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10 th IPv6 Task Force Meeting October 2, 2011 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Dr. Ibraheem Al-Furaih GM, Internet Services, CITC.

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1 10 th IPv6 Task Force Meeting October 2, 2011 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Dr. Ibraheem Al-Furaih GM, Internet Services, CITC

2 Meeting Agenda: 8:309:00Registration 9:009:20IPv6 Status in Saudi Arabia (Dr. Ibraheem S. Al Furaih, CITC) 9:209:55World IPv6 Day Measurement Results (Robert Kisteleki, RIPE NCC) 9:5510:15KAUST IPv6 plans/issues (Tareck Elass, KAUST) 10:1510:45Tea Break 10:4511:20The Evolution of IPv6 Deployment (Yves Poppe, TATA) 11:2011:55Obstacles in IPv6 Deployment (Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC) 11:5512:15Discussion and Conclusion 12:15--------Prayer - Lunch 2

3 Recap of Previous IPv6 TaskForce Meetings  Kick-off meeting of the National IPv6 Task Force (July 30, 2008)  2nd Meeting, September 21st, 2008 (CITC)  3rd Meeting, November 18th, 2008 (CITC)  4th Meeting, January 21st, 2009 (KACST)  5th Meeting, March 15th,2009 (STC)  6th Meeting, May 17th, 2009 (Mobily)  7th Meeting, October 25th,2009 (Atheeb)  8th Meeting, March 16th,2010 (Italtel)  9th Meeting, October 2010 (CITC)  10th Meeting, October 2011(CITC) 3

4 IPv6 Status in Saudi Arabia 4

5 Internet and Broadband Penetration 5


7 IPv4 Current State (May 2011) 7 4.35 Million IPv4 Addresses 86.54% Advertised 0.335 IPv4 Address Per Capita (Source: ) IPv4 Status Locally

8 IPv4 Address Space  Status of each of the 256 /8s from the NRO report (, As of June 2011 8 3rd of February 2011, IANA has assigned the last /8 IPv4 block

9 IPv4 Depletion 9 IPv4 Depletion Predictions at IANA and RIRs Source: “The IPv4 Address Report” By Geoff Huston 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 IANA Depletion February 2011 RIRs Depletion August 2011 Today

10 Expected RIRs Depletion 10 Source: ipv4/

11 Adoption of IPv6 in Saudi Arabia Mid 2007 CITC has started efforts for promoting the adoption of IPv6 in Saudi Arabia. CITC has launched the IPv6 project as part of the Internet Services Development Plan. The main objective of the IPv6 Project is to ensure the continuous development of the Internet in the country: – Raise awareness – Promote the deployment of IPv6 in the country – Ensure smooth adaption of IPv6 by stakeholders and minimize risks 11

12 Objectives &Strategy Tracks 12 Strategy Objectives Prepare for the IPv4 exhaustion by supporting IPv6 and ensure stability, business continuity and room for continued growth of the internet in Saudi Arabia Ensure a smooth adaption of IPv6 by stakeholders so as to minimize risks Raise overall IPv6 awareness nationwide by approaching stakeholders of both the public and private sectors highlighting the necessecity to adopt IPv6 Strategy Tracks

13 Milestones & Timeline MilestoneWhy?Target DateNote Basic IPv6 Connectivity available at ONE FBPs Essential and Enough to start offering IPv6 to ISPs and End Users Early 2009  IPv6 Task Force Saudi ArabiaEssential to raise awareness and encourage deployment End of 2008  Establish an IPv6 LabEstablish and Disseminate practical IPv6 Experience End of 2008  IPv6 National EventRaise awareness and encourage the IPv6 deployment Early 2009  Second event was organized 2011 IPv6 at Multiple FBPsImportant for ISPs and End Users to have more than one Choice End of 2009  IPv6 Compliant.SA ccTLD Registry Essential to run IPv6-only hosts or an IPv6- only infrastructure End of 2009  Commercial IPv6 Services available from multiple ISPs More choices to end usersEnd of 2010  13

14 Saudi Arabia IPv6 Task Force Achievements The number of the Saudi entities that have IPv6 address space increased from 2 only in 2008 to 23 today. Some entities have started to provide their services through IPv6, (KACST, Mobily, Sahara and CITC). IPv6 test lab was built by CITC, and it is available for members. The Saudi DNS root server (.sa ccTLD ) is IPv6 ready. Saudi Arabia Tunnel Broker was built by CITC to offer IPv6 connectivity for any internet user in Saudi Arabia. Two IPv6 workshops were organized (2009 and 2011) with around 500 attendees. Nine taskforce meetings were held and sponsored by the taskforce members CITC has conducted three IPv6 Training for entities and individuals. CITC, MENOG, and RIPE organized IPv4/IPv6 BGP Routing Training in May in Riyadh ( Another one in Jeddah this week). 14

15 IPv6 Allocations in Saudi Arabia #PrefixNetNameOwnerAllocated 12001:1490::/32SA-KACST-20030620KACST / ISU20/06/2003 22001:16a0::/32SA-STC-20031219STC / SaudiNet19/12/2003 32a02:888::/32SA-ATHEEB-20090112Atheeb Trading Co Ltd.01/12/2009 42a02:9b0::/32SA-ETTIHADETISALAT-2...Ettihad Etisalat02/04/2009 52a02:ce0::/32SA-BAYANAT-20090408Bayanat Al-Oula04/08/2009 62a02:d70::/32SA-SAHARA-20090421Sahara Network21/04/2009 72a02:df0::/32SA-FAISALIAH-2009050...AL Faisaliah Internet Services05/05/2009 82a02:fc0::/32SA-SPSNET-20090608SPSNET06/08/2009 92a00:1560::/32SA-NOURNET-20091028NourNet28/10/2009 102a00:15d8::/32SA-NESMA-20091104NESMA11/04/2009 112a00:1698::/32SA-SHABAKAH-20091117Shabakah Net17/11/2009 122a00:18f8::/32SA-APPTEC-20091229Applied Technologies Co.29/12/2009 132a00:1918::/32SA-OGERTEL-20091231Middle East Internet Company31/12/2009 142001:67c:130::/48CITC 02/01/2010 152a00:1ef8::/32SA-ATHEER-20100413Jeraisy for Internet Services13/04/2010 162a00:1f20::/32SA-MEDUNET-20100415Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Foundation15/04/2010 172a02:1650::/32SA-SBM-20100601Saudi Business Machines01/06/2010 182a02:24c8::/32SA-INET-20100927Integrated Networks Co.27/09/2010 192a00:5400::/32SA-ITC-20101221Integrated Telecom Co ITC21/12/2010 202001:67c:2164::/48KAUKing AbdulAziz University22/03/2011 212a00:7680::/32SA-SAMBA-20110508Samba Financial Group08/05/2011 222a00:7780::/32SA-DIGI-20110509Diginet09/05/2011 232a00:f580::/32SA-GULFNET-20110601GulfNet KSA01/06/2011 As of Oct 2011 (Source: RIPE NCC):

16 Awareness 1st IPv6 workshop was held in 2009 with more than 300 attendees. This second workshop Nine taskforce meetings were held and sponsored by the taskforce members. IPv6 websites IPv6 training sessions (more to come) – CITC locally developed one day training program – IPv6 Roadshow. 16

17 CITC Technical Setup IPv6 Test LAB: Interested clients (ISP, government institute, enterprise…) can connect to the ipv6 test lab using ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel. NO dedicated link is needed, just internet connectivity with a static IP address. Client can then test CITC ipv6 offered services (Web, DNS,…). 17

18 CITC Technical Setup IPv6 Tunnel Broker Offering IPv6 connectivity for internet users in Saudi Arabia. Working behind NAT. Free national service. In-House software. Source code will be available. 18

19 IPv6 Status in Saudi Arabia RIPE tool showing the percentage of Autonomous Systems announcing IPv6 networks on Internet in Saudi Arabia compared to the rest of world As seen at Oct, 2011 July, 2008, CITC Launched first IPv6 Task Force meeting Mid 2007, early 2008, CITC started to promote IPv6 We need to work to increase adoption

20 Thank You! 20

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