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Membership Questionnaire Results 27 February 2015

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1 Membership Questionnaire Results 27 February 2015

2 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important8363 % Important4232 % Not so important65 % International Networking Réseau International Red internacional

3 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important6852 % Important5643 % Not so important75 % Knowledge of international legal practices Connaissances des pratiques juridiques à l'échelle internationale Conocimiento de la abogacía a nivel internacional

4 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important5340 % Important6247 % Not so important1612 % Business Opportunities Opportunités d'affaires Oportunidades de negocios

5 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important5340 % Important5240 % Not so important2620 % Training Formation Formaciones

6 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important4837 % Important6247 % Not so important2116 % Protection of Human Rights Protection des Droits de l'Homme Protección de derechos humanos

7 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Extremely important3426 % Important7658 % Not so important2116 % Work of the scientific commissions Travaux des commissions scientifiques Trabajos de las comisiones científicas

8 Q1: Why did you join the UIA? Combined results for the answer « Extremely important » International networking63% Knowledge of international legal practices 52% Business Opportunities40% Training40% Protection of Human Rights37% Work of the Scientific Commissions 26%

9 Q2: What are the main advantages you find in being a member*? Networking39 % Being up-to-date on international legal practice 23 % Training10 % Getting business opportunities 9 % Else (Directory, Member rates for events, etc.) 6 % No interest in being a member 5 % Making friends5 % Travelling3 % Supporting Human Rights Initiatives 1 % Total100 % *open answers

10 Q3: What would you like to see at the UIA that does not already exist or that could be improved? Improve the website2 Lower membership fees2 Have a mobile app2 Increase the number of commissions2 Give more information on the UIA to members1 Publicize the work done by the scientific commissions1 Have a more detailed/efficient directory1 Debate on Ethics and professional Practice1 Be more open to in-house counsel1 Coordinate better with Bar Presidents1 Reduce the number of commissions1 Modernize UIA's image1 Future thinking – The legal profession in 2025?1 Meet with judges & governmental officers1 Have one's picture on UIA membership card1 GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS % Improve provision of translation (translations wanted in Portuguese, Arabic, more translations in general, and better translations in English in particular 9 Involve more young lawyers in the UIA8 Nothing to improve, everything is fine8 Provide additional opportunities to meet and exchange with other members independently of congresses and seminars 7 Be more involved on issues concerning certain parts of the world (African & South American Lawyers) 3 Be more efficent in the Protection of Lawyers issues3 Improve Stagiaire Programme3 Greater activity by and more activities organised by Reg. Sec., Nat. Committees, and Nat. Representatives 3 Work on specific groups (women, other divergent groups) 2

11 Q3: What would you like to see at the UIA that does not already exist or that could be improved? EVENTS' CONSIDERATIONS% Lower prices of training courses for young lawyers and developing countries 7 Extend variety of Seminars subjects (Arbitration, IP, etc.)7 Diversify destinations of UIA events3 Organise webinars3 Improve the congress programme/quality of the reports2 Pay attention to ovelapping sessions at the congress2 Better organise sports activities at the congress2 Help participants to get their visas2 Have more free time during the congress1 Obtain CLE credits for USA1 Offer free registration for speakers1 Propose intervention of non-lawyers at UIA events1 Have less sessions at the congress1 Loose less time at the beginning of each event1 Have more events1 Give public access to reports1 Reserve access to reports to members only1

12 Q4: Could you give three words to describe the UIA? International Lawyers Friendly Network Professionalism Open-minded Knowledge Human Rights Solidarity Diverse Efficient Independent Opportunity Immense Interesting Experience Excellence Gathering Liberty Modern French Traditional Congenial Confrontation Cooperation Near Enjoyable Slightly old-fashionned Accessible Dynamic Respected French Good Value for money Ethics Expensive Male - dominated Discover Well-organized Opportunities Long standing Fun Creative Useful Exchange Legitimate Authoritarian Powerful Cosmopolitan Integrity Principles Comprehensive Travel Rich people Provocative Competent Family-size Necessary

13 Q4: In which area of law would you like to receive UIA training?

14 Thank you

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