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Prepared By:- Smt. Jayanti Lect. In Bio. GGSSS Rampur Distt. Shimla

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1 Class- 10th Subject- Life Processes Title- Digestive System in Human Being
Prepared By:- Smt. Jayanti Lect. In Bio. GGSSS Rampur Distt. Shimla Sh. Pawan Kumar Lect. In Bio. GSSS Dasehra Distt. Mandi Sh. Raj kapoor Negi Lect. In Bio. GSSS Kalpa Distt. Kinnaur

2 General Objectives:- 1.How to develop biological skills and understanding among the students. 2. How correlate theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. 3. Enable the student to draw out conclusion from different ideas. 4. To inculcate the ability to develop the habit of hands on practice.

3 Specific Objectives:-
Upon completion of this topic students will be able to:- 1. tell about nutrition. 2. tell about the enzyme. 3. illustrate the alimentary canal. 4. know about the digestive glands.

4 Skills to be developed 1. Ability to ask questions i.e to develop innate curiosity. 2. Ability to become independent thinker and learner. 3. Ability to correlate the knowledge with socioeconomic context.

5 Methodology Audio-visual aid(computer), charts, Model etc.

6 Lesson Launch: Previous knowledge testing 2min.
1. Which food is called as balanced food? 2. What is the function of teeth? 3. What is the function of stomach in general? 4. Which part of alimentary canal help in absorption of digested food?

7 Introduction of Topic 3min
Today we are going to learn about digestive system of human being:- Human digestive system consist of two parts:- Alimentary Canal Associative digestive glands Alimentary canal of Human being is of varying diameter starting from Mouth and end into a anus. It is the path for the digestion of complex and undiffusible food into simple and diffusible form with the help of digestive enzyme secreted by the associated digestive glands.

8 Digestive system in human being

9 Presentation By the Teacher 15min
Digestive system :- Alimentary canal Digestive Glands Mouth Buccal cavity Oesophagus Salivary gland Gastric Stomach gland Small intestine Liver Intestinal Large intestine gland Rectum Pancreas anus

10 Mouth:- It help in ingestion of food. Buccal Cavity:-Teeth and tongue
In this part food is cut into small pieces with the help of teeth and tongue help to mix these food particles with saliva secreted by salivary gland and make the bowel of food. Oesophagus:- helps only in the conduction of food from buccal cavity to stomach. Stomach:- this is the J shaped structure helps in mechanical as well as chemical churning of food into semi digested food called chyme. It secretes HCl. Q4. What is the need of HCl inside the stomach? HCl prevents the growth of bacteria which enter the body through the food & water. Q1.all of you has teeth & tongue then what is the function of these? Q 2.Can you tell me the simple idea about the function of stomach, even we cannot see it as teeth & tongue ?

11 Why small intestine is coiled?
Small Intestine:- this is highly coiled tube like structure start from stomach and end into a large intestine, here semi digested chyme mixed with digestive juices come from Liver, Pancreas and intestinal wall converted into a fully digested food called as chyle. It is the site for the absorption of digested food. Why small intestine is coiled? Large Intestine:- this part is wider and shorter than small intestine form a question mark like structure around small intestine. Q5. if chyle is semilequid and faeces is solid, then can you tell which substances is removed from chyle and which organ helps in this process? large intestine helps in reabsorption of water Rectum:- it helps in temporary storage of faeces. Anus:- helps in egestion of undigested food. Small intestine Large intestine

12 Digestive Glands Salivary Glands:- it is present in the mouth and their secretion comes through ducts and help in the digestion of carbohydrate. Liver:- It is the largest gland of our body and helps in secretion of bile juices. It emulsifies the fat. Salivary gland Pancreas:- it is pear shaped structure present below the stomach and secrete pancreatic enzymes. Liver Pancreas

13 Digestion Mouth:- Carbohydrate Maltose+ isomaltose +dextrin
Activity:take 2 test tubes filled with 1ml saliva, add it 1ml starch sol. Now add few drops of Iodine sol. & observe the finding… Mouth:- Carbohydrate Maltose+ isomaltose +dextrin Protein No digestion Fats No digestion Stomach:- Protein Peptones + Peptides Fats No digestion Carbohydrates No digestion Small Intestine:- Maltose, isomaltose, dextrin Glucose Peptones, peptides amino acids Fats Fatty acid + glycerol

14 Absorption:- Inner part of small intestine has a numerous finger like projections called microvilli helps in absorption of diffusible foods like glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals etc. into the blood and transport into each and every cell of body. Assimilation:- within the cell all these components of foods utilizes for growth, repair and provide energy to the body. Egestion:- undigested foods egested out through anus.

15 Students activities Group 1. Q.1 What is the function of saliva?
2. Pepsin enzyme is found in which part of alimentary canal? Group 2. Q 1 Name the organ of alimentary canal in which absorption digested food takes place? 2 Define enzyme? Group 3 Q.1 Differentiate between chyle and chyme? 2 where chyle and chyme are produced? Group4 Q1. What is the function of bile juice? 2 Name the part of alimentary canal where digestion of protein starts?

16 Home work/ Assignment 1. Draw the well labeled diagram of human digestive system on chart paper? 2. Find out the different types of disorder related with digestion? Analyze the different types of your teeth and draw the diagram of each type?

17 Your suggestions are welcomed for further improvement of the topic.
Thank you Your suggestions are welcomed for further improvement of the topic.

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