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Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 1 Guide to reporting Key Service Priorities 2005/06 Overall performance for Q1 Key Service Priorities 2006/07.

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1 Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 1 Guide to reporting Key Service Priorities 2005/06 Overall performance for Q1 Key Service Priorities 2006/07 Other performance indicators Next steps

2 Guide to Reporting = Work is on target to achieve the objectives as specified. = Warning that the achievement of the target in the way specified in the plan may not be possible or the outturn is <10% from the target. Although no decision is required at this stage to amend the action, an explanation is required. = Target is no longer achievable in the way specified or the outturn is >10% from the target. This requires a decision about remedial action.    Direction of travel for the previous quarter (not applicable to Key Service Priorities in Q1 as these are new for this financial year).

3 KSPs Carried Over from 2005/06 Environment Committee Environmental Action Zone area - completed with a report to Environment Committee in June. – Agreed that a similar methodology would be used for the next EAZ area, once the Joint Action Group has agreed upon this area. Identify and implement 2 new initiatives to target untaxed / abandoned vehicles. This remains at ‘Red’. – Operation Cubit suspended pending agreement between Government and new contractor. Achieve ‘Secure Car Park’ status at Hook Road Car Park. This remains at ‘Red’. – Following a meeting held in July, a pre-assessment will take place on 19 September. This will clarify what further investment is needed to achieve this status, so a decision can be made whether to proceed. Recycling 18% of the waste stream. – Target was missed by 0.2%. Recycling remains a Key Service Priority for 2006/07. – In the first 4 months for 2006/07 18.2% of the waste stream was recycled, and this is set to increase with the launch of garden waste and plastic bottle options.

4 KSPs Carried Over from 2005/06 (cont’d) Leisure Committee Work with Friends of Epsom & Ewell Parks, using the results of the Open Spaces Audit, to develop basic management plans for identified parks. – This actions remains at ‘Red’. – Plans can now be considered, following the finalisation of the open space audit. – The last few years have seen unprecedented investment (including paths, playgrounds, pavilions, shrubs and a new park). Friends of the Parks have been involved with most of these projects. Achieve the financial targets for the venues. – This was at ‘Red’ at the end of 2005/06, despite an improvement in the net financial position across the 2 years, but not to the extent of the targets set. – This is a Key Service Priority for 2006/07.

5 KSPs Carried Over from 2005/06 (cont’d) S&R Committee Consultation with young people. – Pilot using 2 schools in the Borough was completed in May, asking questions re: sports and active leisure. – Research findings given to the individual schools. – Leisure Developments team is incorporating the findings into their work programme. This has been completed.

6 KSPs Carried Over from 2005/06 (cont’d) Social Committee Ensure that the use of bed & breakfast accommodation for households with children or pregnant women is an option of last resort and is not used for longer than 3 weeks. – Was ‘Red’ at end 2005/06 due to 1 case at the year end. – This is back on track for the new financial year, and is a Key Service Priority for 2006/07. Implement the 2005/06 work plan for contaminated land within financial constraints. – Was at ‘Red’ at end of Q4 2005/06, and it is unlikely that this will be achieved in the new financial year. – We are proceeding as fast as financial constraints allow.

7 Overall Performance for Q1

8 Overall Performance for Q1 (cont’d) 3 actions have been achieved in Q1.

9 KSPs 2006/07: S&R Committee

10 S&R Committee (cont’d) 3 actions at : Staff. A couple of aspects of this milestones are at ‘Amber’, including: – Development and approval of a People Strategy (draft due to be published for comment shortly). – Sickness levels (we continue to monitor sickness levels and continue efforts to resolve long-term sickness). – Implementation of Year 1 of the Learning & Development Strategy (Management Development Programme due to commence in Sept / Oct). – Implementation of Year 1 actions of the Health & Safety Action Plan (organisational stress assessment have not yet been completed, but are due to be completed in September, and refresher training for display screen assessors will also be completed in September). Property management - develop an Energy Management Plan. – Energy audits on Town Hall and Bourne Hall are being carried out. – Audit results due at end of September - will be used to inform the development of the Energy Management Plan. – Envisaged findings will be considered by Committee in November 2006.

11 S&R Committee (cont’d) (Actions at Amber cont’d) Implementation of Year 1 of the Customer Contact Improvement Plan. A few of the milestones are at ‘Amber’, including: – Production of a requirements specification for payment options at reception; seeking appropriate technical solution and rolling out - next stage to develop test environment with suppliers prior to going live. – Exploration of refurbishment options to make Reception in the Town Hall more attractive and welcoming. Plans have been drawn up - awaiting decision on the way forward. – Development of a Resource Pack - draft produced. – Undertaking a preliminary Louder than Words audit - discussions are underway. – Implementing actions in the Learning & Development Strategy - training is due to commence in September / October. – Anticipated that these actions will be brought back in line with the original project plan in Q2. There are no actions at

12 Key Service Priorities: Environment Committee

13 Environment Committee (cont’d) 2 actions at : Quality of the public realm improvements. There are a few milestones that are at ‘Amber’, including: – Measuring response times to litter and detritus through Ranger database and measuring the response time for requests. Work is in progress to provide this. – Establishing protocols with Cleanaway, Surrey County Council and the street cleansing service to enable the Rangers to effectively deal with defects. Protocols with Cleanaway have been established (managed by the Procurement & Projects Division). Work is ongoing with Surrey County Council. – Monitoring BV 199. This is ongoing. – Anticipated that progress will catch up in Q2. Recycling – to achieve a monthly recycling rate of at least 20% by March 2007. – Work is ongoing. – Decision made to launch garden waste recycling since the Q1 update was given, which should increase our recycling rate quite substantially. – Communications work is ongoing, with further communications actions needed to target schools and apartment blocks. There are no actions at

14 Key Service Priorities: Leisure Committee

15 Leisure Committee (cont’d) There is 1 action at : Visible presence for promoting the safe use of parks. – Implementation of the pilot has been delayed until September. There is 1 action at : Implementation of the 2006/07 actions stated in the Venues Improvement Plan. – Work is ongoing to identify measures to reduce the annual subsidy by the targeted amount. – The new Head of Venues is assessing the situation and beginning to implement the desired actions.

16 Key Service Priorities: Social Committee

17 Social Committee (cont’d) There are 4 actions at : Transport for the elderly and the vulnerable: Review of Route Call service (Q1 milestone – develop project plan and identify resources needed in liaison with Chair of Social Committee). – Route Call management team working on presenting statistical and analytical data about the service to enable service priorities and changing needs to be identified. Transport for the elderly and the vulnerable: Concessionary fares. Interim findings from the external consultant (hired by all the Surrey authorities) was to be produced. – Information is still outstanding from Transport for London – timescales are not yet known – before the interim report can be produced and progress made. – A working party from EEBC’s Social Committee has been created to provide Councillor input.

18 Social Committee (cont’d) (Actions at Amber – cont’d): Develop the social centres to be community centres. – Q1 milestone = centre managers to produce a high level activity plan to increase occupancy rates for weekdays after 5pm and weekends, and implement promotional activity. – Implementation of the actions have been delayed whilst the new Head of Venues familiarises himself with the centres. Ensure a reduction in use of temporary accommodation. – Q1 milestone = develop a project plan for the review of temporary accommodation. – Strategy implementation has been delayed by the rejection of the Upper High Street proposal. There are no actions at

19 Other Performance Indicators 6 actions are at : BV 11a - % of top 5% of earners who are female. Target for 2006/07 is 21.43% - we are at 18.75%. This remains at Amber. BV 11b - % of top 5% of earners from an ethnic minority. Target for 2006/07 is 7.15% - we are at 6.25%. This action was previously at Green. BV 11c - % of top 5% of earners that have a disability. Target for 2006/07 is 7.14% - we are currently at 6.25%. This was previously at Green. Business continuity (the annual target for this indicator is to move any actions from ‘amber’ to ‘green’) - remains at ‘amber’ Best Value Review alternatives (meeting arranged for September to finalise a way forward regarding this). This is a new indicator for 2006/07. Nonsuch Park Improvement Plan implementation – 1 action is outstanding (to develop a comprehensive Management Plan for Nonsuch Park), which will be delivered in January 2007 (delayed from 2005/06). In the last progress update, this action was at ‘green’. Once this action been delivered, this Improvement Plan will have been achieved.

20 Other Performance Indicators (cont’d) 5 actions are at : Nominations to social landlord affordable housing. – Target for Q1 was 27, and a total of 17 was achieved. – Total target for 2006/07 is 108. Performance will increase in Q2 as more new build comes on stream. BV 213 – preventing homelessness. – Target for Q1 was 32 - we achieved 26. – Total target for 2006/07 is 130. Completed improvements in existing dwellings through provision of grants. – Target for Q1 was 12 - we achieved 10. BV 16a - % of employees with a disability. – Target for 2006/07 is to achieve 3.21% - we are currently at 2.18%. – This target was ‘Red’ at the end of 2005/06. BV 17a - % of employees from an ethnic minority group. – Target for 2006/07 is 4.2% - we are currently at 3.12%. – This target was ‘Red’ at the end of 2005/06.

21 Next Steps It is recommended that Financial Policy Panel refers areas of concern to the relevant policy committees, where managers will report on the latest situation and make proposals for action / remediation. Particular attention needs to be given to those areas at ‘Red’ as remedial action needs to be taken to get these back on track. Q2’s Performance Management report will be available in early November and key issues will be reported direct to Policy Committees. This will include a ½ yearly BVPI health check. Broad Key Service Priority areas for 2007/08 for policy committees will be agreed in October/November’s committee cycle; and the SMART targets agreed in January’s committee cycle.

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