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Venus de Milo cca. 130 BCE (discovered 1820)

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1 Venus de Milo cca. 130 BCE (discovered 1820)

2 Praxiteles (4th century B.C.)
The Aphrodite of Cnidus Kos Knidos The Ludovisi Aphrodite of Cnidus (Roman copy): Venus Pudica The Colonna Venus, a Roman Copy

3 Phryne Courtesan, mistress of Praxiteles
Wealthy: “destroyed by Alexander, restored by Phryne the courtesan” (offered to rebuild the walls of Thebes) ? Swam in the nude, inspired the myth of the birth of Venus /ˈθiːbz/

4 Jean-Léon Gérôme, Phryne before the Aeropagus, 1861 with Hypereides the Orator
Offended the Eleusinian mysteries ceremony. Beauty considered a sign of divinity.

5 Sandro Boticelli, Birth of Venus, 1485-6, Galleria dei Uffizi, Florence

6 Salvador Dali, Venus on a Shell, 1976

7 Titian, Venus of Urbino 1538 /ˈtɪʃən/

8 Anonymous (School of Fontaineblau, 16th century), Gabrielle d’Estree and one of her sisters?, Musee du Louvre

9 Melanie Manchot, Emma and Charlie I, 2001, The Brooklyn Museum photograph

10 Melanie Manchot, Namita and Zena, 2001, The Brooklyn Museum http://www

11 Giorgione, Sleeping Venus, 1510

12 Rembrandt, Venus and Amor, 1630s?

13 Dominique Ingres, The Grand Odalisque, 1812, Musée du Louvre

14 Dominique Ingres, Odalisque with a Slave, 1842

15 Pieter-Paul Rubens, Venus with Mirror, 1613-14

16 Édouard Manet, Olympia, 1863

17 Salvador Dali, Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936

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