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RMPS National 4 Added Value Unit Assignment RMPS.

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1 RMPS National 4 Added Value Unit Assignment RMPS

2 What is the assignment? This unit is a research-based assignment. You have to research a topic you are interested in that is a religious, moral and/or philosophical topic or issue You will be assessed on finding, using and presenting information and views. RMPS

3 In completing the assignment you will develop skills, including: Enquiring into ideas Expressing views Understanding and using sources Describing, and explaining beliefs and ideas Developing your knowledge and understanding RMPS

4 Some of the skills you will be developing are: 1 Literacy 1.1 Reading – books, course notes, websites etc. 3 Health and wellbeing 3.1 Personal learning – taking responsibility for your own learning. 5 Thinking skills 5.2 Understanding – selecting appropriate information. 5.3 Applying – using the information gathered correctly. RMPS

5 Think about how your assignment may look: RMPS

6 Your final product could be… … a presentation RMPS

7 Your final product could be…... a short film RMPS

8 Your final product could be… …a written report RMPS

9 Your final product could be…... a video diary RMPS

10 Your final product could be…...a booklet RMPS

11 Your final product could be… … a wall display RMPS

12 Your final product could be… a wide range of other options that you think would best show your work Discuss:What other ways could you use to show what you have done and what you have learned? RMPS


14 Decide on a topic – you need to agree this with your teacher Choose an issue/topic related to the course that you find interesting. Choose an issue/topic where you can show off your knowledge and understanding. Be clear what it is you are going to do and how you will achieve success. RMPS

15 Your assignment should focus on: Extending and applying the knowledge and / or skills you have learned during the Course. By challenging you to investigate further one area of work that you have studied in class. By applying what you have learned in a meaningful way that allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. RMPS


17 Think about how you will complete the task What you are going to do and how you are going to do it? –For example, if you want to use film, how will you access the right equipment and will you be able to edit it effectively? RMPS

18 Things to think about… What would you like your assignment to look like? Where are your strengths? Timescale – what are the deadlines? RMPS


20 Make a list of possible resources… Books Internet RMPS people, library, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines etc

21 Research a range of sources and use them to help present your ideas Gather relevant information. Explain the issue/topic. Make sure you understand the words you use. RMPS


23 Consider some viewpoints Include different viewpoints. You might refer to a wide selection or choose a more select in-depth approach. RMPS

24 Present your findings RMPS

25 Evaluate your work Be reflective. How do you think you did? What could be improved? What are you really pleased about? Ask your teacher for feedback. RMPS

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