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Q1 Club Assembly Light Up Rotary!, Goals, and Membership Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

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1 Q1 Club Assembly Light Up Rotary!, Goals, and Membership Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2 TITLE | 2 Why are you a Rotarian? What is Rotary? How do you describe an organization that is so many things to so many different people? Rotary brings together friends, family, and community leaders to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world. To help carry that message into the 21 st century, a fresh, modern look and inspiring and inviting voice was created. You can see these changes in Rotary’s redesigned website and publications like Connect for Good and Rotary Leader. Our voice is more action-oriented focusing on the why rather than the how: Join for our community. Stay for the world. The next step is incorporating our new visual identity into our club and district communications. You’ll find everything you need to update your website, newsletters, and brochures in Tell Rotary’s Story voice and visual identity guide. Our new signature and mark of excellence are available for download. Every little thing we do – from Facebook posts to fundraising posters – that presents a cohesive, consistent, and contemporary Rotary story will help strengthen Rotary’s image and our ability to engage the public and our members.

3 TITLE | 3 Light up Rotary. Light Up Rotary is not just our theme year — it is a call for each of us to take action and make Rotary stronger. The 2014-15 Presidential Citation will recognize Rotary clubs that take action to increase their membership, enhance their service impact, and expand their network.

4 TITLE | 4 Club Goals Presidential Citation Light up Rotary Membership! Light up Rotary Service! Light up the Family of Rotary! Host a Rotary Day Any club, big or small, can host a Rotary Day. Neighboring clubs can pool their resources and co-host an event -- even entire districts can come together for a large-scale Rotary Day. Here are some ideas for your Rotary Day: An outdoor picnic or barbecue A sporting event or concert An event associated with a public parade or festival An event at a museum, art gallery, or cultural center A reception or buffet dinner Our Independence Day celebration – 4 th of July Fireworks!

5 TITLE | 5 Light Up Membership! June 30 = 89 members Goal = increase membership by 5 = 94 members July 1 = 85 members (74% male/26% female) August 27 = 89 members Membership retention Rotarian engagement Club communication Public relations

6 TITLE | 6 Membership  Review the process leading to the induction of those Applicants invited to join the Club  The New Member Sponsor Recognition Program: 1 new member: blue backer, 2-3 new members: bronze backer, 4-5 new members: silver backer, 6+ new members: gold backer  Download Global Outlook: A Rotarian’s Guide to Getting and Keeping Members (

7 TITLE | 7 Light Up Service! Service projects and activities New generations clubs New generations participants

8 TITLE | 8 Special Guests Casa Amparo Welcome the sisters of Our Lady of Charity sa%20amparo%20sisters&pg=PA53#v=onepage&q=casa%20amparo%20sisters&f=true Rotary Youth Exchange Welcome Pannaporn Suayson from Thailand Youth exchange families: Eric & Diane Holdorf family McGowen family Youth exchange team: Jim Palen (Youth Exchange Officer), Marlene Camacho Ochoa, Jeannine Willacker & Mary Lou Wright

9 TITLE | 9 Community Service Awards 2013-14 Total Hours = 1034 The five members having the highest total hours are: Karen Foster 49.0 Roy Dangel 48.5 Bill Crown 47.5 Randy Ligman 46.0 Paul Carlson 44.5 After discussion at the May 24, 2013 board meeting, the following Motion was adopted that for Rotary Years 2013-14 and thereafter, a)individual annual certificates recognizing each member's hours of community service will no longer be issued; b)b) that each member's annual number of hours of community service will continue to be recorded; and c)c) following the end of each Rotary Year, commencing with the Rotary Year 2013-14, each of the five members with the highest number of recorded community service hours will be asked to select a 501(c) (3) charity, to which Portage Rotary Charities shall donate the amount of $100.

10 TITLE | 10 Foundation Giving Attain 100 percent participation in Rotary Foundation Annual Fund giving (that is, every active member contributes). Attain a minimum Annual Fund contribution of US$100 per capita. – $50 on your birthday – $50 on your anniversary When writing checks for Paul Harris (birthdays, anniversaries, other contributions), PLEASE write them payable to TRF (The Rotary Foundation). Note Paul Harris or TRF in the memo section of the check. Or donate online at Rotary Foundation Annual Fund = $6,000 Paul Harris Society = $2,000 Sustaining members = $3,000 Every Rotarian Every Year = $1,000 Polio Plus Fund (400+ dollars raised at our Pass the Gavel celebration) Major gifts, bequest society, benefactors

11 TITLE | 11 Other Business Show off the new website ( ( & Facebook Chairpersons needed Living History Show Foundation District committee volunteers District Governor Bob Small invited us to nominate candidates for the District 6360 Budget & Finance Committee (prepares and monitors the District Budget) Legislative Advisory Committee (amends Bylaws, the Manual of Procedures, and forwards proposed Amendments to Rotary International’s Council of Legislation - held every three years)

12 TITLE | 12 September Programs Wednesday, Sep 3: Food Resource Bank – Norm Braskick raises resources to support the capability and desire of small farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger Wednesday, Sep 10: Kalamazoo County Ready 4s – Sandy Standish creates a system which provides full access to high quality kindergarten readiness programs for all 4-year olds throughout the county. Wednesday, Sep 17: Poling from Healthy Babies - Healthy Start – Becky Pingston works to decrease infant mortality rates and eliminate racial disparities in maternal and infant health Wednesday, Sep 24: KRESA Lead the Way program – Jason Luke partners with various local manufacturing companies and school districts to promote and enhance STEM education opportunities

13 TITLE | 13 Next Club Assembly Q2 October – November – December No regular club meetings scheduled on: Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) Wednesday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve)

14 TITLE | 14 Club Meeting Announcements Birthdays and Anniversaries / Latecomers / Song Happy Bucks Sergeants turn to fill up the bucket 50/50 Drawing Next week’s program: Program chair – Shirley Johnson – Food Resource Bank – by Norm Braskick: Food Resource Bank raises resources to support the capability and desire of small farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger. Adjourn

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