Please always do demos.

12 Thank you very much!!

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