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Exploring Microsoft Access 2003 Chapter 3 Information From the Database: Reports and Queries.

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1 Exploring Microsoft Access 2003 Chapter 3 Information From the Database: Reports and Queries

2 Objectives (1 of 2) Describe types of reports Describe views in Report window Describe similarities between forms and reports with respect to controls List sections in a report and explain purpose Differentiate between a query and a table

3 Objectives (2 of 2) Use design grid to create and modify a query Explain multiple criteria rows and implement AND and OR conditions Define an action query Create a crosstab query

4 Overview Information is data arranged in a useful format Convert data to information with queries and reports Understand concepts for reports and queries built on knowledge of tables and forms

5 Reports and Their Anatomy Columnar report vs. Tabular report Report header & footer Page header & footer Group header & footer Detail section Report Wizard

6 Report View Report Header Page Header Detail Section

7 Report Design View Report Header Page Header Detail Section Page footer

8 The Report Wizard Hands-On Exercise 1 Open Database Report Wizard Preview Report Modify Control Add Unbound Control Change Sort Order View Report Report Properties

9 Creating a Query Query Design grid -Field, Table, Sort, Show, & Criteria Dynaset

10 Creating a Query Select query Query window views - Datasheet view - Design view - SQL view

11 Creating a Query--Selection Criteria AND condition OR condition Relational operators Between function NOT function Wild card

12 Creating a Select Query Hands-On Exercise 2 Open Database Add Students Table Create Query Specify Criteria Run the Query Modify Query Create a Report View the Report

13 Select Query Design View table criteria Run button

14 Select Query Dynaset The results of the query are displayed as a dynaset

15 Grouping Records Use report anatomy to group records Grouping allows calculations like: - Count function - Sum function - Min function - Max function - Average function

16 Grouping Records Hands-On Exercise 3 Create the Query Add a Calculated Control Run, Modify, and Rerun the Query The Report Wizard Sorting and Grouping Create the Group & Report Footers View the Report

17 Crosstab & Action Queries Hands-On Exercise 4 Create Make-Table Query Create Delete Table Query Create Append Table Query Create Update Query Check Progress Create Crosstab Query Action Queries

18 Action Queries: Make-table query: Creates a table to hold information on graduating students. This information comes from the Students table. Graduating students are those students who have completed 120 credits or more. Delete query: Removes graduating students from the Students table. Append query: Adds newly transferred students to the Students table. The Transfers table holds information about new students. These students are added to the Students table using an Append query.

19 Update query: Sets the Financial Aid attribute to Yes for qualified Students who have a GPA of 3 or more are entitled to financial assistance. Crosstab Queries: Creates a crosstab query to generate a 'table' showing Major by average GPA. This information is presented nicely by a crosstab query.

20 Join operation: Select Fname, Lname, Dependent.Name From Employees, Dependents Where Employees.SSN = Dependents.ESSN

21 Essn dependent_name... 333445555 Alice 333445555 Theodore 333445555 Joy 987654321 Abner 123456789 Michael 123456789 Alice 123456789 Elizabeth Relational algebra - Join Employees ssn=essn Dependents fname minit … ssn Franklin T… 333445555 Jennifer S… 987654321 JohnB… 123456789

22 fname minit ssn essn Franklin T 333445555 333445555 Alice Franklin T … 333445555 Theodore Franklin T … 333445555 Joy Jennifer S … 987654321 Abner John B … 123456789 Michael John B … 123456789 Alice John B … 123456789 Elizabeth Employees ssn=essn Dependents... dependent_name

23 Outer Joins join - only matching tuples are in the result left outer join - all tuples of R are in the result regardless... right outer join - all tuples of S are in the result regardless... full outer join - all tuples of R and S are in the result regardless... R R R R S S S S

24 Left Outer Joins r1r2 B1=B2 a1b1  a3b3 a2b2 C c1 c3 null a1b1  a3b3 a2b2 r1 b1c1  C b4c4 b3c3 r2

25 r1r2 a1b1  a3b3 a2b2 r1 b1c1  C b4c4 b3c3 r2 a1b1  null b4 a3b3 C c1 c4 c3 Right Outer Joins B1=B2

26 Full Outer Joins r1r2 a1b1  a2b2 C c1 a3b3 c3 null B1=B2 nullb4c4 a1b1  a3b3 a2b2 r1 b1c1  C b4c4 b3c3 r2

27 Chapter 3 Summary (1 of 2) Data refers to facts about a record Information: data arranged in useful format Report prints and displays information from a database Reports created through Report Wizard Reports: based on table or query

28 Chapter 3 Summary (2 of 2) Query selects information to display Grouping records in a field for summaries Action queries modify records Crosstab queries display aggregated rather than individual records

29 Practice with Access 1. Our Students Database 2. Employee Database 3. The United States Database 4. Bookstore Database 5. Super Bowl Database 6. Database Properties 7. Action Queries 8. The Switchboard Manager

30 Case Studies The United States of America The Super Bowl Mail Merge Compacting vs. Compressing

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