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HybridLogic Self-healing cloud hosting platforms

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1 HybridLogic Self-healing cloud hosting platforms

2 £100k invested to date Product ready and selling First customers secured Seeking £400k investment Projected Y5 revenue £60m HybridLogic: Investment criteria

3 HybridLogic: The pain that we’re solving HybridLogic = computer science + real world web hosting pain Three huge problems: Hardware and software fails Size of problem: £17bn in 2011 [CA technologies] Need self-healing Websites get spikes in traffic Need auto-scaling Users make mistakes Need a cloud time machine

4 HybridLogic: What we’ve done Self-healing cloud hosting platform – For web applications and email – Failover across machines and data centers – Continuous live backup and 1-minute auto- recovery – No expensive storage hardware (SAN) needed, average saving of 70% On-demand scalability – Seamlessly & instantly live-migrate sites, databases, applications and email accounts. No downtime. – Automatically reacts to spikes in traffic – Automatically scales up to dedicated hardware for busy sites

5 HybridLogic: What we’ve done Cloud time machine – Let customers revert to any point in time – Instant recovery to snapshots of websites, databases or email – Keep a record of all changes – like a time machine High density hosting – HybridLogic provides 4x better utilization than fully virtualized solution – Burst customers to dedicated machines automatically – licensees bill them based on quantified usage

6 HybridLogic: Scale of opportunity and pricing There are 30,000 web hosts globally Average number of servers per host is 20 Licensing model yields recurring revenue List price is £165 per server per month Total addressable market is £1.2bn Target market for year 5 is 1,500 web hosts (5%) Target market is worth £60m … and that’s just the web hosts – Enterprise software market £150bn – Enterprise storage market £100bn

7 HybridLogic: Customer acquisition Prospecting Hosting service providers – Classic high-tech market Key prospecting tools – HostingCon: largest trade show for this market – Target key bloggers and industry analysts – Website and organic SEO traffic Converting Proven customer acquisition model – Qualification process – 30 day trial – 1:1 webinar demo Self-service is crucial – Deploy software through “Launchpad”

8 HybridLogic: Web hosting – a commoditising market Web hosting industry commoditising – Amazon turning hosting into a price war Compete more effectively – No SAN costs & better hardware utilisation = better margins Price squeeze inevitable Weapons to resist price pressure: – Mass market – Self-service – Value added services e.g. cloud time machine

9 HybridLogic: Competitive matrix FactorCPanelHybridLogicOnAppVMware Tolerate failure of servers Tolerate failure of data centre Automatic scale-up User-accessible restore points Supports Java, Python, Ruby Shared nothing replicated storage High density of cust. per server Total cost (TCO)$$$$$$$$$$

10 HybridLogic: Barriers to competition Barriers to competition Complicated technology – Four years of R&D resulted in new approach – R&D difficult and deep Get ahead and stay ahead – Continue to innovate Intellectual property – Legal Constructing a thicket of 5 patents internationally We own all IP to the system

11 HybridLogic: Financials – PNL Y1-5

12 HybridLogic: Financials – Peak cash requirement

13 HybridLogic: Financials – Breakdown of £400k spend

14 HybridLogic: Committed Team Luke Marsden CEO & Founder 1 st from Oxford in Computer Science; 11 years running hosting company Mike Smithson VP Sales & Founder 20 years experience selling technology, and running web agency Rob Haswell CTO & Founder 11 years web development and systems programmer Jean-Paul Calderone Developer Python and network developer; worked for Apple, co- founder of Twisted project Product team Technical team

15 HybridLogic: Investors & Advisors David May NED CTO of XMOS, IP expert, 50+ patents Eric Barton Investor & Advisor CTO and founder Whamcloud Anne Johnson Advisor Silicon Valley advisor Jason Seats Lead Investor & Advisor Founder of Slicehost, sold to Rackspace in 2008 Anil Hansjee Advisor Ex-Google M&A, strategy, biz dev, funding, business models

16 HybridLogic: Investment required £400,000 Invested £100k own money Just raised further £100k angel money Looking for £400k seed funding EIS eligible Trade sale in Year 5 Current Sector Valuation is 5-10x EBITDA Yr 5 exit Year 4 EBITDA projection is $18m Potential exit value minimum £60m @ 5x EBITDA Anticipated ROI at least 15x

17 HybridLogic: Conclusion & contact Early to market Committed founders Technology works – proven Customers love it There’s a big return Call Luke on 07791750420 Thank you - questions?

18 Appendix

19 HybridLogic: Exit strategy – 20 candidates DD Software Hosting Services Hardware Logica Rackspace Amazon Google OnApp CPanel Parallels NetApp HP Cisco Unisys EIG VMware 3Tera EMC Oracle IBM HDS SoftLayer PEER1

20 HybridLogic: Product roadmap Milestones: 1. Launch Point-in-Time Restore interface – June 2. Launch self-service “Launchpad” – June 3. Launch new Hybrid Logic website – June 4. Add EC2 support – July 5. Attend HostingCon – July 6. WHMCS plugin – September 7. Work on scaling to 100+ servers – October 8. Target: 10 th licensee into live environment – September

21 HybridLogic: Progress Achievements to date: – 2008 HybridLogic founded as R&D organisation – 2009 First proof-of-concept (working MySQL support) – 2010 Initial funding Email system completed Beta programme – 2011 Accepted into SETsquared business incubation centre Attended HostingCon on ‘reconnaissance mission’ First licensee goes live – 2012 Second, third, fourth and fifth licensees go live Business plan & strategy review completed

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