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1 Etisalat IPv6 Infrastructure & Experience By Abed Al-Moeen Aqrabawi

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1 1 Etisalat IPv6 Infrastructure & Experience By Abed Al-Moeen Aqrabawi

2 2 IPv4 Address Space Report 28 October 2004 ( supported by APNIC) IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion Predictors Complete Exhaustion of all available IPv4 Address Space July 2040 Exhaustion of the IPv4 Unallocated Address Pool October 2018

3 3 IPv4 Address Space Report / UAEnic Address SpaceReq. Year.Utilization. % % %

4 4 Etisalat IPv6 Project Overview Build scalable nation-wide IPv6 native test network. Ensure IPv6 standards compliance for Etisalat current and future systems. Establish test environment to evaluate the compliance of hardware and software with IPv6 standards Work towards exposure of the IPv6 standards within Universities, Colleges and Research Centers in UAE.

5 5 Etisalat IPv6 Deployment Strategy IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels IPv6 over dedicated data links IPv6 Using Dual Stack

6 6 Etisalat IPv6 Basic Infrastructure

7 7 Etisalat IPv6 Project Milestones Milestone Due DateStatus Form Etisalat IPv6 Task Force after the Global IPv6 Summit held in Dubai. (February 2001) May, 2001Completed IPv6 with 6Bone (via SPRINTv6) Oct, 2001Completed Obtain Global Unicast IPv6 Addresses from (RIPE NCC) Oct, 2001Completed Building Etisalat Basic IPv6 basic network infrastructure Feb, 2002Completed (BGP+) Peering with ISPs. June,2002Completed Testing in Etisalat Labs Mar, 2003In Progress 1 2 3 4 5 6

8 8 Etisalat IPv6 Project Milestones Milestone Due DateStatus IPv6 Systems Infrastructure. (DNS,WEB) July, 2003Completed, Oct, 2003Completed Verifying networks and services elements IPv6 support. May, 2004Completed Testing with regional ISPs and with EMIX Customers. N/AIn Progress Native IPv6 Peering at EMIX/NY6IX Q1, 2005In Progress IPv6 in Production N/AIn Progress 7 8 9 10 11 12

9 9 IPv6 Project Timeline Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2008 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2005 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2004 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2001 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2002 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2003 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2006 Q1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 2007 Early Lab testing IPv6 Services  Peering/Testing with IPv6 Over IPv4 Tunnels Native IPv6 Peering IPv6 Networks Backbone IPv6 Application testing

10 10 Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX) EMIX is the first Network Access Point (NAP), private or public, established (1998) in the GCC, Middle East and one of the first NAPs in the African and Asian regions, built on multiples of STM-1 Fibre Optic Cables. 15 STM-1 links From two cable providers in the region Flag and SMW-3. Distributed between eastern side and western side of the world.

11 11 EMIX Customers and Peering Links Emirates Internet Exchange UAE Node - DXB Pakistan cybernet Zanzibar Zantel Zanzinet Iran Kish Trading Sudan Sudatel Somalia Peering Singtel Exchange Peering Malaysia Exchange Peering NY Internet Exchange 200 Mbps Peering Taiwan Exchange Oman OmanTel Peering Hong Kong UAE eCompany UAE DIC Peering India Peerin g Qatar Peering Bahrain Peerin g Japan Peerin g KUIX Peering NACAMAR Peering COLT Peering TimeWarner Telecom Peering Hurricane Electric Peerin g NYI Peering DACOM Peerin g Hinet Peerin g Demon Peerin g Net Access Jordan Telecom Kuwait GulfNet Kuwait QualityNet Peerin g BBC Peerin g KDD Peering Internet Solution Peerin g Japan Peering GLOBIX Peerin g stealth Peerin g TTSG Peerin g IIJ Peering Abovenet Peering AKAMAI Peerin g DSL Peerin g PEER1 Peerin g Sunrise Peerin g Blue Stream Peerin g GT group Peerin g Easyne t Peerin g ISPrime Peerin g Finnet Peerin g Net2Ph one Peerin g BigPipe Peerin g Primus Canada Peerin g HOPON E-DCA Peerin g Thorn

12 12 Hosting F-root instance Server in Dubai EMIX Operational since November,2003. Hosting K-root instance Server in Abu Dhabi EMIX. Coming soon (Q4, 2004).

13 13 Thank You

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