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2 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3Challenges Remedial Number of people aged 25-49 reached with prevention information including anti- gender based violence information 28437550408055965 Limited information on Human Rights and Women’s rights Victims are reluctant to report GBV cases Strengthen GBV Campaigns through community dialogues Number of young people aged 15- 24 reached with prevention information including anti- gender based violence information 1877951200061516970 Youth is reluctant to participate in HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence campaigns Full involvement of Youth Ambassadors on Behavioural change campaigns

3 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of registered OVC 8783851179 Fair management of OVC registers Proper monitoring of the OVC registers by DSD and DOE Number of registered OVC in schools 115204631502 Data collection on OVC not well populated Improve data collection system for OVC Number of registered OVC receiving care and support 104918523468

4 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of learners pregnant 437No data 87 Minimum information on Family Planning Intergenerational sex where poverty stricken girls become vulnerable and are abused by older man in exchange for money Establishme nt of Youth health Friendly services Strengthen community partnership on behavioural change campaigns

5 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Baby PCR tested positive around 6 weeks rate 2%1%1.8%1.9% There are still babies that are not tested Upscale education of mothers on exclusive breast feeding Baby HIV antibody test positive at 18 months rate <5%6%2%2.3%HAART not yet implemented at all Primary Health Care (PHC) Facilities, There is one Doctor in the ARV District Roving Team CCGs to assist identify all exposed children and refer them to clinic for PCR Test. Nurses trained on NIMAART to be mentored by a Doctor for initiation. ANC booking before 20 weeks rate 45%44 % 44.9 % 48%Communities still believe in starting the ANC when child starts to kick Most of the pregnant women are teenagers, who hide until late Scale- up Health Education in Health Facilities Promote Early bookings through OSS.

6 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of males aged 15-49 circumcised 157312 6783 7482 750uThungulu District is wide and mostly rural, there are areas that are not yet reached. Motivate for Traditional coordinators to be per Hospital not per Municipality CCGS and School Health Teams do assist in social mobilization Scale-up the implementation of Family Health teams

7 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of new HIV test carried out 351 46948 67651 59154 952There are still some people who are not keen to test (especially men) who will mention that his wife / girl friend is pregnant and tested negative Hlola Manje Zivikele Campaign is on-going HCT Services to be supported by various congregations Farms are coming on board for HCT Services Market HCT Services to other Departments through OSS

8 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of male condoms distributed 18 909 468 1053307121854 4 1770132 Sustainability of condom distribution in remote communities Contracted condom distributors to be increased to cover remote communities as per Hospital/ Clinic catchment population CCGs and War Rooms are assisting to up-scale condom distribution in the communities HTA services to be expanded in all Hospitals (HTA communities identified) to be fully functional in 2013/14

9 Number of female condoms distributed 31354343 05534 24262 775Clients are reluctant to use female condoms Health facilities to up-scale awareness campaigns on availability and use of female condoms.

10 IndicatorTargetQ1Q2Q3ChallengesRemedial Number of new sexual assault cases 177248282Increase is taken as positive because people are reporting the incidents Up –scale the Awareness Campaigns in schools and Communities Children under 12 years sexually assaulted rate 586994 Child sexual abuse cases are not reported Limited support from caregivers Conducting Community Outreach Programmes e.g. community dialogues Anti Sugar Daddy Campaigns My life My Future Campaigns

11 IndicatorTargetQ1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 ChallengesRemedial Number of LACs submitting reports to DAC 6000Poor/ non submission of LAC reports by municipalities LACs to align their schedule of meetings to that of the DAC and to submit their reports prior to the sitting of the DAC for consolidation purposes Number of WACs submitting reports to LAC 99000WACs are established but still under going trainings The District has planned to hold the Special Programmes Road shows as from 09- 17 April 2013 to assist LMs in the Establishment of Structures/ Forums at ward level

12  BroadReach Healthcare  Medicines Sans Frontier -[ Doctors without Boarders]  DramAidE  PATH  SAWID  US Peace Corps Volunteers



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