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PICAXE Memory.

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1 PICAXE Memory

2 Three Types Program RAM Data

3 Program Memory Stores the program as a series of commands
Executed one command at a time Permanent, will remember for 10 years without power Accessed with the PICAXE Editor The program doesn’t normally store data here

4 Random Access Memory Divided into bytes (B0 to B27)
Each byte is 8 bits wide (each stores up to 255) Can be accessed in different sizes Accessed by the program Battery operated, lose power – lose data Used for math and to access the outside world

5 Data 256 bytes of memory for storing data
Each byte has an address, Permanent, will remember for ten years without power Accessed by the program

6 Accessing RAM If B1 = 2 B2 = 2 B3 = “a” READADC C.1,B4

7 Accessing Data WRITE 12,200 WRITE B0,201 WRITE “A”,202 READ 200,B0

8 PICAXE Memory Map

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